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Legit lvl 100 Black Rayquasa (Shiny as some call it)


Well-Known Member
I will give it up for the best trade offer, as you can kinda make out on my screenshots I tried taking when it was on sapphire it is indeed legit. I caught it at lvl 70 in Sky Pillar with my Masterball.

*EDIT I will take any pokemon now if it has 'Luck Incense' attached that I need. I sold mine... :'( (even a lvl 1 Magikarp.)

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Completing The Trio
level 54 shiny groudon{holding master ball}

pm me if interested


New Member
I have a jirachi, a celebi, and all the old rares, oh and a shiny zapados but i can't get him till 3:00


New Member
I have a lvl 100 tryanitar.. naturaly raised.. and a lvl 100 deoxys also raised naturaly


Johto Champion
Serious offers...its only a shiny Rayquaza -_- something anyone can get by soft resetting before battling it. My offer is more than enough for it, what are you expecting then maybe one of us has it.


Well-Known Member
i'll give you a shiny magcargo and/or a shiny azumarill for it


New Member
i have all the red through emerald legewndaries and all diamon exept the three events.. and a shining zapados poregon 2 , pidgeot and a shining red garados all aquired naturally..