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Legends Thread!!!


Spectrvm Trainer
That's rite, i'm trading lots of good legends, well EVERY legend. these are the cloned, but if you need any just pm and ill try to clone it:

lvl 91 heatran
lvl 50 cresselia
lvl 50 zapdos
lvl 5 Untouched WHISHMKR jirachi
lvl 34 Celebi (dont know if it's legit)
lvl 70 10 ANIV Celebi
lvl 76 groudon
XD lvl 54 Lugia
lvl 70 regigigas
lvl 100 Mewtwo
lvl 50 Untouched Suicune
lvl 50 Japanese Entei
2 lvl 30 Untouched Deoxys
lvl 92 shiny Lugia
lvl 34 shiny mew
lvl 47 shiny dialga

Now, the important thing, what I want:

Shiny Palkia, legit, untouched if possible--I'll trade a shiny dialga lvl 47 untouched for this

Ledyba/Ledian, Seedot, Tangrowth
Weedle, ,
Vulpix , Mawile,
Tangela, Gulpin,


This is to complete my dex, SHINYS accepted too
PM if interested.
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