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Legendery Island

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by metroid0630, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Mod edit

    No it is not ok to start an story in a RPG. Do not post in here again or I will warn you. Please read the rules.

    the the author of this RP:

    also I see alot of VERY SHORT POSTS in here. Please be have your players be more descriptive or put more effort into it.
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  2. Vantage

    Vantage I ain't witty, so no

    OFF: Won't be able to post for about two weeks. I hope nothing to serious happens while I'm away....

    Leiter swore, and then slammed his fist onto his wooden desk in frustration. Usually missing grunts would turn up two hours overdue with a poor excuse such as 'We were attacked by a Beedrill'. But this time, that was not the case. "If they've been killed" he said "I'm going to have to investigate. And that's something I don't have time for." He thought back to his confrontation with Mew, and the graphical visions he was shown. Was the whole job really worth it? George Leiter was a man tied up between his loyalty to Team Magma, and his conscience.
  3. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    OFF: Thanks for not having anything against what I wanted Zerodius.


    "What did you say...Rick...?" Jase asked with an expression as if he was doubting his ears.

    "You heard me. I'm going to kill you!" Rick said with a huge grin.

    That grin was the most nefarious thing Jase had ever seen in his life. Maxie himself probably could not compete with that expression.

    "Why are you doing this? What did Maxie do to make you join him?!" Jase yelled demanding answers.

    "YOU STUPID IDIOT!" Rick yelled.

    Jase was caught off guard by his insult. What did he mean by that?

    "Maxie has got nothing on me! I joined Team Magma of my own free will, so I would be able to come on this island and kill a certain flying pink mouse." Rick said tossing a pokeball in his right hand.


    "You really wanna know?" Rick asked, taunting him.

    "WHAT WAS IT!"

    "It was you, stupid fool..." Rick said calmly.

    "Wha...What did you say?..." Jase asked, his eyes widened at the shock.

    "Pfft, are you having a problem in your ear or something? I said it was you! You're the one who crushed all my hopes and dreams at the tournament, the one who made me look like a fool AND THE ONE WHO MADE ME GO JOIN TEAM MAGMA!" Rick yelled.

    "It was just a battle. How could a single battle change you from the friend I once knew to the man that stands in front of me right now?!" Jase asked.

    "You don't get it, do you?" Rick asked glaring Jase down. "I am from a family full of champions. I am supposed to win, be better at battling then everyone else and be stronger than everyone else. Once you defeated me, I couldn't look at my parents anymore. You crushed both my pride of being a trainer and being part of my family! And so I ran to the Hoenn region..."

    "But you told me...you were going to start a new journey there..." Jase said.

    "You're so naive. I ran in search of a way to get stronger, and I found it. I found Team Magma, defeated all of his runts and even beat Maxie himself. I became more powerful, but instead of finishing the kill, I let him live. In exchange for taking me to the very island we are on right now." Rick said.

    "So you're here to get legendary pokemon like normal criminal? You have sunk low Rick." Jase said.

    "Not just any legendary pokemon. I want MEW..." Rick said. That sentence echoed all over the volcano and angered Jase dearly.

    "You want to catch the most powerful pokemon that has ever came into existence? You're a fool. Joining Maxie has lowered your IQ dramatically..." Jase said sneering.

    "I'm almost there. I know it...There is just one test left. I am going to beat you in a 6 on 6 pokemon battle. To the death...Then and only then I will become strong enough." Rick said.

    "Even if you succeed in defeating me...you wont be able to capture Mew..." Jase said readying himself.

    "I'm not here to catch Mew. I'm here to kill Mew..." Rick said grinning widely.

    "You've become so dumb, it's unacceptable. Why do you want to kill the most powerful pokemon of all time?" Jase asked looking at Rick as if he had gone mad.

    "Do you not remember? Do you not remember what we saw on our first day of our pokemon trainer career?" Rick asked.

    Jase remembers well...

    They had both just finished a battle with Rick as the victor. Although he had lost, Jase was happy that he had only lost to his friend and not someone he didn't like. It was night and both trainers were sitting outside on Route 1. The starry night was beautiful, and the dark blue sky was magnificent. Bpth trainers were bragging on how hard they were going to beat each other in the tournament until...they saw it.

    A little pink pokemon flying around in the night sky, leaving pink sprakles trail behind it. The pokemon was incredibly small, probably no bigger than teh starter pokemon they recieved that very day. But its tiny size did not hide its identity from the two boys. They looked at each other and smiled. Starting now they were rivals for life.

    *End of flashback*

    "You do remember the old saying we had back in Pallet right? That when two trainers that are alone see Mew, it means that they have bright futures as trainers..." Rick started.

    "But one of the two would be utterly defeated by the other one. It was written in stone, and could not be changed. Even if you wanted to lose on purpose...somehow the other will lose." Jase finished.

    "Exactly..." Rick said.

    "You're blaming Mew for your loss?" Jase asked.

    "No...I am blaming Mew for choosing you over me! Our entire lives I have always been better than you! I got better grades, more girlfriends and even more attention by the towns people! BUT WHY DID MEW CHOOSE YOU?!" Rick yelled.

