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Legendery Island

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by metroid0630, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. metroid0630

    metroid0630 < So cute! *huggles*

    Legendary Island

    Takun sat on the front porch of the Oceanic Museum. He was wating for all the trainers he had sent invites to. Most of them where in Kanto or Jhoto form what he knew, so he knew it would take them a while to get here. His Blastoise was hiding in the water nearby, His charizard was on top of the building, and his Venusuar was hiding in the bushes. They were watching, so he could find out if the trainers were really as tough as he thought. As they came near, he would spring surpise attacks on each trainer.

    'If they can't do all that well against me, then they wont do well on the island, or on the way there.' He thought to himself, 'I just hope that atleast three of them make it, so we can atleast stand a chance against those three groups.'

    He pulled out a bottle of water and began sipping it while he waited for the trainers.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2005
  2. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    Absol creeped silently upon the small zigzagoon in the field.
    As he pounced a huge linoone hissed and slashed his chest.
    The battle raged on and eventually they were on a beach
    whilst still hissing and scratching at eachother.
    Absol thought that had gone on far enough
    and dissapeared. He suddenly appeared and
    sent the linoone flying.
    "Thats over." He thought.
    The limp linoone landed on a blastoises head.
  3. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    Celebi flies through the lush green forest as a mystrious shadow jumps through the tree. Celebi stops at the shrine along with the shadow. The shadow takes off her hooded cloak to reveal a girl with auburn hair and piercing red eyes.

    "What's wrong Celebi?"

    'I sense something strange, Kana...' Celebi told Kana with blue eyes glancing around his surroundings.
  4. metroid0630

    metroid0630 < So cute! *huggles*

    As takun sat there drinking his water waiting, he saw something completly random. A flying Linoone! Or so he thought. As soon as he saw it land on his Blastoise's head, and noticed it was fainted, he rushed to help.

    "Blasty, don't move, you have a fainted Linoone on your head!" He shouted, "come here slowly, don't let it fall off." His Blastoise slowly walked twoards him. When it go to the beach, it stopped. Takun hastily walked forward, and took the Linoone from Blasty's head.

    "Oh, god, this thing is hurt badly, I'm amazed it's still alive. I am going to have to treat it." He said to himself. He hurried back up to the front porch and set the Linoone down. He pulled out some bandage wrap, and a couple of potions from his bag. He then noticed that the Linoone was trying to open it's eyes.

    "I'm sorry if this is going to sting a little bit." He said as he sprayed some of the potion on the Linoone. The Linoone hissed at him, tried to get up, but couldn't. Takun slowly wrapped the bandges around its waist area, and on its hurt legs.
  5. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    A very tall figure stood at the entrance of the Oceanic Museum...

    The figure was totally hidden under a black cloak except for his large metallic boots and his strange, black claws that somewhat looked like portable Snatch Machines. The man had extremely long silver hair and his face was hidden under an icy blue mask depicting an evil-looking, demonic grin.

    "So... I have arrived..." the man's voice was loud and deep... and for some reason, if you listened well, you had the strange feeling that his voice was resonating a bit as well... truly, a strange effect.

    The man looked around, trying to locate something... and finally, he noticed her, floating just above the top of the building.

    A bubble of light and within, the creature he was looking for...

    "Mew, this is not funny. This is not a game. Please return to the castle. Those teams will hurt you!" the man wasn't your everyday man... he had psychic powers and he used them to send a telepathic message to the creature within the sphere.

    "You're no fun! Why should it be only you and your Dark Vortex organisation that always take care of baddies? I know that you're the official Ultimate Evil Mastermind and got to maintain your reputation by beating up rivals whenever they appear... but I have the right to have some fun, you know! Furthermore, I can take care of myself, you know! The "strongest Pokemon in the world" title isn't just for shows, you know!" replied harshly a feminine telepathic voice.

    The man sighed loudly and wished she could act in a more mature way sometimes... but it was useless. She was the way she was... and anyway, life would be boring if she wasn't like this.

    He hid his right glove in his cloak as he prepared to take out the Pokeball containing Illumina, his Umbreon... but the time that he took out the Pokeball, the bubble of light and the creature within was gone.

