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Level 100 Pokemon

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by tom-tom, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. tom-tom

    tom-tom Furret <3

    What pokemon have you trained to lv.100?(without rare candies/AR)(except for mthe ocassional rare candy you pick up in the game)
    What are their nicknames?(if they have one)
    What generation did they Come from?(ex:g/s/c)

    Okay here are mine:

    Crobat the Crobat
    Ho-Oh the Ho-Oh
    Furret the Furret
    Typhlosion the Typhlosion

    Torchi the Blazekein
    Binki the Swellow(dont know why i named it that)
    Steve the Aerodactyl
    Tardfart the Sceptile(because i hated him at first)
    Fishy the Swampert
    Raquaza the Rayquaza
    Zappy the Minun

    Lizardo the Charizard
    Turtle the Blastoise
    Turtle Jr. the Blastoise(named after turtle the blastoise)
    Zapdos The Zapdos

    I havent trained any yet, but i have got like 3 off GTS
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2009
  2. BynineB

    BynineB Wielding Übersaw.

    Interestingly enough, none.
  3. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero


    Blue: Gyarados the Gyarados
    FRLG: Commander the Dragonite
    SuperStar the Starmie
  4. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    Well Several Blaziken were trained to lv100 in Sapphire. Same with Flygon, Wailord and Delibird (Flygon's dead thought, it might have been in Pokemon Collo before it got destroyed). Only the Blaziken were named. Oh and a Rayquaza

    In Plantium I just got a Linoone up to lv100. The rest came from trades and are in Diamond.

    And yes there were rare candies invovled but I trained them mostly, occasionally with a rare candy a lioone may pick up.
  5. Mrmagius

    Mrmagius ~Deity of Valleity~

    This might be surprising to some but I've played pokémon since it first came out in England and I only just got my first self trained Lv.100 a month ago.

    Its not that I'm a crap trainer its just I'm too impatient! I always restart the game when they're around Lv.60-70 becuase I like going through the Story.
  6. Mark_Chaos

    Mark_Chaos WARP EVOLUTION!

    All pokemon main series games, Charizard LV100.
    Groudon + Pokerus
    Kygore + Pokerus
  7. espeon13x

    espeon13x Espeon Trainer

    in my sig.
  8. Aura Master

    Aura Master Smell of Success

    My first and only lv 100

    Lv 100 Venusaur LG version.

    But I dumped it for a monotype challenge I want it back so bad.
  9. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    Trained. The only one ever is my Level 100 Suicune, which my dog ended up eating... Epic Fail...
  10. tom-tom

    tom-tom Furret <3

    ouch!...its a dog eat dog world lol...get it suicune is a dog and ur dog ate it.
  11. TehBazzard

    TehBazzard Perverted Trainer

    The ones I raised on my own were Suicune, Metagross, Miltank, Tyranitar (Colo), Mewtwo, Dragonite (FR), but nobody so far in D/P/Pt yet.
  12. Palamon

    Palamon Sovereign of Asunder

    Leafgreen: Venasaur the Venasaur
    Diamond: Torterra: The Torterra
    Crobat the Crobat.
    Soon Tyranitar in my Diamond will be level 100 it is level 97.
    And my Empoleon will soon be level 100 in my Platinum she is level 98.
  13. League

    League Master Abra Catcher

    Since Hitmonlee in Yellow, none off the top of my head. The Hit was a pokemon from Stadium, who I basicly started with at the price of Pikachu. He was already 50 levels ahead of the level he should have been.
  14. xANGELx


    Crystal Version:

    Charizard, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo and Alakazam

    Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Ninetales and Absol

    Infernape, Empoleon, Luxray, Dragonite, Dialga, Darkrai and Garchomp
  15. Erienne

    Erienne Anime high :D

    I didn't play for a long time, but I do remember this generation:
    No Rare Candies; I hate those. >.<
  16. Alloute

    Alloute Banned

    Darn, too many to list:

    GSC: Dragonite, Blastoise, Mewtwo

    RSE: Blaziken, Feraligatr, Typholsion, 50 others.

    DPPt: Like another 80
  17. CRUSH10055

    CRUSH10055 サイダーを飲んでる人

    My Level 100 in Platinum was only Azelf but rest of my other 14 level 100, I transfered from my Pokemon Pearl.
  18. Darkstar263

    Darkstar263 Lv.100 Master

    All my pokemon are lv 100 and there all shiny except for my team :D
  19. Haimoku

    Haimoku Raichu Trainer

    I raised a Typhlosion to 100 in Silver. (And I'm very close to doing it again in Diamond.)

    In Diamond, I have a level 100 Raichu named Dr. Thunder.
  20. Hell_fire

    Hell_fire ......duck...

    i get bored....the only reason i didn't with D/P is because of wifi
    and my only 100 was started in ruby, single handedly beat the E4 so was on 78 ish, i brought her to diamond and now she's 98

    mi mi the milotic

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