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Lessons in Lilycove! (367)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Lessons in Lilycove!

It's May's 5th contest and she is still gunning for her 3rd win, this time she's using her Combusken. However Combusken still hasnt quite mastered it's fire techniques. Will she win against Jessie & James' Chimecho?

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~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~
Well, this was cool, espically Combusken's moves...

I really loved it...good job Comubsken...

Crystal Latios

Hahaha! I love this episode! Combusken was so sweet^^ I`m glad, he won a Contest.
Swellow`s training was cool also.
But my fav was Jessie with Chimecho! She had a nice fight with May and James couldn`t stand it LOL
I think, James really loves this little pokemon :)
This contest was the coolest of 'em all.

Combusken's fire moves pwned!
great ep!

this is such a cool ep and i thought of some dub names(again!!!!!!!!)

-living in a grumpig sty- (pun on the words living in a pig sty)
-grumpig in the city- (a pun on the movie title "babe2 : pig in the city")
-looking after a grumpig- (a pun on the words looking after a guinea pig)
is drew in this ep?


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
I've heard about this episode though I never got through reading the guide it seems like a good episode May's contest and we get to see Combusken battle in a contest! It's against a Grumpig eh? I'm hoping to see the battle!

Space Skitty

Hoenn Champion
This episode was a great one. Combusken was very tough! I found this a very suspenseful episode. I can't wait to see this one dubbed!


Staff member
Super Mod
I really like this episode!^^
Combusken's appeal was great, good to see that May didn't panic.
I loved the background music when Swellow managed to do Aerial Ace, it was the first time I heard it...I hope they won't change it in the dub, it suited the scene perfectly ;(
I felt sorry for James when he was crying all along; he really cares about his Chimecho^^.
It was also good that it got some more screentime.
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Blaziken master

I just watched this episode! Its the best contest in my opinion!
Jessie:I wonder what other moves chimecho knows?
Cut to flashback
James:Whatever you don't tell chimecho to use double edge!
Back to reality
Jessie:Aha chimecho use..
The trainer's choice was actually right
Which pokemon is the best to face flaafy - misdreavus,swinub or shroomish
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Yes, the final non-filler episode of Season 8, what a relief that we are finally done the season (except for one more filler). Now how do you end the season with a bang? Not with the biggest paint edit in history (you sandwich!!!), but with the Lillycove contest.

May's way of getting away from the problem with Fire Spin was pretty smart, and Combusken really showed off his skills in his appeal round. But what was with Jessie today?! She abused Chimecho, used Heal Bell then Astonish, and she gets a perfect score that got the crowd going?! Unfair! Pokemon should not ever be treated by that!

The semifinals were intresting, Chimecho getting abused again, and even a flashback to the original Chimecho episode!

The whole battle between May and Kelly was the best ever, and the whole Psyshic situation made it one of the most tense battles ever! All around, very great show. Thanks 4Kids, you kept Season 7 great, full of suprizes, and false evolution claims (seviper!), and the biggest Onigirl change in history.



Yeah, ok!
I've always found the contest episodes more interesting than Ash's GYM battles in Hoenn, and this episode is no exception. Nice to see the unique ways each coordinator got into the second round, I'm pretty surprised Jessie made it when Chimecho hurt everyones ears.

Nice to see Ash finally finish training one of his Pokemon as well as return to watch May in her contest. Is it just me or did Ash seem to really be impressed with Kelly? He seemed to notice and compliment her a lot.

Both of May's final battles were good, and it really does seem like all of Ash's strategies have rubbed off on her. Combusken using fire spin at the ceiling is definitely something Ash would do, and it really seems like May is trying to copy his techniques when she watches him battle.

Kelly better return someday, she's a great character and needs to be in future contests.
the episode was kewl...the appeals were great from Kelly...... but i'm not sure about Jessie's appeal with Chimecho.......... but i'm a little glad May won^^


Well-Known Member
Combusken owned that competiton, his fire moves were awsome, i give combusken and May props. That was the coolest competition of all.


was I the only one who was reminded of breakfast during this episode (bacon and eggs specifically)

anyway, this episode was very good indeed


That was a pretty good contest episode. Indeed one of May's best. Can't wait for the next contest episode :p


Thank you, SPPf! :)
"I love you guys!"

I'm sorry, but that quote had me in stiches.

Anyways, this was probably the best contest thus far, and that's NOT solely because of Kanata's pure sex appeal. (Despite the fact that it greatly helps) This contest is the first time Haruka has used some really complex strategy, and by that, I mean without the help of Super Skitty or dumb luck. Poor Chimecho. x_x Sadly, this is probably the most battle time it's ever going to receive over the course of the series.
Great contest episode! It was good to see May used a panic situation to her advantage. Seeing James's reaction when Jessie was abusing Chimecho was funny. And the way Combusken countered Grumpig was clever.


Jessie, to put it mildly, ruled in this episode. Simply ruled.

James' reaction to how she handled Chimecho in battle was also pretty cool. And Kelly is a really cool character.

...But back to Jessie. I'm glad she wasn't disqualified, and I'm glad she was able to somewhat hold her own for a change...but mostly I'm glad they made her so deliciously evil, especially to poor Chimecho. LOL!