    The man cursed under his breath and replaced the Pokeball back into his cloak... then, he stepped forward... and as he did, his psychic powers detected the presence of five creatures... four Pokemon souls and a human one...

    The human... he was the one he was looking for... the man smiled under his mask and proceeded...

    He suspected that he would have to prove his worth to this human... and he was ready. He was himself a Pokemon trainer and had brought six of his strongest Pokemon with him. Defeating that human will prove to be easy...
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2005
  6. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    Absol walked slowly across the beach hoping the human wouldn't see him.
    He dreaded being caught but he had no camoflouge(sp?) on the yellow
    He felt something watching him and he saw the human staring at him.
    Absol swore loudly to himself.
  7. The birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the sweet smell of bellossums in the backround the day was going great for matt, and his golem that walked along with him. He thought to himself 'wonder if this is the right way to the Oceanic Museam i overheard those trainers talking about.' He realy had no idea where he was going. he could feel the sweat dripping down his neck. "Thats it Rock, I'm takin off my hoodie." Once he finished taking it off he heard a loud *Thud* "What the heck was that?

    He saw what it was. A large building with the words 'Oceanic Museam(sp?)' on it and infront of the building. A blastoise with a linoone on it's head? An absol ran past him suddenly knocking him over.
  8. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    Absol looked up at the human that he had just ran in to. A large angry looking golem charged at him but Absol jumped and the rock pokemon ran in to a wall. Absol thought this was the most random day of his life.
  9. PokemonInferno

    PokemonInferno Poor Torchic

    Tommy laying on the beach without a care in the world with his Machoke out of its pokeball.Out of no where Tommy's Machoke starts to run to the Oceanic Mueseum near by.

    "Huh?" said Tommy.Tommy stands up and runs up to his Machoke.
    "Machoke you shouldn't run off like that..." said Tommy."Machoke Ma." cried Machoke,making a face."Just don't do it again Machoke." said Tommy,"So do you want to go in the Museum?""Machoke!" cried Machoke,jumping around."Ok ok calm down!" said Tommy.Machoke settles down then stares at the Museum."Well lets go." said Tommy,walking to the Museum.

    Tommy enters the Oceanic Museum looking satisfied
  10. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Jase walked through the forests looking for any sign of trouble. He has already encountered some punk who tried to catch a pokemon illegally, but Jase had already taken care of him.

    Hid donphan was walking along side him. They were just patrolling the island for any signs of trouble. After finishing his rounds, he pulled out his invitation. He knew would be rude if he didn't show up, so he headed towards the Oceanic Museum.

    On the way there he saw an absol run away into the distance. Either it was taking a morning run, or someone was trying to catch it. Jase then headed in the direction the absol ran away from.
  11. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    Absol stopped and started panting. Another human and a donphan appeard
    before he fainted.
  12. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Jase was in the battle against the trainer trying to catch the absol he saw before. His golem was strong but Jase was still in control of the match.

    "Golem use rollout!" the trainer ordered.

    "Fissure!" Jase ordered.

    The large rock pokemon started rolling towards the elephant like pokemon, but donphan stomped one leg on the ground releasing energy that KO'ed golem in one hit. The trainer recalled his golem and ran away.

    Jase then found the fainted absol. It looked exhausted. Jase sprayed his Revive on it, and left. It would take a while for the revive to kick in. Jase then continued to the museum, but surprisingly, his battle was right behind it. Jase had made it to his destination. If he had the power to help save the world, he would use it.

    EDIt:(Oh ****, sorry I didn't notice the golem belonged to manaicpaladin. I tought it belonged to a some random trainer mewga made up. **** totally sorry!)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2005
  13. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    Absol opened his tired eyes and saw a disk on the ground and the trainer walking around. Absol used its last bit of energy to send a telepathic
    message to the human Jase.

    "thank you for saving my life. After I recover, I challenge you to a battle. If you win, you may catch me."
  14. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Jase had though he heard a voice. He looked back at the absol, and assumed it came from the pokemon, but Jase did not want to catch the pokemon.

