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Leia [Rated R]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Liltwick, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Leia [Rated R]

    Opening Theme: Leia Lyrics

    Plot: A long time ago, the world as we know it was just a simple canvas. Nothing was on it, not even white. It was pure, clear, and it seemed imperishable. This canvas though, was slowly absorbed into the expanding universe, and the colors were born.

    Each color represented something, and they could mix together to form a multitude of colors, though, at first there was three: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Soon after, another three was born: Green, Purple, and Orange. The six lived together in short harmony before more emerged. These colors seemed to add completeness, and their names were Turquoise, Indigo, Magenta, and Pink. Gold and Silver also joined, but soon the two had left, leaving in there place the twins Black and White.

    The colors soon started to get to work on the canvas of life, and the world started to explode in the vibrant arrays painted by the colors. Soon, the colors discovered one last color, Brown, and with it they were able to create something they did not know was possible, Life. The colors instantly started to work with this concept called “life” and eventually the world how we know it was born from it.

    The colors were hailed as gods by the lifeforms they created, though one lifeform went astray, Humans. The colors were mad that the humans did not respect them as their true creators, and they waged a war against humanity. Though, one color stood up for the humans. The color was Pink, and she was deeply in love with all life, and did not want any to disappear. Eventually, the war ended, with Pink, named Leia by the humans, winning by a small margin.

    Though, everything started to collapse after the war was over. Leia soon died, and the colors themselves started to die. The canvas of life soon started to collapse, and a mysterious threat arose, killing the colors off one by one. This threat, only one thing was recorded of it, Gray.

    As a last resort, the colors put themselves in a human. Each human obtained powers and affinities related to each color, but these humans were only small children. These children had to see and endure hardships and horrors that could not even be spoke of, and see the eventual end of everything to Gray. Though, there was a saving grace to them. Gold and Silver rescued them, and brought them to a safe haven and wiped all of their memories.

    The children all lived in solitude for a while, finding happiness in the simple things. Though, once they grew up into teenagers, everything changed. Gray launched an attack on where the teens were hiding, forcing Gold and Silver to fight for their lives to save the kids.

    The teens now stand in a world that looks very much like ours, standing underneath a tree that covers the horizon. They are slowly regaining their memories as the colors, and know what their mission is. To bring harmony back to the universe, they must defeat Gray and bring everything back to normal, along with Leia’s help.


    Red (Mon)- Red is a hyperactive, passionate color. Red is always the one who is the most romantic out of the colors, but is also one of the most active and athletic of the colors. Though, Red can get angry really easily, and can get really competitive and aggressive, making it almost impossible to clam Red down. However, Red has a lot of confidence and will do anything to help boost everyone’s Morales. Red is represented by Fire and Roses

    Yellow- Yellow is a cheery, intellectual color. Yellow is always thinking up of new inventions and new ways of having fun. Yellow always finds a way to cheer someone up, even if they’re in the most bad of moods, and Yellow’s plans can always have something fun and caring to them. Though, Yellow suffers from an inferiority complex a lot, and can be either pessimistic and unemotional, while Yellow acts cheery and Happy. Yellow is represented by Electricity or Lightning and Sunflowers

    Blue- Blue is a calming, loyal color. Blue is the one who has everyone slow down and think for a bit, and normally works with Yellow to find flaws in Yellow’s plans. Blue is always the most loyal one, and is least likely to betray another. Blue is also great with communications, and uses the skills to try to bridge gaps between others. Though, Blue is not open to change, and in itself can easily change loyalty to those with familiarity. Also, Blue is the most harsh as well. Blue is represented by Water and Hydrangeas

    Orange- Orange is an adventurous, social color. Orange is the one who makes friends with everyone quickly, and can easily make important alliances. Orange is also the most adventurous, and is always itching for a new adventure and new places to explore. Though Orange is also a risk taker, meaning Orange can easily become a danger to everyone. Also, Orange can break up a relationship at any time and move on, so Orange’s unpredictability is a burden. This also makes Orange really dependent on others, which can ultimately be bad. Orange is represented by Life and Poppies

    Green- Green is the harmonious, revitalizing color. Green is the one who promotes growth within the other colors, and reaches out for balance and harmony. Green is also the most hopeful out of everyone, and always looks ahead in even the most dire of situations. Though, Green is what one would call bipolar, really bipolar. Green gets really envious and greedy easily, this means green isn’t hesitant to kill anything, or steal from anyone to get money. Green is represented by Wind and Leaves

