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LF: Cursed Body Galarian Corsola


Active Member
I spent a few days getting myself a max IV Galarian Corsola, only to realize (like a noob) that cursed body was, in fact, a hidden ability not a normal one, and that my ability capsule would not work.

sooooo I am going to need someone to trade me a Corsola with cursed body.

I would prefer it to have 4 or more max IVs
nature, gender, etc. don’t matter to me.

I have all the starters to trade, including some from places like japan if you plan to breed for shinies. (I am english, so I also have those)
plus I have a 5 max IV Scorbunny (english)
And lastly I have plenty of sword-exclusive Pokémon.

I am willing to haggle on the type/amount of Pokémon I trade

-thank you