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Legendery Island

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by metroid0630, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    OFF: People, we are reaching the climax of the story, lets get it together! Metroid, where are you man?!

    ICC: Jase couldn't find the ice mask on the boat anymore. Most likely he left to take care of this by himself. That was just fine with Jase, just as long as he didn't go for Maxie.

    Maxie's life belonged to Jase to be crushed. Somehow he manipulated Rick, and for that Jase would get his revenge. But where could the base be found? Where could he find that red headed *******?! Jase thought hard and it finally hit the black haired boy.

    Jase ran up to the deck of the boat and stared out. Once he saw what he was looking for, he grinned. It was a volcano. Since Groudon might logically be there, Team magma will be there and Maxie will be there. But there is a chance Groudon might be there, but Jase would keep searching. He'll go through 100 grunts to get to Maxie. Whatever he had on Rick, would be destroyed along with the sick man's life, and then Rick would truly be set free.

    Jase jumped off the side of the boat and swam towards the island. He didn't even think of letting out Lapras, fore he was too occupied with saving Rick. Him and Rick had been friends for the longest times. They pushed each other to better than themselves, and thats how they got as strong as they are today.

    Jase reached the shore, and started running into the forest. He jumped over huge vines, skidded under giant arced roots. Despite the fatigue that was making him weary, he kept running. He had a fire in his eye. A fire that melt the strongest boulder, evapourate the largest ocean burn the strongest pokemon.

    Suddenly two magma grunts jumped out of the bushes with two mightneas at their sides. Jase quickly let out his donphan, and it easily rolled over the weak dark pokemon. The magma grunts were terrified and ran into different directions. Jase knew he was getting close to the magma base if those two were around here. Jase started running blind through the forest. He lept running, despite not knowing where he was going. Suddenly he appeared in front of a cave. Jase decided to check it out, if they were hiding in their.

    What Jase saw was not the magma base, but something incredible.

    "Raikou..." Jase muttered at the sight of the legendary pokemon

    The large pokemon that once had yellow furr, now was covered with purple blotches. It was slightly unconcious, but had its eyes open. If Jase could do anything to help it, but the poison looked strong and had throughout its body. There might be nothing Jase could untill it hit him.

    Jase went through his pockets and pulled out a little vile filled with a green liquide in it. It read the word 'Antidote' on it.

    Jase opened it, and poured the liquid into the mouth of the beast. Jase then stood back to see if it had any effect on the legenday pokemon. Slowly the beast turned its eyes over to the boy and soon went to sleep. The purple spots on its yellow furr were now dissolving and disappearing.

    Jase was satisfied that he saved a legendary pokemon and left the cave. Jase then ran again. He wwas going to find the magma leader and kill him.

    OFF: Question, is Maxie the leader, or is Divonte?
  2. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    OFF: Team Magma's leader is Maxie. Divonte is an Admin.


    Mewtwo saw Jase rush all by himself toward the depths of the forest, toward the volcano, assuming Team Magma would be there.

    Mewtwo rolled his eyes. Defeating a Team by himself? This human is a fool... stll, he has no time to lose.

    He must find Mew and the other Legendary Pokemon. He shall reunite them and then, along with the humans, shall organise and lead the counter-attack... and he will also ask Celebi why there is blood on the beach but no corpses.

    War ALWAYS leave bodies behind... so this someone must have removed the corpses... but for what purpose? Apart from him and Celebi, no one could possibly find an use for them in the middle of this conflict...

    Mewtwo turned to the center of the forest and begun the long walk toward it's center... all that he hoped was that the local wild Pokemon who were guarding the place wouldn't confuse him for an enemy...
  3. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    Ho-oh sighed. Finally, Mewtwo had come. He would have to order the wild pokemon out of the way to let this pokemon cme through. Ho-oh soared down, screeching and order. He went to find Mew and Rayquaza, and tell them everyone had arrived.

    Dash leaped out of the boat, and onto the sandy beach. The sand was hot, and he could make out trails of blood. He heard a loud screech from a legendary pokemon. Dash climbed up the rocky cliffs to the ship graveyard. He wandered through the maze of broaken decks and masts. Whan he got to the end, he quietly entered the jungle. Now to find those cruel pokemon-catching peoples' bases. He thought.
  4. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Drew rushed on to the beach and into the forist. he then saw to team magma members.

