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Legendery Island

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by metroid0630, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    "Thh.. Thank you Blaze..." Eden sobbed. She looked up and glowed violet, as a large hole was formed by her psychic powers, and she proceeded to healing the wounds of the deceased pokemon and lifting them in to the pit. The first to go in to the early grave was a pichu, not even old enough to leave his mother. Eden went back in to a sobbing fit, the pichu landing with a thump beside the hole.
  2. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Blaze picked up the pichu in his arms " Now the little ones are dieing!!" He yelled with rage.

    " Thats It the next team memeber I see dies!!!" He said jumping in to the trees.

    He hoped for tree to tree untell he came to a pat were saw ten magma grunts.

    Blaze jumped down and ran at them. He used mega kick on the leader and blaze foot went right throuh his chest. He the BBQ the rest with a flamethroer.

    " Die!!!!!!!" He yelled as he fell to his keens.
  3. Terria

    Terria Azelf Inquisition

    Mia turned around suddenly.
    The legendary island.
    Mia could only just see it's silhoutte in the distance, a thin outline.
    Time to tell the others.
    Stopping her aeroblast speeding up the ship, she flew swiftly to the room the other trainers were in.
    "LEGENDARY ISLAND!!!!!" Mia conveyed using telepathy.

    Everyone in the room stared at her.

    Mia had forgot Ice mask a.k.a Mewtwo was in the room.

    She gulped.

    P.s:Mia didn't know they changed direction.
  4. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Mewtwo smiled under his mask as Mia entered...

    "We are approaching the island... can you sense it, little Pokemon? I can sense it... I can sense my own element... the death... the destructive... the suffering... the fear... the hatred...I can feel it coming from the island... from the battles... from the war... I was born out of negative energy and enjoy every bit out of this suffering. Before the end of this day, a few thousands souls will have been condemned to be thrown into the soul processing machines within the dephts of my realm..." explained the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness, feeling stronger by the second, feeling all of the war going on the island growing closer... and as the boat got closer and closer, his soul came into contact with the negative energies...

    He already enjoyed it. He could feel it... it would be a glorious battle. He could already imagine the horrified face of his foes, begging for mercy as he delivered sweet justice to them... and the worst about it all was that, for once, he was not the bad guy here which meant that no one would intervene to foil his plans. Truly, that would be... pleasing.


    Mew meowed faintly, staring at the sky, trembling... The way she stared at the sky... such a distant, sad gaze...

    "Mew? Are you alright?" asked Jirachi, hovering behind Mew.

    The female pink kitty turned to the male white Legendary Pokemon of Wishes and smiled sweetly. She looked weak... as if she been injured or something...

    "It's... it's nothing..." said Mew, trying to hide the pain and her voice... and failing.

    Suddenly, Mew's eyes widened and she flinched. She thrown her head back, screaming in pain as she grasped her heart, unable to control herself and coughing a large amount of blood. Her psychic powers failed and she fell on her back, the sound of crushed bones being heard as she fell directly on her back. Jirachi, horrified and scared, rushed to her aid as she trembled...

    Then, Mew suddenly stopped bleeding... and a single tear raced down her right cheek... "MEW! Answer me!" cried Jirachi.

    The pink kitty's back being broken, she found herself physically paralysed... but quickly enough, her psychic powers returned and she lifted herself off the ground once again and turned to Jirachi...

    "A... a surge of sorrow..." stated Mew, struggling against the pain.

    All this death... all this destruction, sorrow, and fear... Mew had never expected the Teams to attack with such ferocity... and the pain they caused had formed an aura of pure negative feelings on the island. She could feel all of the sorrow and suffering of those who seen their loved ones die in this battle... and as the Legendary Pokemon of Light, she felt every single bit of pain they felt... and each time a surge of negative feelings coursed her veins, her powers weakened...

    Still, she couldn't afford to leave now. She would be easy to kill or even catch in her weakened state and she doubted she had the power to escape very far...

    Jirachi approached the cat and grabbed her right hand, staring into her eyes... "I... I won't allow them to make you suffer anymore." he said, trembling, not wanting to see her be harmed any further because of the Teams...

    Mew closed her eyes and purred... a very small surge of power coursed her veins... it was good to be able to trust someone... she liked the feeling and from it, she drawn power to repair her damaged body and restore a bit of her disappearing power...
  5. Vantage

    Vantage I ain't witty, so no

    So.....the POkemon Leiter encountered was a legendary. Still, he had more important things to worry about. "If he thinks he's going to get away with killing civilians, I've got bad news for him." Leiter mumbled while pulling a blue pen from a pocket in his shirt. He removed a piece of paper from one of the many draws on his desk.

