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LF: Friend Ball Chespin, Fast Ball Fennekin, Moon Ball Froakie


"Orange" Magical Girl
Greetings! I’m looking for the Pokemon listed above in the title of this in their corresponding Pokeballs! I would prefer to have their natures as followed but either way will do:

Chespin: Impish
Fennekin: Timid
Froakie: Naive or Hasty

In return, you can select any Pokemon from my now dead Trade Shop from the before times! Do NOT post there as A) it can’t be bumped, and B) I won’t be able to update it because I actually have a few more I forgot to add in the OP.

Thank you!


Shedinja Trainer
I know this quite an old thread, but on the off chance you still need them, I can at least breed the Chespin and Froakie.