    " theres only two i can takem." he said drawing his sword.

    all that could be hered was scermes of pain."
  5. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P


    To fire: Drew unsheated his sword? Errr... this is POKEMON, you know! Do you REALLY think that a common guy with a big knife can take on people who carry around balls containing monsters who breathe fire, ice, and all that kind of things?


    Mew heard Ho-oh calling to her... but she was far too busy purring, floating next to a blushing Jirachi who just didn't know what to do anymore.

    So cute, so strong, so funny, so caring, so beautiful... the female surprised Jirachi time and time again... and that mysterious yet childish attitude... it intrigued him. Still, he was far more worried about what was protecting his own life and hers to pay attention to such things.

    ... and although Mew ignored Ho-oh's call, Jirachi, him, paid attention.

    Mewtwo... was here.

    He had heard rumors about Mewtwo... terrible ones. They said that he was the Devil himself, the source of the dreaded Shadow Plague. They said that his cold, cruel eyes struck fear into the hearts of Pokemon and humans alike... that he did not fear the power of the Pokeballs. Indeed... for a reason no one knew, Mewtwo was immune to Pokeballs and caught Pokemon like if he was human, breaking all of the Pokemon Holy Laws.

    They said that his power exceeded even Ho-oh's... even Rayquaza's... they said that his infinite hatred lead forth infinite destructive power... and whoever you are, immortal or mortal, you were doomed if he chose to direct his wrath toward you.

    They said that he had attempted so many times to take over the world... that if it wasn't from the efforts of the Chosen One and, surprisingly, the efforts of his own lover, he would have turned the Pokemon World into a dark, polluted, mechanical wasteland.

    Mewtwo's lover... Mew...

    Jirachi felt weird as he stared at Mew and as she stared back... he felt... special... and yet, for some reason, this feeling arose a nameless fear inside of his heart... he felt that if Mewtwo was to sense this feeling, death would be sure to befall upon him...


    "Is everything in position?" asked an unknown person.

    "Yes. They have arrived." said another one.

    "Good. It is time for us to move... finally..." said the unknown person, smirking evilly...
  6. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Off: Drew's tiring to be steathly. the flash of the pokeballs opening would got there atention
  7. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    Lugia was seeing what the people on th island were doing. he saw a boy just now getting of the boat.


    Miles got of the boat and let out all his pokemon. He then left that part of the island seeing what the island looked like.
  8. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Just then Drew senced somthing at the beach.

    " lugia!"
  9. metroid0630

    metroid0630 < So cute! *huggles*

    Off: Sorry... been really busy so I am going to try to make this a long post...

    Takun stood up, and put Chary back in his pokeball for the time being... he looked out at the rising sun as the wind ruffled his teal colored hair... he took a deep breath of air, sighed, and turned around to ace the island... he needed to go...

    'If I don't make it through this alive... I hope I am remembered, and not mourned... it would be better that way..' He thought to himself... 'Time to go onto the island now...'

    He quickly jumped onto the railing of the boat and let out his Blastoise... it appered in the water, and must have known what Takun was thinking... for it rolled onto its stomach, with its shell poking out of the water. Takun quickly jumped the railing and landed on the shell...

    "Blasty, take me to the island... and hurry."


    Rayquaza sat on the mountain... his energy had returned, and he was here... the chosen one was here... finnaly... the one with teal hair... finnaly... time to go meet him and to talk to him... he flew off with a loud cry...


    Takun heard a cry as he was just reaching the island... he looked up and didn't see anything, but he had heard a cry... he jumped off his Blastoise when they reached shore and he returned him to his pokeball... he walked off, into the forest... not completley sure where he was going...
  10. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Drew sat in a tree in the forist. he then saw Takun and deside to see what he was up to. he would wacth him form the tree tops.
  11. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Jasw swam across a huge lake and reached the other side. Jase got out of the water panting. He had ran non-stop. He couldn't even see the area where the boat was hidden anymore. He could've used Charizard and flew there, but he wanted his pokemon at 150%.

    He had nearly reached the foot of the volcano. Maybe a couple more minutes of non-stop running. Jase was having a hard time deciding whether to shave Maxie's head off, and feed it to the flaming depts of the magma which lay in the core of the volcano.

    Jase was getting tired, but his legs were ignoring the groans off his bones. He was ignoring the pain that he was feeling. His mind was set on the location of the volcano. Maxie had to be there.

