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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt! (385)


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wobbanut said:
I'm afraid of snorunt/glalie being stuck in the same black hole of forgotten pokemon that Shellder, Weepinbell/Victreebel II, and Primeape are in.
That's completely ridiculous, considering the obvious points the others have brought up. Might wanna think things through a little more before posting something that's only going to make people point out the obvious.


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Think of it this way: Ask a person who's watched Pokemon from the very beginning to name every pokemon each regular on the show has had, whether for one episode or 200. How many people will list every Ash pokemon except Primeape? How many people will list every Jessie pokemon but omit Shellder? How many people will automatically remember James's magickarp, but forget the second weepinbell/victreebel? Not only that, how many people will even remember he had two weepinbells, since we didn't see victreebel I until after it was evolved?

Ask people in a year if they can name every Hoenn pokemon Ash has had, and see if they even remember snorunt/glalie. That will tell you something.
They will remember Glalie. The 3 most popular Hoenn Pokemon are Grovyle, Swellow and Corphish...but it's not like people won't remember he has a Torkoal and Glalie too.

People remembered Phanpy, and that thing was barely used back in Johto. They'll remember Glalie.


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Glalie will be remembered because he was such a shock to us all (and I remember not being impressed at first), evolved as a centurian (i.e. a pokemon has now evolved every hundredth episode since "Current Events") during the Grand Festival and went on to dominate the league. Snorunt/Glalie will be remembered for the exact same reason as Kingler.


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I'll remember Glalie as it is one of my favorite pokemon

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Great episode. I kinda liked Snorunt as it was really cheeky. I really liked when May shot down Team Rocket big time.


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Ah what a great episode to introduce Snorunt and Ash catching his 6th Pokemon. Snorunt is defiantly mischievous Pokemon for Ashes team, infact I do believe this is his first Ice Pokemon that he's had. It was funny at the end when Corphish went to shake Snorunt's hand and got a douse of Icey Wind then a douse of Fire Spin, luckily Nurse Joy was their to heal it. Now that Ashes team is six strong he has a better chance at getting his sixth badge and a better chance in the Hoen League.
Finally that episode was here in norway I have always looking forward to this episode. and I loved it Snorunt was so cute of course my favorite pokemon together with Grumpig and Glalie not being a ground type.


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Aww... how sweet... Snorunt built an igloo and gave apples to Ash 'cuz Ash saved Snorunt! I like this episode... Snorunt was mischievious and stole his badge case ^^... Poor Corphish, he got frozen(right?!)? ^^


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I liked this episode and Glalie will be remembered, I know I do!


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This was a pretty decent episode. That Snorunt is pretty funny, chilling Ash out all the time ;D

And he caught a Snorunt... yay! ... Why? XD

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I love Snorunt, it's a really cute Pokemon.

It's a shame we never got to see it's full potential.


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Yay! Ash got snorunt which means glalie! Snorunt is really cool and really mischevious!