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Let's Play Some Moony Soul Silver!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by moonlightning, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. moonlightning

    moonlightning HANDLER <RETROTRET>

    Yes I know this is the "My D/P/Pt Games" section but there is no Soul Silver section so I thought this was the best place to post.

    To make things more interesting this is a Nuzlocke Run.


    You can only catch the first Pokemon you find on each route/cave/town.

    If your Pokemon faints, release it as soon as possible. If you have no Pokemon left, restart the game.

    Nickname all Pokemon so it is even more crushing when/if they die.

    This is my Soul Silver Run, it is still in progress.

    New Bark Town

    I picked my starter Pokemon...


    Snappy the Quiet (Terrible Nature...) Totodile!

    (I did the boring Mr Pokemon event... skipping ahead...)

    Route 46


    Caught Rattatack unfortunately no Geodude for me. Falkner may prove to be a big problem. I can't catch anything on Routes 29 and 30 because I had already encountered Pokemon on them when I had no Poke' Balls.

    Route 31


    Thug the Quiet (Again with the crappy natures???) Weedle.

    Bell Tower

    Thug kicked butt and took names. Bellsprout could do nothing to stop the horny bug. It wasn't long before he evolved into Beedrill, but that wouldn't help me beat Falkner.

    Route 32


    Meet Ekansssssss the (oh god no!!!) Quiet Ekans. I should have called it SHHHHHH!!!!

    Anyway that Ekans is the only way I could see myself beating Falkner.



    Falkners Team:

    [​IMG] LV. 9[​IMG] Lv. 13

    Moon's Team:

    [​IMG] LV 7 [​IMG] LV 10 [​IMG] LV 11 [​IMG] LV 10

    Okay so here's how it went down.

    I killed Pidgey easily with Snappy. Before Pidgeotto could give me a hard time with Tackle I swapped in Ekansssss a few times to use Intimidate.

    Then with a combination of Potions, Tail Whip, Leer and Rattatack's Quick Attack I managed to overcome the Pidgeotto.

    It tried to roost but its defences were so low I was taking off more than half each attack anyway.

    I won, but all of my Pokemon were really injured. This battle would have been easier if I had've found a Geodude or a Mareep but that's just how a Nuzlocke Run goes. I still have to catch a Pokemon at Bell Tower and Dark Cave. Wait, my Pokegear is ringing, better take the call.

    I finish up with no deaths! And with the Zephyr Badge! See you next time, make sure to comment!
  2. moonlightning

    moonlightning HANDLER <RETROTRET>

    Violet City


    I got given an egg. No prizes for guessing whats inside however...

    I trained for a bit in route 32 but I had already caught Ekansssss there. Nothing major happened until...

    Union Cave


    I caught Dudette the QUIET Geodude...

    She will be handy for fighting Bugsy for sure.



    Mr Egg the Togepi hatched. It has Extrasensory so anything Poison is going to die very fast.

    Route 33

    I fought a wild Zubat but SOMEONE had to knock it out. We're all looking at you Thug. (Beedrill.)

    Azalea Town

    Some old fogey was yelling about conspiracies and ran off. I followed him here where I caught...

    Slowpoke Well


    K-Dog the Serious Zubat. Named K-Dog after my blind friend. Straight to the Box.

    Anyway I defeated the Rockets in the well. Proton (the boss) was stupidly easy. Mr Egg took him OUT!


    Bugsy's Team:

    [​IMG] Lv 17 And a Kakuna and Metapod at Lv 15 that aren't even worth the picture.

    Moon's Team:

    [​IMG] LV 11 [​IMG] LV 11 [​IMG] LV 11 [​IMG] LV 11 [​IMG] LV 11 [​IMG] LV 14

    Dudette just killed him/her. I really can't tell. Rock throw 1HKO'd Scyther (it used Focus Energy) and Mr Egg finished off her cocoons with extrasensory.

    After that I fought my rival. His Baleef may had been a problem if I didn't have Thug (Beedrill) to annihilate him.

    Then, I went through Ilex Forest and caught a stupid Oddish. I called it dopester and sent it straight to the box. Snappy (Totodile) learnt Headbutt so i guess that's worth some mention.

    No deaths. SS is really easy isn't it?

    Please comment, this section need more love.
  3. moonlightning

    moonlightning HANDLER <RETROTRET>

    And we're off!

    First of all I went to...

    National Park​

    And I entered the bug catching contest!

    I caught...


    It's level twelve and I was seriously considering it replacing ekans. However, I am nice and lovely to that poor snake (plus it has intimidate!)

    Goldenrod City​

    I gave Mr Egg a few haircuts so...


    Aw yeah! Togetic is nice (although weak to Miltank's Rollout...)

    I was seriously worried about Whitney, besides Dudette I don't have anything that resists her.

    Whitney's Team:

    [​IMG] Lv 17 [​IMG] Lv 19

    Moon's Team:

    [​IMG] LV 17 [​IMG] LV 17 [​IMG] LV 17 [​IMG] LV 17 [​IMG] LV 17[​IMG] LV 18
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