    "I do not want to catch you. A pokemon as majestic as you does not derserve to be under the control of a human. A pokemon like you derserves to run the land freely. I'm sorry but I decline your challenge," Jase thought.

    Jase had hoped that somehow the fainted pokemon had recieved his message. Every pokemon that lived on the island derserved to stay on the island, and Jase would make sure it would. And so he waited at the museum seeing a bunch of other trainers there aswell.
  15. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    "well i'm following you until I can save your life. If another trainer catches me than so be it."

    Absol muttered to himself before falling into a deep sleep.

    He woke up suddenly. "A earthquake. I must warn Jase." He said and bounded toward the museum.
    He stopped and looked up. A tall person with a blue mask and a long cloak stared down at him.

    (everybodys so noble all of a sudden o_O)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2005
  16. Divonte

    Divonte Flame Trainer

    "Crap i'm late!" Divonte yells as he dashes out of his house he then grabs a pokeball and tosses it. "Gardevoir teleport to the Oceanic Museum!" they then both teleport right infront of the Oceanic Museum Divonte then looks down at a Absol that is staring at something inside the Museum.
  17. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    The masked man rolled his eyes...

    "I'm surrounded by immature teenagers..." he muttered to himself.

    He pointed at the Absol... "Look, you pitiful fool! I do not know who you are... but I have no time for games! If you are a stupid moron who believe in those fairy tales about Pokemon trainers loving their Pokemon and all that crap, it's not my problem... but don't come whining to me once you have been hammered into the ground by a large Charizard and turned into a nice, docile living tool by a common Joe trainer!" the man could not finish his rant that something teleported in front of him in a flash of light...


    "Mew..." meowed a pink kitty, teleporting just in front of the masked man.

    "YOU!" yelled the man, pointing at the pink kitty, completely forgetting about the Absol.

    "YAAAAAAH!!!" screamed the man as he lashed foward, trying to jump on the kitty and pin her down... but she simply teleported behind him and the masked man fell down right on his face... and mask or not, it wasn't quite a nice landing...

    Slowly, the masked man got up and took out a butterfly-catching net and begun to run after the pink floating psychic kitty, trying in vain to catch her while she teleported around, making rude gestures, taunting, and taking suggestive positions just to aggravate him further.

    "COME OVER HERE!!! COME OVER HERE I SAID!!! WHY MUST YOU BE SO CRUEL?!?" screamed the man in frustration as the pink cat flied in circles around the man's head...

    If the Absol was paying attention... he would be able to notice something that humans can't... that man... his smell... it was WEIRD... unlike any other human. In fact... it was probably unlike anything that Absol had ever smelt.

    The problem also was that, for some reason, this man would probably the Absol's sense of dread that surface everytime a disaster is about to happen... because that frankly, that man was a disaster waiting to happen.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2005
  18. Divonte

    Divonte Flame Trainer

    Divonte and Gardevoir stood there and stared at the strange man and the the flying pink kitty"ok...strange....wait is that mew?! it is mew!" Divonte then grabed a pokeball unaware of the huge pokemon looming behind him.
  19. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Jase watched the weird masked man chase mew around like a child. It took Jase atleast 1 minute to realize that, as foolish as it looked, he was still trying to catch mew. So he quickly threw a balls in the air and released the floating clunk of ice like pokemon.

    Mew was backed into a corner, with no where to fly away in time. Jase knew he could've teleported away, but he heard of pokemon unable to perofrm attacks under pressure.

    "Frost you know what to do!" Jase yelled. His Glailie then fired an ice beam attack, creating a wall of ice inbettween the two. Mew took this chance to fly away, so it teleported. Glailie then froze then masked man.

    Jase had seen a nearby trainer with a garevior take out a pokeball. Jase stared at the trainer. Jase was hoping he got the message. He wasn't allowing anyone get to mew.
  20. PokemonInferno

    PokemonInferno Poor Torchic

    Tommy looks back at the frozen Masked Man.Then glances at the MEw flying away

    "Mew?" muttered Tommy,"Why would Mew be here?

    Tommy then looks at the trainers looking at Mew with their Pokeballs out
    "I guess they plan on catching that Mew." said Tommy

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