    'Dear Maxie,

    It has come to my attention that you are carrying things out in an unacceptable manner. What the hell do you think you're doing? Leaving people to starve as you order Grunts to set fire to towns, gun people down where they stand, and many, many other things. You may be wondering how this came to my attention. Lets just say a little birdie told me, in an unconventional manner. Stop the killing, please. This is between us, Aqua, and O-Zone. If you do not clean up your act, you are going to find a letter of resignation on your desk one morning; from me.

    yours sincerly,
    Magma Admin George Leiter'

    "He has to stop it now, or he'll find one Admin doing detective work in Kanto, and being a double agent helping whoever tries to stop Team Magma." Leiter said to himself. Killing rival team members is acceptable, killing civilans isn't.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2006
  6. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Drew stared at the island. "this is it.. I am finaly here." He said to him self.
    "From now on no one can see me. I must reman hindin." Drew put his capes hood over his face.

    Just then he felt a someone was waching him. Drew closed his eyes, he felt a power he havn't felt in a long time. His emblme and the paintings on his face and chest began to glow blue, but as soon as it stared it stoped.

    Drew open his eyes and toke out a pokeball. He through the pokeball into the water, relesing shell sock.

    He jump of the deck and on to the pokemon's shell.

    " Ok boy lets head for the ship grave yard and don't let anyone see us."
  7. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Jase was in his room ready to go. His pokemon were at their strongest, their pokeballs were polished to perfection, his hat set at the exact angle and his shoes were done up well.

    Yes, Jase was pretty much ready for whatever may be waiting for him on the island. Giant powerful pokemon were on the island, and Jase was going to use the power he had to protect them all. He didn't care if the legendaries supposedly had the ultimate battle power. They came to this island to assist the legendaries in their war against the evil teams that violated this island's property.

    Why was Rick one of those no good bums? Why would he ever join those low lives? Jase knew he was sulking a lot after Rick was utterly crushed by him in the indogo league, but he didn't think it was enough for him to go and join Team magma.


    "Typlosion, use Thunderpunch to finish it off!" Rick yelled on one side of the stadium.

    "****, if it hits it's all over!" Jase said outloud. Suddenly Jase got an idea. "Charizard, turn around when i say!"

    The large flying lizard pokemon readied it self for its trainer's signal. The volcano pokemon ran towards the draong like pokemon with its fist charged up with electrical energy. Just as the pokemon was about to strike the dragons face with its fist-

    "Now!" Jase yelled out.

    Quickly the pokemon turned around cause its tail to make the Typlosion trip making its attack hit the ground tottally useless.

    "Charizard, use Flamethrower!" Jase yelled.

    "No!" Rick yelled.

    The dragon pokemon inhaled and released a powerful stream of flames which impacted with the Typlosion sending crashing into a brick wall. The typlosion could not get back up so Charizard was declared the winner!

    Jase ran to his pokemon celebrating and the people in the audience ran into the stadium to congratulate the new champion. When Jase looked back to his opponent, Rick and his Typlosion were gone.

    End of Flashback

    Jase left his room, and walked to the deck. He watched as the island was now visible. It looked very peaceful from where Jase was standing, but he knew that it was like hell right now.

    Jase was going on that island, so he would kill Maxie. He was going to kill Maxie for what he had done to Rick. He knew Maxie had to be the answer for Rick's betrayl, and would free him.
  8. Vantage

    Vantage I ain't witty, so no

    Leiter stared at the letter for a few minutes. The writing was quite short and messy, and there were a few blotches of ink on the white paper. He scrunched the letter into a ball. "Who am I kidding...Maxie isn't going to stop unless someone makes him" He tossed the letter into a white bin on the other side of the office, and stood slowly out of his green leather chair. Leiter couldn't make Maxie on his own, he knew that. But, where there's a will, there's a way.
  9. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    Eden sniffed a few times and looked up at the sky.

    "These savages need to be stopped.
    Maybe... I can tag along with somebody so I don't get creamed in twenty seconds going solo..." A outstanding pain took over her mind, like a brain freeze multiplied by one hundred. As the pain started to slow, the red pearl on the Espeon's head became a solid milky white, and a small kind of red mist floated around her head.

    "Ah.... Homing. The feline and canine pride. Lets see if this works..."
  10. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    Miles went out of his room and let all his pokemon out. Miles went over to see the iland. His pokemon were ready for anything.


    "Alakazam use psychic to finsh Gengar off" Miles said in the stadium.

    "The attack missed" the announcer said. Gengar had used hypnosis to make alakazam fall asleep. Miles returned alakazam and sent out umbreon. Laketo was doown to his last pokemon. Miles said:"Use faint attack." Gengar was preparing to use a focus punch.

