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Okami Kujiza

New Member
LF: <Eevee - Jolly Nature
Vaporeon - Bold & Modest Nature
Jolteon - Timid Nature
Flareon - Adamant & Calm Nature -
Espeon - Timid Nature
Umbreon - Calm Nature
Leafeon - Adamant Nature
Glaceon - Modest Nature
Sylveon - Modest Nature

Lowest level if possible
Fire stone, water stone, thunder stone, having found a soothing bell if it’s even in the game>

FT: <Just got the game so any Pokémon I can find will be all I can trade back>

<Sorry if these are very unreasonable but I’ve always beaten Pokémon games with my favorite Pokémon Eevees, hoping anyone can help if not at least I tried>


Shedinja Trainer
Still need any Eevees bred? I'm a pretty good breeder and a collector of Pokemon in rare balls. I have Eevee in every rare ball, so if you desire any in something specific, let me know and I can breed them in whatever, HA or not.