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Let Bagons Be Bagons! (319)


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This episode was alright. I liked Bagon and I really didn't expect for it to evolve, so it was a surprise. The COTD was totally cheating with those shades, but whatever.


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This episode was ok... it was cool seeing Bagon for the 1st time. It was really cool to see the battle between Pikachu and Bagon. I'm glad Pikachu was eventually able to win the battle. It was very cool to see Bagon in a jetpack and it, Treecko flying up to attack TR to save Pikachu.



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Not a bad episode. Cool to see Bagon for the first time.Glad it evolved into Shellgon. Apart from that it was just a standerd filler.


I liked this episode. I especially liked Michelle's design. Bagon's dream to fly was pretty cute and I enjoyed the battle that Ash and Michelle had in the beginning though. It's too bad she never appeared again since I would've liked to see her battle with a Salamence.


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I think this episode was alright and I did enjoy Michelle and her Bagon. This episode reminded me in some way of the episode when the Oddish wanted to learn fly and I think the whole flying concept was still alright to use (whereas other concepts like episodes that are centered around Nurse Joy were overused) Good episode in my opinion and it was enjoyable to watch.


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At first, I thought that Michelle was one of the baddie characters because she wore those shades. It's good that she's a friend. Where did she get those shades? Is it ever explained?


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This episode was indeed a classic one. I still remember this one with quite a passion and it did let me learn how interesting Bagon is as a Pokémon.
Neat how the COTD had some glasses that let her analyze situations in the battle like that. :)
With those kinds of high-tech glasses, I'm surprised she wasn't a villain of some sort.


Michelle was so pretty and Bagon was adorable as well, even if his attempts to fly were hysterically sad. Meowth's boss fantasy about Bagon using its head to break coconuts for Giovanni made me cackle wildly, and Pikachu's battle with Bagon was interesting to watch until Meowth arrived on his jet pack, which ironically helped Bagon accomplish his dream.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Bagon's dream of flying was so touching and I liked how he got his wish when he put on the jetpack at least. Him evolving into Shelgon was cool as well, but too bad we didn't see him become a Salamence.


I was a huge Dragon-type nerd when this episode aired and I wanted Ash to get Bagon at first, but that sunglasses chick already owned it...


Bagon was amusing with his flying obsession and the TRio ironically helped him experience flight which was a cool twist. 7/10


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Those glasses were so unfair to battle with, that type of advantage isn't right and is definitely cheating. Also, I am getting sick of these Meowth fantasies now, the first couple were ok but now they are just monotonous and boring. Also I am not a fan of the removal of "who's that pokemon?" the new Trainer's Choice thing isn't as good.

It was cute seeing Bagon fly with Treeko and Pikachu. Bagon is quite ugly but it actually looked sweet in that shot.
Omg, Michelle is the best COTD ever to grace the anime. She had determination (but was not out of touch with reality), craved the best for her Pokemon, was a good battler, and she shoulda stayed on the show, at the very least till her Shelgon evolved into Salamence.


Quite an amusing episode. I loved the boss fantasies with coconut milk, the line about Team Rocket and the value of hard work was funny and it was so amusing to see Seviper get all tangled up.


Michelle's Tatsubay's desire to fly made me sympathetic to it, and Nyasu's reasoning for giving Sakaki the Tatsubay to open coconuts with was his most hilarious boss fantasy in a while. I also appreciated that we got to see the Rocket-dan use a regular helicopter here instead of one of their intricate yet needless mechas.