    Purple- Purple is the imaginative, independent color. Purple is always imagining things, and normally uses them in new ideas and works. Purple is really artistic, and likes to do anything that involves the art due to Purple’s creativity. Though, purple is also really independent and doesn’t prefer to work with others, which at times is bad. Also, as the color of Royalty, Purple can also be a royal ass. Purple is also a very day-dreamy color, meaning Purple is the most likely to space out and get new ideas. Purple is represented by Creation and Violets

    Indigo- Indigo is an integral, structural color. Indigo tends to have things in control, or at leaks likes to have things in control, and likes to uphold law’s in order to keep order in bound. Indigo has a strong sense of integrity as well, and abides by the moral codes Indigo has set up. Indigo is also very wise and commonly associated with the Third Eye, but is still lawful when going through that process. However, Indigo can get really judgment easily, and intolerant to those who does not share the same view. Indigo also can get depressed easily, or have mental meltdowns if the law Indigo created is broken. Indigo is represented by the Mind (Psychic powers) and Azaleas.

    Turquoise- Turquoise is a stoic and self-sufficient as a color. Turquoise is the one who has constant control over emotions, weather Turquoise’s or anothers. It can use this to help calm others down or other things that involve emotions. As a balance, Turquoise has become mostly devoid of all emotions, but this has been a good thing. This has lead Turquoise to become relatively self-sufficient, and can have Turquiose function alone, or help others. Though, Turquoise can tern really cold, really fast. While a Balance, Turquoise is known to jump onto either side really quickly, leading Turquoise to not be so trustworthy. Turquoise is represented by Ice and Holly.

    Pink (Leia)- Pink is a compassionate, nurturing color. She is always there to help others, and is normally really sympathetic and empathetic with anyone who is in trouble. She also has a large nurturing complex, and views herself as the mother of all life. She also does have control over love, and uses all the love she has to help anyone she can. Though, Pink is known to be really immature and naive at times, despite being a nurturer to most. Pink also can go through an emotional spit-fire in a few seconds, making Green’s bipolar a good thing. She can also get really attached onto someone or something and normally would require great care to help her once she’s attached. She is also the one who has the most self-sabotage as well. Pink is represented by Love and Cherry Blossoms

    Magenta- Magenta is a free, transforming color. It is able to keep the universe’s harmony together, unlike Green, who is only able to have a small area of effect. Magenta does not like to be changed or confined, and if chained will struggle to break free. Magenta is also the one who promotes transformations the most, and has a dominant air around. Magenta, however, can get really bossy easily. Magenta is a very dominant color, and will fight the others if Magenta feels the leadership position Magenta has is about to be taken away. Though, Magenta is also a very cosmic color, and knows many things about space and those outside of the world. This makes Magenta watch the sky and look through telescopes often. Magenta is represented by Stars and Chrysanthemums.

    Brown- Brown is a stable, natural color. Brown is a down to earth color, and is commonly associated with Nature and landscapes. Browns brings stability to the world, and to others around as well. Brown gives off a sense of security towards everyone, and will protect them as well. Though, Brown can get really dull and boring, as is also really unsophisticated. Brown is a really rugged color as well, and can rub a lot of people the wrong way, especially with Brown’s nature talk. Brown is represented by Nature and Orchids.

    White- White is an innocent, pure color. White is fresh, and sees everything in a new light. White finds happiness in even the smallest things, and does don’t care for details or misfortunes. White is always wearing a smile, and has a bright outlook onto everything. White is also there to balance the rest of the colors out, as White is what everything is before it gets stained by the other colors. Though, while White is pure, white is also empty. Besides White’s constant smiles with closed eyes and a cheery look, White doesn’t feel any emotions at all. This means White is immune to most trauma, but it also makes relations with White hard. White can also be easily stained any other color, which means White is also careful around the others, making sure to not be assimilated into another color. White is represented by Light and Lilies.

    Black- Black is a mysterious, powerful color. Black is mysterious, what Black does and what motives Black has only Black knows, and no one else.Black commonly wears a facade, not showing any emotions and not stating what’s true. Though, Black is good at keeping secrets, as Black buries everything inside and rarely tells anyone. Black is also powerful, inspiring others and boosting their confidence. Though, Black is the color of the end, making many people fear Black. Black is really sadistic as well, and can get really depressing to others at times. Since Black is the end, most colors tend to avoid Black, and most things in life in general. Black is represented by Darkness and Marigolds.