    The rage Jase was feeling in his heart was slowly affecting his pokemon as well. They remembered the intense battle they had against Rick's pokemon that day at the tournament. The battle that had decided that Jase would hold the Kanto championship that year. Although they were formidable enemies, they were respected allies, and they didn't want to face them again under different circumstances. They knew Rick was Jase's best friend, and they were going to help get him back.

    Finally Jase had reached the foot of the volcano and start running up, but slipped down due to its angle. Jase pulled out a pokeball and threw it up to reveal his trusted companion Charizard. Jase got on his back, and shot up into the air at a high speed. They got to the top and Jase got off and recalled his fire pokemon back to its pokeball.

    Jase turned around surprised to see that Maxie was standing there as if he was waiting for him. Behind him was nothing but smoke that was coming from the great mass of lava in the valcano's mouth beside them.

    "YOU!" Jase yelled pulling out a pokeball. Something was strange. Maxie wasn't moving. He wasn't even facing Jase. Suddenly blood spurted out of his left shoulder and he fell to the ground.

    Jase was suprised by this. It seems somebody got here first. Just as he thought of that, somebody appeared from smoke. Jase's eyes widened at the shock of this. It was Rick, and in his hands was a small blade with blood dripping from it.

    "...Is he dead..." Jase asked.

    "No...but this is nothing compared to what I'm going to you!" Rick yelled with an evil grin on his face.
  12. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    Dash was lost. The little Treecko scrambled around scared, then headed off in a random direction. He eventually came out in an opening in the trees, a large thrashing river went along the ground off into the woods. Dash was getting an idea...

    Ho-oh soared down to a small tree and landed on it, peering around. He would try and see if he could get a human buddy to help him out. Of course, he would need help. Besides, a trainer would be easily influenced to help him out, as grand as he was. No, they would just try and catch him, and he hated being caught. He shuddered at a memory. It wasn't going to happen again, so in that case, he would just have to bribe them, and alter the bribe after it was made. Now to find a trainer.

    OOC: Post if you want to be Ho-oh's buddy.

    Dash placed the last log down next to the other ones, then he took the two fallen vines and looped them around the ends of the logs, knotiing them together, and the fastening them. The raft was ready,he leaped on it and scooted it into the water. He prepared to hold on...
  13. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Drew got tired of following Takun. Then he saw Ho-ho and his necklass began glowing like crazy.
  14. mewga

    mewga Volcano Trainer

    Suddenly, the glow around Eden stopped. She turned around, and saw a Treecko struggling in the river. The lavender cat casually strolled to the stream, the ruby on her forhead gleaming in the sunlight. She lapped up a bit of water, and walked down the riverbanks, following the raft as curiosity got the better of her. Who was this Treecko? She'd never seen it before.

  15. metroid0630

    metroid0630 < So cute! *huggles*

    Takun kept wandering threw the forest aimlessly... not knowing where he was going... or what he was trying to acomplish... alls he knew was that he neede to find Rayquaza... he just had to... because if he could only see one legendery pokemon besides Mewtwo this whole trip... it was going to be Rayquaza...

    "Where am I?" Takun asked himself... he was completley lost...


    High up in the air, Rayquaza followed him... the one with teal hair... he couldn't die... not untill the island was cleansed of all the evil on it... Rayquaza had to guide him... guide him ove to the hidden forest and meet with him... but... he didn't know how to do that...
  16. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    Ho-oh saw one of those trainers. Alas! He soared down to the trainer, who was staring at his necklace. Ho-oh began using mind power to enfluence the trainer to help him.

    Dash saw another pokemon along side the stream, he struggled and pulled the raft to the shore. "Hello." The pokemon said. "Hi..." Dash said carefully, unsure who this stranger was.
  17. fire

    fire The beast with in

    " Hello Ho-ho. Theres no point in triing to enfluence me, I am under Luigas protection. But I will help you."
  18. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    Ho-oh sighed with relief and bent down so the trainer could get on his back. Using his mind power again, he asked the trainer where the should attack first.
  19. fire

    fire The beast with in

    " Well I would say we help the wild pokemon frist."
  20. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    OFF: Guys, stop doing one line posts. Try doing more, add more detail and whatnot. A mod has already taken notice of this before. Try doing 4 line posts atleast.

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