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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt! (385)


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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!

On their way to the next town, Ash & Co. find a mischevious Snorunt who keeps stealing things and freezing things such as Ash's Badge Case and Ash himself. However Team Rocket has their eyes on this Snorunt. Can Ash protect it?

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The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
That Snorunt is so cute but so annoying. I don't know whether to hug it or melt it.

I still love the offical Team Rocket parkas. I wonder those were in "Snow Way Out".


I knew it. It was caught Squirtle-like! What a guess...

Looking forward to pics.


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ChaosMage said:
How was Snorunt caught?

Apparently it was another lame "joining" of the team rather than a capture... damn. Why can't you get all friendly with the pokemon in the games and just have them decide to jump in a pokeball?


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
JazzJazz said:
Apparently it was another lame "joining" of the team rather than a capture... damn. Why can't you get all friendly with the pokemon in the games and just have them decide to jump in a pokeball?
Haha! Jump in a PokeBall *laughs* Anywhays this is a let down...even though it was expected. Why must Ash "befriend" pokemon into his team? It ruins the entire hub of Pokemon! CATCHING and Training! Why can't the writers understand that? (not to mention the whole sunset on a hill scene where the group is walking and is then followed by _____ and then Ash says "Hey! Would you like to join our team? *giggles*" is TOTALLY OU to the MAX!) I can understand Torkoal being captured like that because its a delicate and emotional Pokemon but Snorunt? It seemeed to be fiesty, ruthless, and mischevious!!! GUHHHH! *waits for epi pics*

Golden Darkness

Spikeshell Trainer
Well, technically Ash got friendly with Treeko before catching it(ie battle Treeko to prove his worth).

Same thing happened here.


they wouldn't have Ash come across a wild pokemon who didn't want a trainer, and then have Ash kidnap said pokemon would they?

Blaziken's Emberz

Well, an Ice-type on Ash's team makes his team half-vulnerable to Rock-types! Yay! Why is it that whenever Ash gets a team of six Pokémon, his team is always half-vulnerable to some type! Why?

: PMD :


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I just wrote up this point-by-point summary of the episode. I've only watched it once so far, and wrote this from memory, so there may be errors or omissions.

