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LF: Events FT: Events and Shiny Legendaries


Hoopa 4Life
LF: Event Hoopa (ID: 10036 OT: Alexander), Event Volcanion (ID:10016 OT:Helen), Event Diancie (OT: Hope ID:07245), Mewtwo Event (ID:07266 OT:play! 2016), Shiny Event Tapus, Genesect and Shiny MelMetal

FT: Shiny Kyurem (have 5), MT Tensei Marshadow (Lv 64 and 100), Celebi, Jirachi (Gamestop event Lv 5), Shiny Mewtwo, Manaphy (Platinum Egg Event Lv 20), non Shiny MelMetal, Zamazeta, Meltan, Kubufu, 10th anniversary lv 5 mew (HGSS 2), Arceus (Alpha Ruins Event HGSS have 1). Have others just inquire.

Updated 7/29 11 PM PST
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Got Keldeo for the level 1 Manaphy if still available.

And just so you know, you can't get a Pirouette Meloetta. It's an in game battle forme. It's like mega evolution, which only works while you're battling


Hoopa 4Life
Yeah, forgot that part and perfect. I'll take that Keldeo. Let's do the trade on Pokemon Home...

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