    Locations: Remember Abyss and Sanctuary? Well, we’re using those worlds. Here is a refresher:

    The Abyss is like a giant Dark Metropolis, where Demons spend their days. It is eternally twilight in that area, and everywhere in Abyss for that matter. The mysteriousness on the never changing lighting has worried some. In the western reaches of Abyss is a forest, with twisted trees and poisonous swamps and the symphonies of the dead. Death is like a heavy mist in this forest. Those who venture near, normally come out insane, or demented. To the south is Ifrit Volcano, it is a dangerous place to live, with Ashen Hellfire spewing out of the ground every so often, and other strange phenomena happens here too. Like Meteor Hail, or Lava Rain. Only those who can withstand fire can survive this living Inferno. To the east is the Sands of Time, where Time originates from, and a timeline doesn’t exist. The Temperature of this area is also an extreme, as it can range from Absolute Zero, to Supernova Temperatures. To the north are the frozen icy depths of hell, it is often called the Unholy Ocean, because of many strange twisted creatures that live in these frigid depths. There is always a raging Blizzard in this area, and opposite to it is a huge Maelstrom. These two disasters orbit around each other like a binary star system, making crossing this godless place almost impossible. Lastly in the far depths, is the Sakura Garden, a Garden of Cherry Trees located near the city in Abyss. THe dead gather here, and many other strange creatures. There is a complex system of caverns underground, where not even the inhabitants of this hell know.

    The opposite of Abyss is Sanctuary, a giant garden like place that is lined with benches of marble and ivory, and if the Home to Angels and others. The garden has many different consumables, from the lush and deadly nightshade to the golden Apple of Sin. To the South in Sanctuary is the Monochrome Wasteland, where neither Black nor White can be told apart. In the middle of this place is a Prison, which is where almost all court cases in Sanctuary and Abyss happen, the court’s Judge is quick to execute anyone.This is also where the canvas of life is located. The canvas is they key in defeating Gray, but getting here is no easy task. To the North is the Helios Mountains, where thunderstorms are as common as air. Here is where better souls come to purge their sins, and for Angels to make offerings to God. To the East is the Spatial Woods, where Space originates, and the place is normally filled with broken, distorted matter. Here, Mushrooms grow to their prime, and normally have magical effects, but at the cost of unwanted side effects, like insanity to other, more dreadful effects. To the east, is a crystal lattice, and is another place where Death is like heavy mist. Some of the holy beings who venture in aren’t that Holy anymore. This almost inescapable, ever changing Crystal goes by the name of Dioxum Novus. In the Ancient Tongue, used by the Colors before Humans created languages, this translates to “The Magical Star,” but most call it the “Sanity Breaker. Towering over the small garden city in Sanctuary is the World Tree, Yggdrasil. THis tree is a complex maze, and where it reaches nobody knows. To the southeast is the Unholy Ocean, but a lot more tame than at the other shore in Abyss.

    Powers ( A run down of Powers)

    Fire: Should be obvious, control over Heat and Flames

    Electricity: Control over Energy and Lightning

    Water: Control over Water

    Life: Mainly a healing power, but hads a punch of status effects and boost to everyone

    Wind: Control over Wind and related things

    Creativity: Can create anything, as long as it fits the situation and isn’t overpowered. Abuse can lead to strain and atrophy on the body.

    Mind: Basically ESP powers.

    Ice: Control over Ice and Stuff.

    Love: Tricky, but this power basically plays with the opponents emotions.

    Star: Can control stuff from space, like Summoning Star Storms and Meteors. Abuse is the same as purple’s

    Nature: Can cause Rockslides, Earthquakes, Vine Whips, ETC. Basically Geomancy, but Abuse can lead to strain.

    Light: The power to create Light. Functions similar to Holy in RPGs.

    Dark: The power to Create Darkness. Functions similar to Dark in RPGs.

    Black and White to be twins played by different people

    Tips (Some good ideas to add in your SU):

    Make your character heavily based on your color. So hair color and eyes matching the color is a nice bonus.

    I gave barebones personality traits. I would like those in the SU, but incorporate and add onto it, to truly create an interesting character.

