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Lets Go! Lets Gokai Club


Welcome Me Maties. the voyage of 35 generations awaits. hoist the anchors, set sail and let us be free. we will find the greatest treasure in the universe


After the great legendary war.


The great powers were sacrificed to defeat the enemy. Now 5 pirates have found these powers, and set sail to find the greatest treasure in the universe. This club is dedicated to them.

Grab the Key infront of you, make your destiny yours.


Captain Marvelous - Gokai-Red
Joe- Gokai-Blue
Luka- Gokai Yellow
Ahim- Gokai-Pink
Don- Gokai-Green

Number of episodes: 15+

As you would guess this is the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaigers fanclub. the current incarnation of the long running japanese franchise Super Sentai, it celebrates 35 teams of said series. Yes Super Sentai is adapted in America called "Power Rangers"

Here we can discuss anything Gokaiger related, make sure to keep spoilers hidden. As that this show celebrates Super Sentai, we can discuss Super Sentai in general: What is your favorite Sentai? Who is your favorite Red? etc etc.

Now come along, raise the sail, and join the crew. In the chest, exists the keys of the 194 heroes that sacrifed their powers. Choose a key to unlock the power *Takes out AbareKiller's key*

Captain Allio- Abarekiller's key


Blinded No More- Magishine
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