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LF: A Rusted Sword FT: Choose From A List of Items & Mons


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Hi, looking for a rusted sword for my Zacian, shes stuck in her "unemployed form". I can offer items & Pokemon. Willing to trade a Pokemon holding a item of your choice as follows:

Pokemon- Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus, HA Pokemon from either game, 6IV US Ditto, shiny duskull, shiny dubwool, shiny snorm HA, Shiny alolan ninetales HA, Shiny Trapinch

Items- Mints, battle items, golden bottle cap, foods for curry dex, apriballs ( lure ball, heavy, friend, level, moon ball), master ball, dream ball, toxic orb, flame orb, rare alcremie sweets, sweet apple, tart apple
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rusted sword for shiny alolan ninetails HA