    Have the flower included someone in there appearance, it would be nice (Like a hair tie, on their weapon, they carry one around, ETC.)

    1. Your character can and most likely will die in this RPG. By posting a SU/Reserving, you have agreed to this.
    2. All standard Serebii rules apply.
    3. THis is rated R for a reason. Heavy Violence, Murder/Suicide, Implied Sexual Relationships, Language, and possible drug use make it R.
    4. Please, try to at least do the post minimum, but go above and beyond
    5. Bo Bunnying unless it’s absolutely necessary and required. Get permission first.
    6. No Power Playing / God Modding. Some of these powers can be abusable, so don’t even think about it.
    7. Inactivity will be penalized with death. If you are inactive without notice, your character shall suffer a permanent death.
    8. I want skilled people. All SUs must at least be of 1000 words length (At least 3 decent size paragraphs in each section suffices)
    9. Have fun~


    Color: (These Should be Obvious)

    Personality: (I gave you guys the backbones for your color, expand on it)

    Appearance: (Should be obvious. Try to incorporate the Flower and The color into it. I don’t want it all pure of one color, try different shades of the same color.)

    History: (This is tricky, but explain how you’re color lived before it went into a human host. The colors were humanoids, and looked identical to humans. You're character will be remembering and awakening these memories as the RPG goes on. So this is perhaps the most important section.)

    Weapon: (Should be obvious, what does your character wield? Descriptions would be nice)

    Lunacy DRIVE: (Basically an awakened form, or a limit break mixed with a form. Please explain powers and any changes to them physically)

    Other: (Anything else you feel like you need to add?)

    Reserves List:

    Red- Adam Hayes (Monster Guy)
    Yellow- Grace Chamberlain (SpyroxPikachu)
    Orange- Joseph Armisael (AzerWrath)
    Green- Sheps
    Purple- GH
    Indigo- Xavier Kapersky (Apollo77)
    Turquoise- Marco Glace(thesilverwolf)
    Pink- Lost™
    Magenta- Siobhan Hartford (SpyroxPikachu)
    Brown- Romulus Caeser (InnerFlame)
    White- Ivan Nikitich Volkova (Elysian)
    Black- *Jean Grey*(Just needs t odo appearance)
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2013
  2. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    May I please reserve Purple?
  3. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    May I reserve White, please?
  4. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    @Senor, Accepted

    @Elysian... Hmm, talk to Jean about it. I want to see if she's fine with having a twin character.
  5. thesilverwolf

    thesilverwolf Well-Known Member

    Ahhh! So many choices! Hmm...May I reserve Turquoise, please?

    EDIT: Turquoise, instead of indigo
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2013
  6. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    @Silver, Sure, you can.
  7. thesilverwolf

    thesilverwolf Well-Known Member

    Sorry I meant to type turquoise :) If it wasn't obvious, I was having a tough time choosing between Indigo and Turquoise. I have a lot character ideas!
  8. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    That's fine XD. Oh yea, don't use smiles, so try something like :) instead. Just some tips here.
  9. Finch.

    Finch. Sunlight, sunlight~

    May I reserve Magenta?

    (also, quick...comment.. What about cyan? It's the transitory color between green and blue, like indigo is to blue and purple...and it seems weird not to include it...just saying..)
  10. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Yea, you can

    (Sorry, Cyan wasn't included because it would create an uneven cast and I couldn't find anything defining it. Just think of it as Turquoise instead)
  11. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Well even though my wrist is still kind of in the dumps I really want to be a part of this. Could you maybe put me down as a reserve for Yellow, Lost? ouo
  12. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Spyrox, I want you to think. Do you want this in a couple of months to be like Eevee's right now? Just want you to think about that (need to bug golden about him posting...). Anyways, I'll put you down, but if you're wrist stars hurting, just tell me and you'll be allowed to stop, alright? I don't want this to cause any harm to you physically
  13. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Yes, I gave it some thought. I got casted the other day, but it's still fairly easy for me to type and writing is truly the only thing keeping me from going crazy right now. But thanks to the cast, I'm not in very much pain. I'll try to have it up before the end of tonight or so. Thanks for your concern though vuv
  14. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    ALright then, I'll put you down. Good to know, and it's not a problem
  15. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Ah well, is it alright if I reserve Blue?
  16. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Sure, that'll be alright...
  17. Sheps™

    Sheps™ Tick,Tick,Tick....

