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legit. Deoxys Lv 67, starters from all regions, all legit.


wAtEr & fIrE
Would anyone like any legit Deoxys obtained at the vue event in 2005? I have it on emerald=so they're cloned. Don't worry, no action replay or other CHEATING stuff has been near any of my games. However, if you're against cloning, tough. Also I have all 12 starters from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn & Sinnoh. These haven't been cloned but have been bred. This means that many have strong moves that they have inherited. The 3rd generation ones will be lv 5 and the 4th gen will be lv 1. ok? No stupid offers though. I'll only do fair trades.


Spectrvm Trainer
I'll give you a Phione for Totodile


latios, shiny vileplume or shiny fearow for your deoxys :D