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Lesson learned. R.I.P Pokemon X ?

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Team FroakieMander!
My brother bought an AR Powersave today.... and I was weak.

I'm pretty sure I destroyed the cartidge today. After using it I go to turn on the game and I get the corrupted data screen (havent seen that since Red version.)
So I tried to restore the save and everything looked okay...until I went EV Horde battling in Frost Cavern. As soon as I enter the cave the game crashes and I get a black screen that says power off the 3DS. Cut to me frantically googling how to fix the thing... I managed to store all of my Pokemon in Pokemon Bank though so thats a relief. My precious babies...

The only solution I could find was erase the data and start fresh so reluctantly I did. Unfortunately that only worked until I got to the glittering cave...as soon as I entered the game crashed again.

So what do you think? should I give the cartridge a viking funeral or keep trying to get into the cave? I havent tried deleting things from my SD card yet though...no idea if that will even help.

Lesson learned. No berry or shiny pokemon is worth this mess...
Not open for further replies.