    Gosh golly Lit, you really have a skill for story telling. I'm really digging this one. Can I take a Green reserve?
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    (Oh look, I'm done first. :p Also, this whole thing is over 1000 words. :p The history was hard. >.< Let me know if something needs to be changed.)

    Name: Adam Hayes
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Color: Red

    Personality: Adam is a rash, hotheaded young man who has trouble sitting still. He's the type that likes to shoot first, ask questions later. Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can often be a troublemaker. He can also be very blunt, and isn't one to sugarcoat things. When it comes to voicing his opinions, he's not exactly the most tactful person, often speaking his mind and never hesitating to shoot down anyone for reasons that can range anywhere from thinking their plans are stupid or that he just doesn't like the person suggesting them. At times, he is lazy, and he often procrastinates to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is very confident in himself. So much so, that he often comes across as arrogant, and he tends to underestimate others. It is not difficult to piss him off, and he will not hesitate to hurt people verbally and/or physically if he is provoked enough. Despite this, Adam prefers to maintain an optimistic attitude, because being angsty and emo all the time isn't going to accomplish anything. It's just hard to keep up a happy face when people are being stupid.

    Despite his lean appearance, Adam has a big appetite, and he likes to eat a lot. He is lucky enough to have a high metabolism so that he doesn't get chubby easily, plus he excercises a lot anyway. He's very competitive, and hates to lose. He is not afraid to resort to cheating if it means victory. He's a big flirt, and he often hits on girls he finds attractive, often with poor results. It hasn't stopped him from trying, though. He is a nicknamer, and he often gives nicknames to new people he meets. All in all, though hotblooded, Adam is a kind hearted, cheerful boy, and he's a loyal friend to those willing to put up with his antics.

    Adam is tall and lean, standing at about 5'9". His face is round, and a bit boyish, with a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are maroon, a shade of brownish red. He keeps his ruby red hair short, spiky, and "stylishly messy". He was born with lightly tanned skin. Not pale, but not bronzed either. He is an athletic boy, and he is in good shape due to his active lifestyle. He has a toned physique, that he is quite proud of. His upper body is devoid of any facial hair.

    Adam likes to dress simply and casually. His clothes are comfortable, and easy to move around in. He wears a Crimson form-fitting tank top that shows off his physique, and a matching pair of pants made from a durable material, and are held up by a belt. On his feet he wears a pair of metallic red steel toed boots that have plenty of room for his feet to move arond. He has a rusty red headband around his forehead, and a pair of dark red fingerless gloves on his hands. Attached to his shirt is a simple red rose. A lot of people think it looks out of place with the rest of him, but he thinks it looks awesome.

    History: Adam was once the color red, a humanoid being made entirely of color who was able to create life with the help of the other colors. One of the first colors to be created, along with Blue and Yellow. He didn't know how he came to be, but here he was, and that's all that mattered. Red, Blue and Yellow were the trinity of primary colors, and more colors came about later on. Although Red didn't always get along with his fellow colors due to differences of opinion, he learned to deal with them, and together they created the universe and were hailed as gods.

    Things were going well for a while, there was just one problem, those humans they made just had to be rebellious. Figuring that they should be treated with a lot more respect than they were being given, Red and the other colors decided to wage war on the humans. Red was directly on the front lines of battle. He fought bravely, and killed many humans. As awesome of a war as it was, Red was pissed that he didn't win the war. Those humans were idiots, and they deserved to be taught a lesson. It was stupid lovey-dovey Pink's fault they got into this mess in the first place. If she weren't so dang pretty, she'd be punished right along with the humans. Regardless, the colors, though somewhat unwillingly, sided with Pink, and things were well again for a while. However, Red was still furious for having lost the war.

    Unfortunately, Red didn't get to mope about his loss for very long. Pink had soon passed on, and so did the other colors one by one. Ironically, he was one of the first colors to go. He wasn't sure how it happened, he was fine one minute, and the next, everything went black. In order to save himself, Red implanted his soul into a human. He didn't want to do it, but it was the only option.

    Soon after the war, child named Adam Hayes was born. Adam led a simple life. He wasn't born into wealth, but his parents were able to provide a comfortable life for their son. Things were pretty normal for him for a while. He went to school, had friends got into some trouble from time to time, but for the most part led a pretty happy life.

