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Lessons in Lilycove! (367)



I've seen this episode yesterday on KidsWB, and it was O.K. for a episode. I do like the part where Ash tried to teach his Swellow Aerial Ace. That part was pretty damn funny.


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Woo-hoo, I've been looking forward to this episode all year since I first saw the pictures on Serebii, and it definitely did not disappoint. Even though Drew wasn't there, this time there was much more to help me enjoy the episode- namely Jessie and Chimecho. :D I loved that Team Rocket caught a break for once, with Jessie hurting everyone's ears but still getting a perfect score for technique. :D That screeching did look awfully painful for everyone, but at least she pulled it off. I also liked James's reactions to Jessie handling Chimecho, especially when he went teary-eyed. It was nice to hear the comment about how the soothing sound of Chimecho's voice shows how much it loves its trainer (even though its trainer wasn't using it). :D :D :D The battle with Combusken was great too. Too bad that Jessie didn't win and Team Rocket still got blasted off (LOL at Swellow hitting them from out of nowhere), but I really enjoyed Jessie's part in the contest as a whole.

Unfortunately, I forgot to set my tape for an hour and I missed "Judgment Day" (though I still saw Brock running with the sandwich in his mouth LOL), but luckily the Cubs and Sox aren't playing on WGN Friday so chances are I'll still get to tape it.


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Omg...this epsiode was really awesome! May did a great job. ^^ Kelly was great too. I wish they will bring back Kelly. She is too cool. XD And I also liked when Ash was training his Swellow to do Airal Ace. So awesome! ^___^ And yeah I notice Ash took a interest of Kelly. XD He thought she was really good. I notice that he said it. XD But anyway....awesome, awesome epsiode. 10/10 Oh yeah...Jessie was mean to Chimecho. James told her not to abuse it...and she does it. ;; Man I felt so sorry for James...he loves his Chimecho.


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This episode was interesting. For once they actually made Psychic be an attack rather than a cheap parlor trick.

Still not sure how Jessie got a perfect score for abusing Chimecho. I think she used Astonish too many times.

Oh yah, Grumpig's voice was annoying.

Sorry to be so negative. It was a great couple of episodes with the contest. Next contest will be so much better though.

Grats to Swellow for learning Aerial Ace. Bring on the next gym battle so I can see Adan that much sooner! <3


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Interesting contest episode.

I really liked Grumpig's voice, last episode and this one. It's perfect for it.

I'll cut this short, since I'm so late. 7/10.


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Judge's voice former narrator?

Is it my imagination or did the judge on the left have the voice of the original opening narrator of the series? Sure did sound like him.


This was by far my favorite contests besides the Fallarbor one. May and Kelly showed some cool moves, and May and Combusken owned with Sky Uppercut.


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It was a good episode
Jessie should have won, but combusken ruled


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This episode seemed a bit rushed, actually. It skipped several sections and a whole round of matches. Maybe just because Swellow and three appeals also needed putting in. To be honest, I'd rather have contests being two whole episodes long (with an optional pre-contest filler)

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What I thought was funny that grumpig's voice sometimes sounded like an opera singer


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Cool, the best contest of all!
Just watched the ep and it was good. Knew who Kelly was as soon as I saw her cause people talk about her all the time on here. Too bad I missed her famous scene though. XD

CyberCubed said:
Is it just me or did Ash seem to really be impressed with Kelly? He seemed to notice and compliment her a lot.
I noticed that as well.

Was anyone else annoyed how Team Rocket got blasted off for no reason? I mean, Swellow did it unintentionally but it was still stupid and unnecessary.

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I've only seen part of it, but I like the final match-up alot: Combusken VS. Grumpig. Chicken VS. Pig. Farm animal VS. Farm animal. A good episode overall.

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Jessie is such a moron. Not only did she use Chimecho with abusive force (to the extent of hurting other people's ears), she even told it to use Double Edge when James told her not to use that attack. Oh well, at least she didn't cheat.

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Jessie cares not for anyone but herself. I'm surprised her violent selfish ego hasn't gotten Team Rocket in the big house more often. :rolleyes:
I just have to comment on how absolutely impressive May's appeal was. She took a bad situation and turned it into a spectacular display of talent. It's a pity she got a fairly low score, but she definitely deserved to get in for that. It's this kind of thing that made me get into Contests in the first place.

I also liked how she used the tough Combusken, since Torchic before did not get contest spotlight, and initially I thought she was only going to use cutesy Pokemon for appeals. I have to say, this surprised me.