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LF: HA durant


I exist, supposedly
I need a hidden ability durant, as said in the title. IVs don't matter, I can just breed it with a ditto. I can offer shiny Medicham, Yanmega, or Swellow (all from wormholes).


Shedinja Trainer
Will one in a Dream Ball suffice? I think that's the only rare ball one I have, at least. I'm more interested in trading for Pokemon in rare balls, things you've bred. I don't really want to relieve you of your shiny Pokemon. If you haven't anything available to breed, I'll gladly take whatever, just not a shiny.


Shedinja Trainer
Scyther will be fine if you have it, though to be honest, I think I have that already. Still, it’s fine. If, IVs truly don’t matter, let me finish dinner, and I’ll breed your Durant.

By the way, are you just collecting the HA, or do you have a purpose for the ability? I use mine in tandem with Gothitelle.