    When he turned 9, things slowly started to change. The soul of Red finally began to show in Adam. His appearance slowly changed, to become more and more red. He witnessed his parents death in a pool of blood, and the rest of the world becoming consumed into Chaos, before finally being rescued by Gold and Silver. After this, his memories were wiped clean, as he lived in the sanctuary that Gold and Silver had taken everyone to. Now, Adam is an eighteen year old young man now, stuck with all of these people that he grew up with by a large tree. He’s not sure exactly what's going on, but he's absolutely certain it’s going to be something awesome.

    Weapon: Adam's weapon is pair of small red pistols. They lack the firepower of a bigger gun, but they make up for it by being much lighter and easier to carry, are able to fire many shots in rapid succession, and being much faster to reload than a bigger gun. They can shoot normal bullets, or small fireballs. Adam is a pretty good shot when he actually tries, but a lot of the time, he'll just fire randomly until he hits something. When not in use, he carries the guns in holsters attached to his belt.

    Lunacy DRIVE:
    In this state, Adam's eyes glow a much more intense shade of red (like the color of blood) and he is surrounded by a firey aura. In this state, he actually loses most of his clothes, leaving only a new pair of shorts behind. The shorts ride low on his waist, and are red with orange flame designs on them. He also gains a new red headband a large red rose attached to the side of it. Red Markings appear on his face, arms, and legs. These marks glow when he uses his powers. While in this form, his fire powers become much more powerful. The flames he can produce are much hotter, and can be much bigger than what he is normally able to do. He can also move much faster, and is very flexible and nimble too.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2013
  19. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    I hope this is alright Lost, got it done after a few minor delays. vuv'
    Also it's 1641 words when I last checked ouo


    Grace Chamberlain




    Positive | Outgoing | Creative | Intelligent | Caring | Fun Loving

    Grace has a very positive outlook on life, always trying to convince everyone else to see that the positives in life outweigh the negatives. She’s very witty in all her arguments, making sure to throw in certain bouts of language that the less bright folk would never understand. She feeds on knowledge, always trying to expand her own intellect by reading and learning things, she also loves having witty banter with others. She’s very innovative, trying to aid herself and others by making small inventions to try and make people’s lives easier. She’s very caring and always strives to make others happy before worrying about herself, wanting to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. She has a gift that allows her to put a smile on anyones face, thanks to her naturally sunny and lovely attitude towards others. She also loves to have fun, and really just wants a companion who isn’t very serious.

    Lacking self worth | Overcompensating | Seuxally Frustrated | A “burden”

    However, Grace isn’t honestly that sunny. Grace lacks a lot of self worth, she’s actually very uncertain of herself and always doubts she’s needed. She overcompensates her happiness trying to make people think that she’s not actually as uncaring as she actually is. She sometimes develops a need for companionship, which is really just a need to be wanted. She gets discouraged easily and can sometimes be extremely antisocial when lost in her thoughts, hating to even be near anyone else. However she always tries to be positive amongst others, never wanting to burden anyone with her insignificant problems. She considers herself to be a burden, never liking to make herself known in a crowd because she feels like people think they need to care for her.

    Grace is also very sexually frustrated, however she feels that she can’t exactly do anything about this due to being so young. This feeling sunk in when she started going through puberty and has stuck with her since then, because of this she sometimes gets angry easily; ESPECIALLY around the opposite sex.


    Grace is fairly young, which is fully implemented in the way she dresses and her fairly young and unblemished face. She’s rather short, although she’s not done growing yet, her current height rests at 5’2”. Due to this, she is cursed with short legs that do nothing to aid her. She only weighs around 110 lbs, which is her true saving grace. She’s very small and can fit into almost any space needed, which certainly comes in handy when you’re constantly hiding from certain death. She has pale ivory skin, which is only accented more by the fact that she has stunningly bright blonde hair and bright (seemingly yellow) hazel eyes. Her face is covered in dozens of small red freckles, which also cover the rest of her body when she’s nude. Her hair is long, trailing to her mid back when she walks; however, she often covers up the top of her head with a blue beanie, only allowing the tips to hang out. Said beanie, is a light blue with two little cotton balls hanging from the tips and a larger cotton ball at the top of the hat. It’s striped white and blue with two small yellow wings stitched into the fabric.

