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Let Bagons Be Bagons! (319)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Challenge' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Let Bagons Be Bagons!

    In their travels, Ash & Co. meet a trainer who has a Bagon that is trying to learn to fly. However to do this it must evolve so Ash decides to help it get stronger. However Team Rocket want to steal the Bagon. Will they succeed?

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  2. :(. I missed this episode............Was it worth seeing, or didn't I miss anything?
  3. Jade Mage

    Jade Mage Guest

    Run of the mill filler really. :| You didn't miss much, except some DREADFUL voice acting in the forest scene. :|
  4. Oh, good. I'd still like to see it, but at least now I'm comforted that I haven't missed anything major. Thanks.
  5. I saw the Japanese version of this ep (English version tomorrow!! Can't wait!)
    It was not a run of the mill filler! It's a great episode!
    I really like the battle between Pikachu and Bagon also when Bagon and Treecko fly up to Team Rocket's helicopter and save Pikachu.
  6. Katsuya

    Katsuya Guest

    Can't wait for this. Mainly because we get Princess & Togepi on Tuesday!

    I prob. won't watch it, or I'll tape it. New computer comes tommorow, so I'll be hooking it up probably.
  7. Meh, cute episode. I only liked it cause there was the Bagon in it :D Battle was a little stupid tho.
  8. Bayleef

    Bayleef Onion?

    I only liked it because Bagon was in it as well. ^^ The ending at the end where Pikachu jumped off the jet pack, and attacked the helicopter was sort of cool. But it seemed like Bagon was smashing his head into the helicopter for no reason. :/ It was prettymuch a standard filler. Rating: 6/10
  9. I really liked the battle, it was a very on-going battle (I like those kind of battles) I think it's good when Bagon is going to Headbutt Pikachu and Pikachu uses Iron Tail on it's head.
    Also it's hilarious when Pikachu headbutts Bagon's head!
  10. ZTcrazy

    ZTcrazy Guest

    I've seen this episode in the UK and here is my review:

    Voices: Excellent. Michelle's and Bagon's voices were brilliant. Bagon's voice was exactly the way I thought it sound like. Same goes for Shellgon.

    Pokemon: All pretty good. No new attacks here, so not much to say.

    Characters: Michelle is an excellent character and I'm not suprised she made good friends with Ash, with her powerful and determined nature.

    Content: By far one of the best fillers I've ever seen. As always, there are some funny bits dotted here and there in the episode. I loved the battle between Pika and Bagon, Pikachu's Matrix duck rocks! The battle was shown brilliantly and Michelle's glasses really gave her the advantage, but she can't come over Ash's strategy!

    Overall, a very good filler. 9.5/10.
  11. Alakazam

    Alakazam Guest

    ;-; I missed it! I thought it was on Sky Mix but it wasn't! ;_;. Can someone tell me when Pokemon is on Normal Sky One in the U.K?
  12. Silver Fusion

    Silver Fusion Hyper Coordinator

    Do not worry Aerodactyl its on at 8.30 in the mornings and on sky one mix it is on at 11.40 on weekdays and on week ends about 10.30 I hope I helped.
  13. Alakazam

    Alakazam Guest

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I CAN WATCH IT! Thanks for telling me :D:D:D:D
  14. Pokémon Master Josh

    Pokémon Master Josh Orange Champion


    Grovyle- Grow-vile
    Illumise- Il-oo-mee-sey
    Bagon- Bey-gon

  15. ZTcrazy

    ZTcrazy Guest

    How do you think Bagon was going to be pronounced? Baa-gone?
  16. I saw this episode this morning and I love it! It's so cool! The battle between Pikachu and Bagon is just brilliant and I love it when Treecko and Bagon go and save Pikachu from Team Rocket's helicopter. It's so funny when Jessie's Seviper hits its head off the ceiling of the helicopter, lol!
    I love to see Pikachu use Iron Tail and it did in this episode! I taped it so I'm going to watch it again later....
  17. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    I Heard a lot of Americans were playing it down as an ordinary episode before hand anyway, so I wasn't expecting too much, although it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. Team Rocket were great, easily the stars of the episode in my opinion.

    Once again somebody has to kiss Ash's arse in a middle of a battle, "wow that Iron tail was really great" STOP IT!! I HATE it when they do that, no wonder Ash is in desperate need of rival!! Somebody needs to beat him good and then start a fist fight with him, that'll create good TV! It's sooooooooo annoying when they keep constantly complimenting each other!!

    What's with the voice actor who does Richie's voice?! That's the second time I've distinguished it in the past three episodes! She already covered the girl(can't remember her name) who was in "What you seed is what you get!" and now in "Let Bagons be Bagons" Are 4kids really that cheap in that they have to play the same voice actors over and over again?! It's gets to repetitive otherwise.
  18. Cyndaquil

    Cyndaquil Soaring high above

    That was a cool ep! although tomorrows will be better :D
  19. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    ...Illumise is pronounced EXACTLY as it should. They pronounced it as Il-oo-me-seh, not sey. That's how it SHOULD be since it's the same name in Japan.
  20. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    Meh. Nuff said, it's good that Bagon evolved. I hope Ash fights it as a Salamance in the Hoenn League. HOPING SO MUCH...

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