    "I don't know, but I know one thing. I was tired of losing to you so i worked hard to beat you. I do not believe Mew did anything." Jase said putting his hat backwards.

    "When I kill Mew, I'm going to feed her organs to starving Houndours, and then make her skin a coat! IT'S WHATS SHE GETS FOR RUINING MY LIFE!" Rick yelled. Suddenly a beam of golden light was blasted towards Rick. Rick jumped out of the way and the attack hit the ground.

    The smoke cleared the reveal Jase with an Umbreon beside him. Jase's eyes were different. They were not the same innocent eyes from before. They were the eyes of a killer.

    "Rick...no...criminal. To uphold the peace on this island I must eliminate you. The Rick I knew is dead, for he would never threaten pokemon like that. I came to this island to bring justice and peace to the pokemon that inhabit this island, and to do so I WILL KILL YOU. CRIMINAL RICK ALSTER!" Jase yelled.

    "GOOD! I WILL KILL YOU AT YOUR BEST! NOW LET THE ULTAMITE BATTLE BETWEEN TWO FORMER FRIENDS COMMENCE!!!!!" Rick yelled at the top of his lungs throwing a pokeball in the air.

    All that could be heard from far away is nothing but an explosion headed from the direction of the volcano.
  4. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    "Mewtwo..." she closed her eyes as she leaned against his chest, her tiny arms grasping his frame... "... don't cry. Please don't..."

    "I refuse to accept this... I just refuse..." he just couldn't believe it... he couldn't believe that this was happening...

    "I have no regrets... no regrets at all... You allowed me to learn what it was to care about somebody... to love and care with all of your heart... a pure love, demanding nothing in return... You made me happy... and for this, I thank you." Mew was strangely calm... yet distant and sad at the same time... as if lost in memories...

    "All this... hypocrisis! Fake! Clone! Worthless copy!" boomed Mew's voice.

    Mewtwo turned to face the source of the voice. No! That is not true! He refuse to allow this to happen! He will never allow this! As long as he will live... she shall not be allowed to do that!


    Mewtwo opened his eyes, startled. He was in the depths of the forest and it seemed that entering this clearing had awakened memories...

    He will never forget the pain and suffering that filled him at this time... the despair... the sadness... Thankfully, it's all over now... the nightmare is over... and it all ended well.

    Still, in the dephts of his mind... he can still hear her screams... her anger... he can still hear her, screaming for vengeance...

    ... no... it's all in the past... over... all over...

    "... or not." Mewtwo's eyes widened... for a second, he thought he had heard a telepathic message echo in his head... but he couldn't feel the presence of any creature...

    Must have been his imagination...

    Now, this is the clearing where the Legendary Pokemon were supposed to gather and yet... nobody was there. Where were they?!?


    During this time...


    "Sir. Here is a report." Archie turned to his admin and smiled as he read the report...

    "So... my old rival has been seemingly defeated... and the few who are left at the base don't know yet that they're no longer in shape to fight, as a whole... perfect. Looks like Kyogre is mine to awaken, without those land-lovers in the way." the Team Aqua leader grinned evily. Only Team O-Zone was left to oppose him now...


    During this time...


    Celebi scratched the back of her head in confusion. "Okay... that's just creepy. The bodies and souls... they keep disappearing! How can I do my job if the dead disappear on their own?!?... unless someone is taking them away... but I doubt anyone would have an interest in dead things... besides me. Well, anyway..."

    Celebi sighed and kept on teleporting about, trying to find the next soul to reap...
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2006
  5. fire

    fire The beast with in

    " Ok ho-ho, I need your help. About 300 years ago An Item very dear to my family was lost here in the forist. And if any of the team members get there hands on it, Then many have the power to sumon lugia and use his powers for evil!"
  6. metroid0630

    metroid0630 < So cute! *huggles*

    Rayquaza flew into the clearing in the middle of the island and landed next to Mewtwo...

    "I see you are here... and I must admit... we need your help..." Rayquaza said... floating there... waiting for a response.... "Oh... and where is he... the teal haired one?"


    Takun walked threw the forest... he was uterly lost... but kept moving in one direction... just wandering around... but then he saw something... a rustling in the bushes...

    "Who's there?" Takun yelled out...

    "Pidgeot! Pidge!" The Pidgeot flew out of the bushes at flaped its wings to stay in the air...

    "Oh... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to distured you..." Takun replied to the Pidgeot.

    "Pidge Pidgeot!" It replied finnaly landing.

    "Oh... okay... oh... could you help me? I need to find some clearing... but I don't know which direction to head in." Takun asked... the wind ruffled his hair as he sat down.

    "Pidge Pidgeot Pidge." It said... it then got up and strated slowly flying south... Takun got up and followed it...
  7. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    OOC: You have to sign up in the sign up thread.

    Ho-oh said he would help the trainer, then they would go and defeat the teams. "Climb on my back," he said with telepathy to the trainer. He looked around carefully. No one could see them. Why, Ho-oh had his own reasons. The large bird bent down to let the trainer on.
  8. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    OFF:What the...? You can't just go and ask if you can join a Rpg in the actual RPG thread! Go to the sign up section and look for Legendary Island's Sign up thread. And read the rules while you're there.
  9. fire

    fire The beast with in

    Drew clumed on and heled onto his feathers. When they got in the air Drew showed Ho-ho an old map with an x on it.