    Miles said:"Now umbreon"

    Umbreon had attacked gengar but at the same time gengar used focous punch. Both pokemon went flying and hit the wall. Umbreon had taken alot of damage. Miles told umbreon to use psychic. Gengar used another focus punch. But now it was in the air. Umbreon threw it to the roof and it came comming down. It hit the ground.

    Umbreon said:"Umbre"

    Miles picked it up and said:" You did great."

    Umbreon Said:"Umbreumbreon."

    Umbreon then went to sleep in miles hand.

    End flashback

    Miles patted his umbreon on the head while it went to sleep.
  11. Crono Lexus

    Crono Lexus Guest

    I've been accepted back so I want to know if someone can tell me quickly what happened and when. I also heard I got thrown in a lake! How did that happen?
  12. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    Dash could see the island now. "Treecko!" He said. His plan was already. He was going to explore the island, and beat up any team grunts he meets. Once he found a base, he would start his detective work.
  13. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    OFF: I am sick of Metroid delaying the RPG's actual beginning... so I'll act!


    Finally, the boat slowed down... and Mewtwo grinned...

    The boat stopped near the Ship Graveyard, away from the beach...

    Mewtwo sent a telepathy message to everyone... "EVERYONE! This is Ice Mask! We have finally arrived! Come on the desk immediately! It is time to get on the island and begin our mission."
  14. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    "Yes we are finally at the island." Miles was really happy they were finally there. He looked at the island. He went in his room and got all of his pokemon. Then he went back on deck. He let out all his pokemon so they could see the island.


    Lugia saw the boat arrive at the island. He knew that the people were here. he then left.

    Miles looked up nd saw a pokemon flying high up in the air. All his pokemon looked at it too. Then he returned all of them except Len. Now they were on the deck.
  15. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    Dash headed toward the deck. The Ice Mask, he could sense that that man was no ordinary. He could speak to Dash, like a pokemon, it wasn't one of his own pokemon, it was him. Dash scrambled onto the deck. He could see a large pokemon flying off in the distance. Was it a legendary?
  16. Vantage

    Vantage I ain't witty, so no

    Paperwork...how Leiter hated it. The epitome of boredom. And he found himself doing it a lot of the time, which amplified the fact it was boring. "Suprise, suprise" he said, rolling his eyes. "More of the damn stuff..." There was a reasonably large pile of it waiting for him on his office desk. "Best I get to work..." he mumbled, while sitting in his large green chair. He shuffled through the draws on his desk, as usual, looking for a pen.
  17. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Drew Walked into one of the ship wrecks. " Ok I can't let anyone see me now. I must reman a shadow form now on."

    He walked up on to the creeky deck of the ship and stered out at the ocean, His cape flowing in the wind,
  18. Terria

    Terria Azelf Inquisition

    Mia looked at the wrecked shipyard and sighed.
    So much had changed...........yet,............
    This was not her first piority.
    Her Home.
    Bad People.
    She would not get captured, No Matter What.
    But if so, she had to stick to Ice mask.
    Mia sighed again and followed Ice mask out of the boat.
    At least it was better than being a slave...............
    And having her home taken away from her............

    Or the other way round.
    Used for Evil.Greed.Destruction.Death.Tortured.Like she was before.

    But only worse.
  19. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Ice Mask looked at his watch...

    "Alright... since you all seem to be taking your sweet time... I shall begin alone then." he said using telepathy, speaking to all those who were still on the boat.

    Mewtwo approached the edge of the deck... and then, he made sure no one was looking at him... and...


    Mewtwo teleported on the beach. Why waste time, after all?

    As Mewtwo looked around, he noticed something... blood... there was loads of blood around but no corpses... how strange... A battle had obviously took place here and yet... nothing...
  20. Vantage

    Vantage I ain't witty, so no

    Leiter sighed. A bootload of paperwork still remained unfinished, sitting on his desk. Why send so many reports to him? He wasn't the only capable Admin around. On the next file was stamped in large red letters 'Urgent'. Leiter picked it up, examining it for a moment. All seemed normal, until he read it's contents.

    'Roughly forty-eight hours ago, a group of ten Grunts were sent to scout the island for any information that may be of use. The time they were due back passed quite a few hours ago, and we haven't recieved contact as of the time this letter was sent. Foul play as not been ruled out as of yet, nor has capture.'

    By the end of the letter, Leiter was massaging his temples, deep in thought.

    'Agents don't just disappear without a trace, that's obvious. So..... I can rule out capture, they would've contacted us before the enemy gained the upper hand, requesting assistance.

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