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LF: Diancie, FT: Mythicals (Keldeo, Genescet, Shaymin &others) Shinies(legendary dogs, Palkia, more)


Pokémon Master
Hi all!

I’m looking to complete my collection and just need Diancie.

At the moment I have a few of the following event Pokemon plus a few shinies I’m willing to part with. All event mons are from legit giveaways a few years back (2016 I think) that I have doubles of.

Happy to negotiate offering more than one of these in exchange if needed (say in the case of the non legendary shinies).
At the moment I’m offering:

  • Manaphy lv100
  • Hoopa lv 100
  • Meloetta Lv 100
  • Genesect Lv 100
  • Keldeo lv100
  • Mew lv100
  • Celebi lv100
  • Arceus Lv 100
  • Shaymin Lv 100
  • Jirachi Lv 100
  • Shaymin Lv 100
    ^ all above are from a 2016 WIFI event

  • Shiny Eevee (with HA Anticipation)
  • Shiny Ditto (with HA Imposter)
  • Shiny Marill (with HA Sap Sipper)
  • Shiny Geodude (Kantonian form)
  • Shiny Palkia LV 51
  • Shiny Raikou LV 30 (from an event giveaway in 2011)
  • Shiny Suicuine LV 30 (from an event giveaway in 2011)
  • Shiny Entei LV 30 (from an event giveaway in 2011)
Will vouch that all listed are legit/non hacked.

I also have most other legendaries that I can trade if there’s something in particular you’re looking for to fill your own dex.

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