    " This is were we land." He said pointing to the mark on the map.
  10. Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Guest

    "Good." Ho-oh responded with his telepathy. They were growing closer to it, Ho-oh knew the island pretty well, he soared down to the area X'ed on the map. He landed in a grove oof trees. "What next?" He asked.
  11. fire

    fire The beast with in

    " Just wait." He said with a grin on his face.

    Drew toke out his necklass and began chanting. Then a beam of light light shot out for one of the trees.

    Drew walk over and put his hand in a hole in the tree. ween he puted it out a shell like object was in his hand.

    " Here it is Ho-ho, The fulte of lugia."
  12. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    Mewtwo frowned, turning to Rayquaza. "How can a human with teal hair help us?!?"... it was then that he remembered.

    He slapped his forehead. "But what kind of TOTAL IDIOT are you?!? You are Rayquaza, the mightiest Titan! Why don't you use your power rather than rely on powerless humans?!?... and if you're so confident in your prophecies... then why call me here in the first place?!?"

    Mewtwo walked toward the edge of the clearing and turned back to Rayquaza... "Now... it's me or your stupid prophecy! Choose! Go on! My help... or a stupid prophecy that will lead you all to your doom!"
  13. Zerodius

    Zerodius Eternally hating D/P

    OFF: To Terria: You said in your post that the Shadow Lugia in your post was Shadow Lugia himself, right?... the use of capitals would help, you know... and please put details. Your posts are... I'll be blunt... awful.

    Well, anyway...

    This post applies ONLY if the Shadow Lugia in Terria's post is THE Shadow Lugia.


    Mewtwo remained there, waiting for Rayquaza's answer when suddenly, there was a strange sound..."


    Mewtwo searched through his cloak and pulled out a small cellphone. A red light was flashing on it... looks like it's a code-red emergency! He activated the machine using his psychic powers and established the transmission...

    "That'd better be important! I am in a meeting with Rayquaza, the guardian of Legendary Island!" he stated, annoyed to be interrupted.

    "Master! Shadow Lugia! He got a bit too much into the fight against Team Rocket and went Hyper!... and he went to the island! He's there and he's beserk!" that was the voice of a human... and judging from the tone and echo, a corrupted human infused with Shadow energy.

    "Really? Your incompetance is absolutely revolting. Didn't you use the Anti-Radiation canons?!? Why do I even rely on people like you?" he asked, his hatred growing.

    "Please forgive us, master! We... we were so busy with Team Rocket that we forgot to..." Mewtwo had heard enough.

    "ENOUGH!" he screamed through the cellphone, a massive surge of Shadow energy errupting out of his body. "You are FIRED! Go back to the HQ. We'll take the Dark Powers and your memories away."

    "B... but sir! You... you cannot..." he began to protest. "TRANSMISSION FINISHED!" boomed the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness, his entire body burning with anger.


    Mewtwo pushed the buttons on the cellphone so hard using his powers that the cellphone quickly fell to pieces. Mewtwo, too angry to even notice it, placed the pieces back in his pocket before turning his back to Rayquaza.

    "I have some issues to deal with. I shall be back." he stated before getting out of the area, heading toward Shadow Lugia's current location, using his connection to all negative feelings to locate the Shadow Pokemon.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2006
  14. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    off:Omg...this thread is dying...ARISE 0___o!!

    IC: From far away, a huge explosion could be heard coming from the peak of the volcano. Smoke was everywhere.

    The smoke cleared to reveal two pokemon fighting it out. An umbreaon vs. a crobat. The Crobat launched an Air Cutter ou of its own will attepmting to hit the little dark pokemon, but to no avail.

    "Umbreon, use Shadow Ball!" Jase ordered.

    Following its trainer's orders, the little dark pokemon charged up a sphere created from ghostly evergy, and shot it at Crobat. Lcukily the bat pokemon evaided the attack with no struggle, but out nowhere, it was struck by Umbreon using a quick attack.

    "****...Crobat use sludge bomb!" Rick ordered. The bat pokemon started flying around quickly, and suddenly shot out dark purple sludge straight at the little dark pokemon, but the Umbreon seemed to jump right through it and tackled the bat pokemon.

    "Finish it off with Hidden Power!" Jase yelled. The little dark pokemon's eyes glowed an eerie white and charged at the bat pokemon engulfed in a while light smashing into Crobat sending it flying right through a boulder the size of Rick.

    "You're not ****ing around...are you?" Rick sneered recalling his pokemon. "I guess, I'll just have to get a little more serious! Go Aggron!!"

    A blinding white light revealed a massive steel pokemon. Its horns were nice and sharp...perfect for stabbing...

    "Umbreon, Shadow Ball!!" Jase ordered.

    "Hyper Beam!" Rick countered.

    The two attack met and once again, there was nother explosion...


    OFF: Tired.........Later.

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