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LF HA froakie/drilbur (egg moves and HAs to offer)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by mike182, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. mike182

    mike182 New Member

    looking for HA froakie and HA drilbur

    FC; 4356-1392-7218
    name: RED 182

    offering : (all of these have relavant egg moves also 3/4 iv)
    mimikyu: jolly, adamant
    growlithe: adamant, jolly
    mareanie: HA: bold
    salandit:HA: timid, hasty, modest
    gible: HA: jolly, naive
    beldum: adamant
    charmander: timid, jolly, modest
    bulbasaur:HA: modest
    scyther: HA: impish
    skarmory: impish
    rotom: bold
    larvitar: jolly, adamant
    gligar:HA: jolly
    chansey:HA: bold
    magikarp: HA: jolly
    abra: HA: timid
    Hawlucha: adamant, impish
    pinsir: adamant
    larvesta: timid

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