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Lessons in Lilycove! (367)


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It was nice to see Swellow finally learning Aerial Ace.I loved Jessie's performance with Chimecho as she managed to get a perfect score.I knew May was going to win it anyway so that was not not a surprise.


I knew May would win her 3rd Hoenn ribbon here since it was late in the Hoenn saga and she needed to make progress fast. 7/10


Yawn, this Lilycove Contest was a snoozefest. Ash training Swellow interested me more than Combusken versus Grumpig did. :cool:
Good lord, Jessie was such a dummy here. Not only did she use James's innocent little Chimecho with abusive force, she even told it to use Double Edge when James told her not to use that attack. Oh well, at least she didn't cheat. :/


I thought that Haruka was super lucky that Wakasyamo's Appeal got a decent score, and Kanata and Boopig's Polock Appeal was so creative. Musashi and Chirean surprised me when they got a perfect score, although Musashi still lost to Haruka. Ohsubame accidentally sending the Rocket-dan flying was hilarious.


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May is really coming on as a trainer, she put up a good fight in that battle, well done to her. It was a good episode, Jessie was good, I would like to see her win a contest eventually. I couldn't believe she got maximum points in the first round.


I couldn't believe she got maximum points in the first round.

Musashi and Chirean receiving top marks seemed contrived, unless we're meant to think that the Contest judges simply loved how outrageous and avant-garde Musashi's Appeal strategy was. Either way, it was a bizarre moment.


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I thought it was good how Contesta didn't give May as many points because she wasn't in control of Combusken's appeal and I wasn't too happy with Kelly's appeal either.


Wakasyamo versus Boopig now seems strange to me, in the sense that Boopig had an obvious type advantage during the final battle, which mysteriously wasn't used to give Kanata the win.
Combusken is awesome
Poor Chimeco getting Chimeco abuse :(