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Let's GO Pikachu/Eevee SPOILER THREAD!!!


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I don't know if this question counts as a spoiler or more of a helpful hint, but I just got the Poké Ball+. Will connecting it to GO before I connect it to LGPE erase the Mew? Because I won't be able to play the game for like a week.


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Is there a battle facility in this game?

I guess the Master Trainers would be the new in-game challenge. At least this one can be completed the previous Facility went on forever xD (Battle Tree).

I have a question; Anyone tried using the Fortune Teller to determine the Mews nature? Since we cannot SR it.


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Because she's full-on yandere in this timeline, what with not only nailing you in the crotch with a poké ball as her opening move, she's just as happy to make you one of her pokémon by throwing poké balls at you once the battle is over

She's a little unhinged and I don't know how to feel about it
...Is this a joke.


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It's official. This game is the best.

It actually allows me to challenge gyms out of order, at my own discretion. Also, there is a great deal of freedom in this game akin to the original Gen 1 games, which allowed me to obtain the Alolan Ninetales I wanted before taking on the Vermillion Gym.

I just might spend a bit more time assmebling my Ice team before I head to the gym. If I'm lucky, I can make my way to Fuschia and trade over my Ice 'mons before hitting up the gym. I've already made it to Celadon. Hopefully the PokéFlute won't be too hard to get.


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such a fun game so far, i found a shiny bellsprout right outside of pallet. this is the third game now where i've run into a shiny super early.

I don't know if this question counts as a spoiler or more of a helpful hint, but I just got the Poké Ball+. Will connecting it to GO before I connect it to LGPE erase the Mew? Because I won't be able to play the game for like a week.

No you can't lose it, the Mew isn't really in the Ball+, it's a mystery gift option that shows up when playing with the Ball+ connected.

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Can you Battle a master trainer with a Mega (e.g. Battle Venusaur Trainer with Mega Venusaur)?


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My pleasure to assit.

I'm hoping these moves will become signatures for them next gen but I doubt it
I also hope for that. I think all of the eeveelutions having access to each of those moves would be a bit weird, but it would make sense if they could learn their respective move via the move tutor. Don't think they would be game changers, but still a nice add.
- Baddy bad : Foul play would still be better, because Umbreon has no attack and no speed.
- Bouncy bubble : Could be decent, considering Vaporeon's bulk. But I think wish/scald will still be more useful.
- Buzzy buzz : That's thunderbolt on steroids due to the 100% paralysis. So it would be fantastic on Jolteon.
- Freezy frost : Haze that does ice beam damage? That would definitely make Glaceon a bit better. No freezing chance, but I doubt anyone, competitively, would take ice beam over that simply for the unreliable 10% freezing chance.
- Glitzly glow : I think it surpasses psychic because of Espeon's speed. Would make it very, very hard to break with a special attacker, especially if Espeon's running calm mind and morning sun.
- Sappy seed : I also think this surpasses leaf blade. Sure, leaf blade has increased critical hit rates, but that's basically leech seed with damage, and Leafeon has the speed and physical bulk to pull a stall fight (along with substitute).
- Sizzly slide : I think Flare Blitz will always be a better choice for a guts set, but the guaranteed burn without recoild is a pretty nice thing to have to catch physical rock and water type switch ins.
- Sparkly swirl : Heal bell with damage, and 3 times more PPs, and unaffected by taunt. This would propel the already pretty great Sylveon as one of the top clerics, if not THE top cleric in the game.

And I'd love the same for Raichu for all the new Pikachu moves besides Pika Papow. I think we could start seeing some physical Raichu, with Floaty Fall/Zippy Zap/Knock off/(Volt tackle/Fake out/Reversal if running sash/Brick break/Nuzzle).


Discovered a hat not listed on the main site. You can buy a crown for your partner pokémon at the Celadon Department Store. Wasn’t there the first time I went but saw it after I beat the elite four. It cost 999,999.


Oh my. I've just noticed while challenging Misty's Gym.

The three trainers are named after her anime sisters: Lily, Violet and Daisy.


Kanto starters given by NPCs have their unique, locked, characteristics:
  • Bulbasaur received by NPC who mentions taking care of injured Pokémon will have its' characteristics 'Takes plenty of siestas." no matter how many times you reset - guaranteeing 31 IV in HP.
  • Charmander is obtained in a place where a trainer you challenge mentions he hears you a feat away. Its' characteristic will always be "Alert to Sounds.", thus a guaranteed 31 IV in Speed.
  • Squirtle given by Officer Jenny is known to cause mischief actions. It is always "Mischievous." and has a flawless 31 IV in Special Attack.
I am in love with the small, neat, additions like that.