    Leaning more into the clothing department; Grace wears a small cream colored dress that seems like something directly out of the 1940’s. Said dress is cream in color with tips of white and small white polka dots scattered throughout the entire design of the dress. The dress also has a small belt located under Grace’s breast region, making the dress fit better and look nicer. The dress only covers about half her thigh, causing the small girl to wear tights. Her tights of choice are cream in color with nothing truly special or disconcerting about them. These are followed by very plain grey shoes, with small pink ribbons that are suppose to be tucked inside the shoe; however they usually end up outside of the shoes due to Grace skipping or hopping.

    Otherwise, Grace sometimes carries a small bag. Full of trinkets that she found while looking around for some things of interest, she likes to keep this bag close to her at all times; due to it making her feel very secure. It’s a small brown bag, tied with tassels of golden rope to keep it shut. She also carries her weapon with her on her back or in her hand; it’s a golden staff with a curve in the attacking side that makes it seem like a hook. Around her weapon, is a small necklace with a little sunflower pendant attached to it, Grace seems to think it brings good luck.

    As a Color
    Grace was once the color yellow, a humanoid being made entirely of color who was able to create life with the help of the other colors. She considers herself to have been created by accident, like all the other colors who were put on the canvas of life. She was one of the first, along with red and blue; the three made a trinity of primary colors that were able to disperse any of the other colors by mixing themselves together. Yellow aided the other colors in creating life as best as she could, working hard to ensure that the creations all had positive aspects about them. She was hailed as a god, along with her fellow colors who had brought life to every life form as we know them. However, as the humans refused to accept them as the true creators; instead making up a multitude of falsehood at which they called religion. Yellow was furious, insulted that the humans hadn’t taken on enough of her intellect as they were made. She, along with the rest of the colors; raged a huge war against all of humanity.

    Yellow’s role in the war was a bomb maker, along with many other inventions that could help them fight against the humans. She took pride in what she did, rather than actually being on the fighting lines, she was able to help her comrades. However, one of the colors, that beautiful color known as pink. Stood up for the humans, claiming how she loved all life and didn’t want any of the life her and her friends had created to get wiped out. The colors, though somewhat unwillingly, sided with pink. Yellow was one of the last to go, mildly upset that she hadn’t thought of that idea. Everything seemed rather peaceful for a while, until, things fell into chaos. Pink soon passed on, Yellow mourned her friend for quite some time; until the rest of her friends also began to die. Her own death, was rather sudden. She wasn’t exactly sure how it happened, but she just, died. Smeared on the canvas with larger patches of grey.

    As a Child
    Grace Chamberlain had a pretty normal life. She had been born to a loving mother and father who wanted nothing more than to spoil her, and due to being an only child, she gained all the love in the family. She was born many years after the war, and had no idea what had taken place. She was an oblivious little girl, until she turned 6 that is. This is when the grey slowly began to spread, enveloping everything and everyone. Yellow’s soul and memories inserted itself firmly into Grace, picking the first human it could see.

    Grace’s appearance slowly changed, becoming associated with the color yellow. She began to see so many things that a young girl should never see. She witnessed the death of her parents and the rest of the world becoming consumed before finally being rescued by Gold and Silver. After this, her memories were replaced with nothing, as she lived in the sanctuary that Gold and Silver had taken everyone to.

    Grace is a little fifteen year old girl, stuck with all of her friends that she grew up with by a large tree. She’s not sure exactly what’s coming, but she knows it’s going to be something huge.

    Grace carries a golden staff with a curve in the attacking side that makes it seem like a hook. Around her weapon, is a small necklace with a little sunflower pendant attached to it, Grace seems to think it brings good luck.

    Lunacy DRIVE

    In her Lunacy Drive form, Grace has quite a few changes take place. Her body stays roughly the same, along with her long hair. However, her clothes are where the massive changes can truly be spotted. Her beanie is replaced with a brown cap that gives her face a creepy looking shadow, making her look rather frightening; her eyes also turn a sort of lightning blue. The hat that Grace wears also has two massive sets of yellow horns protruding from them, making her small form look even more intimidating. She gains a little bit of armor, although she still has a small yellowish-orange skirt hanging out from under the masses of armor on her torso.

    Her staff also experiences a change, splitting itself into two different models and becoming charged with pure electrical energy. Allowing Grace to use the lightning to her advantage to fight off anyone who she has trouble dispatching by herself.

    She wants to be romantically involved with someone who would care about her, desperately.
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