-Satoshi-tachi arrive at the local Pokemon Center shortly before a blizzard is expected to start.
-While they're talking to Joy, a Yukiwarashi comes in. Joy tells them it's a bit of a trickster, and frequently borrows things from visitors. At this point, they notice that it's holding Satoshi's badge case.
-Joy tells Satoshi not to worry, that it always returns things before long. Satoshi is not inclined to wait, and has Pikachu and Heigani chase it down.
-When they have it cornered, Satoshi demands that it return his badges. It returns one badge, and uses Double Team to get away with the rest.
-Meanwhile, TR is trudging through the snow outside, very hungry, as they haven't eaten for a day. Musashi has just collapsed in the snow, when Kojirou spots the Pokemon Center. The thought of the food inside is enough to get Musashi moving again.
-Satoshi-tachi and Joy are searching the Pokemon Center for Yukawarashi, when they find another badge lying on the floor. Satoshi doesn't like the idea that it's returning his badges one at a time. Suddenly, Heigani charges off, and the others, suspecting that it has somehow sensed Yukiwarashi, follow.
-They end up in the kitchen. Satoshi looks around, sees nothing, and shouts something along the lines of "We know you're hiding in here somewhere! Come out and give my badges back!"
-Very confused as to how he knew they were there, Team Rocket comes out from behind some boxes, food in hand (and in mouth). They deny any involvement with his badges, and say they weren't even doing anything wrong. All they did was sneak in and take food without permission. For some reason, Haruka and Joy are offended by this.
-At about this time, Yukiwarashi comes out from behind another stack of boxes, and everyone's attention is off Team Rocket. Musashi and Kojirou don't like being ignored, and start shouting to get attention. They succeed, and when Joy yells at them about stealing the Center's food, Yukiwarashi suddenly becomes very serious and attacks them. Working together, Pikachu and Yukiwarashi defeat Team Rocket, Pikachu sends them flying, and Yukiwarashi opens a window to let them out.
-Satoshi thanks Yukiwarashi for its help, and again asks for his badges back. It gets the case out, starts handing it over... then freezes Satoshi with Icy Wind and hops out the window. Satoshi breaks free from the ice and follows it. The others, realizing that the storm is going to start soon, set out to bring him back.
-Satoshi catches up with Yukiwarashi at the edge of a steep hill, where it dances around a bit to taunt him. As is usual in such situations, the ice at the edge crumbles under its foot, and it ends up sliding out of control down the hill. Satoshi goes into his usual Rescue Mode, catches up with it, and when they're about to slide into a large rock, maneuvers them so that he takes the full impact on his back, protecting Yukiwarashi. Satoshi is knocked out, and Yukiwarashi is unable to wake him.
-The storm has started. Takeshi, Haruka, and Masato return to the Pokemon Center without Satoshi.
-Satoshi wakes up to find himself in a snow cave with Yukiwarashi. He thanks it for saving him, and it gives him an apple. They share it, and Satoshi says something about how worried the others must be. Yukiwarashi gives him a couple more apples, then takes his hat and walks off into the storm.
-At the Pokemon Center, it delivers the hat to the others. As soon as the storm is over, they ask it to lead them to Satoshi, and set off on snowmobiles.
-They find Satoshi right where Yukiwarashi left him, and there is the usual reunion. As Satoshi once again asks Yukiwarashi to give his badges back, a giant hand comes out of nowhere and grabs both Yukiwarashi and Pikachu. It is, of course, Team Rocket.
-Pikachu and Yukiwarashi are caught in boxes. Pikachu tries to escape with an electric attack, and as usual, fails. Musashi laughs, saying "Of course we made it strong against electricity". Yukiwarashi tries to escape with Icy Wind, and Kojirou laughs, saying "Of course we made it strong against... wait a minute...". Yukiwarashi breaks out of the box. It uses Icy Wind against TR, but Musashi yells at Sounansu to "Do something!", and it uses what appears to be Mirror Coat. TR manages to escape in the balloon with their Pikachu-in-a-box.
-Musashi and Kojirou are not very disappointed that their plan half failed. After all, they got Pikachu. They're not quite so happy when they find the twerps and Joy following them on the snowmobiles (following one of the usual Convenient Paths™ through the woods). TR manages to speed up, but Joy knows a way to catch up. This method apparently involves leaving the path, going through the woods at high speed, then going off a jump just as the balloon goes by. At the top of their trajectory, Satoshi throws Yukiwarashi at the balloon.
-Yukiwarashi freezes Musashi, Kojirou, Nyasu, Sounansu, and the balloon itself, then jumps out with Pikachu-in-a-box before the balloon crashes down. Satoshi soon gets Pikachu out of the box, and with Pikachu and Yukiwarashi, defeats TR and their pokemon, and sends them blasting off.
-Yukiwarashi is *still* reluctant to return the badges. One of the group speculates that it doesn't want to, because it likes Satoshi and if it gave them back, he'd leave, and it wouldn't be able to play with him any more. Satoshi tries to solve the dilemma by inviting Yukiwarashi to come with him. Yukiwarashi responds with an unmistakable "you wanna fight?" motion. It may like him, but it isn't about to be captured without seeing if he's strong enough first.
-Satoshi battles it with Pikachu. After a long fight, he wins, the last attack knocking the badge case away from Yukiwarashi. Satoshi throws a Monster Ball, beep beep beep, and he's caught it.
-The final scene is back at the Pokemon Center, with Yukiwarashi being introduced to all the group's pokemon. Heigani gets a little too close and acts a little to aggressive, and gets frozen. Haruka has Wakashamo thaw Heigani with a Fire Spin, and Satoshi sits down for a little talk with Yukiwarashi about acceptable behavior.


Custom Torkoal 01
Lol i think it sounds like a great episode, thanks for the sypnopsis Murgatroyd ^^

Glad there was a battle capture after making it seem like a befriending capture :p

Edit: now that i think about it, if the Baboach episode had been shown, it would've been exactly one year since Torkoal was captured.

nice touch with the TM next to the convenient paths part, btw :D
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Golden Darkness said:
Well, technically Ash got friendly with Treeko before catching it(ie battle Treeko to prove his worth).

Same thing happened here.

Isn't that still leaning on the traditional method? Ash still has to battle to capture them. It's not like how Charmander and Squirtle joined the team, all they did was jump into the ball so that's different.


I like the little guy's personality quite a bit :D

the bit about Team Rocket coming out of hiding sounds priceless as well
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Goin' Graveler

Another cheeky little Pokemon. Kinda reminds me of Squirtle/Corphish when first caught.


well, what other sort of way of obtaining a pokemon would you want?

if they wanted a "traditional" capture, as to the pokemon just appearing out of nowhere, as Ash coming across it, and the pokemon being captured against it's will...

they won't do that because it would be simlair to a kidnapping and the Ash's relationship with the pokemon would probably be tainted because of it

or you could have the pokemon just be on the team and have no personality what so ever. Something which is something that the Advanced seasons have avoided at all costs.


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
Oh! So they actually do have a fight? Then thats fine, actually GREAT! This episode sounds awesome and I cannot wait for pics...Snorunt sounds priceless! And Geodude, no, I did not forget about Ash catching his first 3 Pokemon the traditional way. Like I posted before, I thought Snorunt, being fiesty and tricky would WANT to battle Ash to be captured (and it did just that...how CUTE!) But everyone was saying that it was one of those sunset on a hill "wana come with us?" captures (if you can call it a capture that is)


Okay I adore Snorunt, I'll add him to be my third favourite Pokemon, because well he's totally cute!

I'm glad Ash battled Snorunt... and why oh why does Ash seem to freak out his friends by going missing? ;)