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Let Bagons Be Bagons! (319)


The hoopy frood
Hm, pretty standard filler. Michelle's little speech in the forest was slightly cheesy, and I would've thought she'd have known that determination in the trainer means more determination in the pokémon. But hey, it's the dubber's fault. I thought Bagon was pronounced like 'by-gone', from the pun. I liked the way it was fond of the jetpack, and the way team rocket took a shine to it aswell. Out of 10, I'd give it an 8.5.


Watched it yesterday lol. Well let me see, I have to say I really enjoyed this episode, Team Rocket is why. They were really funny, especially when Jessie sent out Seviper IN THE HELICOPTER and James shouted "LUNCH WILL NOW BE SERVED!". :D. How to say Bagon was strange as well. I always thought it was Bag-on, but according to the show it's Baé-gon. So which one is real :confused:

Crystal Latios

It was a nice episode. I have seen only japanese version =/
BTW, I have feelings, Michelle is a Team Magma Member. She looks quite like TM girls etc. :rolleyes:


Okay after taking a while to find the thread, bumping it up for any Aussies who want to comment.

I really enjoyed this episode, I happen to think that Bagon was pretty cute, plus it was nice seeing Treecko again since I missed What You Seed Is What You Get, and loved the bullet seed!

I didn't miss Meowth and his wacky dreams of what Giovanni thinks about Pokemon, because its just irritating :)


man,that was one crazy Bagon,you know when it kept jumping off the cliff..but hey Bagon is so adorable.

skater dude

i didnt find dis ep instresting it was a waste of a half an hour


This episode was pretty cool. Well finally Team Rocket did something right. Now that Bagon evolved into Shelgon it's this close to be learning how to fly. and yes I agree the part where Pikachu jumped from the Rocket thing was pretty cool.


I didn't like this episode much, but at least I got to see Shelgon, one of my favorite Pokemon. The Pikachu VS Bagon battle was cool too.



Team Awesome
I have a little problem with the radar glasses, which seemed to give bagon more of an unfair advantage, even though the girl was using them to help bagon improve his battling. Apart from that, though, the episode was pretty good. I like the way they characterized bagon, and we got to see Meowth willing to help bagon fulfill his dreams. I wish they would have had a sequel to this episode, though. It would have been interesting to see if shelgon evolved yet.


I don't think ash fought any Salamences in the hoenn league.


Well-Known Member
Well if you know me then you should know that this episode is my favourite one. Ever.

Michelle is the best character of the day ever to grace the anime. She had determination but was not out of touch with reality, craved the best for her Pokemon, is happy either being by herself or with others, a good battler and tactician in her own right... and yeah, Hella sexy to boot. She had so much potential she would have fitted in with Ash and co and travelled around with them for a bit... at the very least till Shelgon evolved into Salamence.

Ash and Michelle's battle was one of the better "filler" scraps and it was nice to see Meowth trying to help Bagon to fly. The speech of Michelle's in the forest however was the only gripe; bad dubbing. Michelle's not thick dammit.

Naturally I rate this 10/10. Biased? Obsessed? Ha, i'm BOTH.


Bagon was strong, i loved the battle between it and Pikachu.

And i loved to see a Shelgon, it was great.



Someone said this was Filler, though this was Bagon's anime debut so it ain't Filler.

Yes, I found the story to be bland. Bagon's attempts at flying were good, but that was it. It's evolution caught me by surprise, but now it should be hardy for it to move about.

Not very good, but not bad. I loved the COTD's glasses. 4/10

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
CyberCube said:
He never battled a Salamence.

About two years later and that is now not true, he has tried battling Hunter's J's Salamence I am sure of it. Speaking of which doesn't anyone else think Michelle's clothes look alot like Hunter J's? Same with the glasses maybe she is related to her lol. Hunter J's daughter! (Plus she has a Shelgon!). She returns this time as a villain.

Anyways not a bad episode, I wonder if Shelgon evolved yet (Unless J's Salamence is really Michelle's Shelgon because it evolved and they are related lol)