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LF: HA Litten Line FT: Latias, HA Pokemon, Egg Moves and Event Pokemon.

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by DiamondYvie, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. DiamondYvie

    DiamondYvie Member

    I need any member of the Litten family preferably Female with it's HA


    Latias LV.30, UT, Natures Available: Bold, lax, Impish,Brave

    Lunala Lv.55, UT, Serious Nature, Caught in Moon Ball

    HA and Egg Moves

    Feebas LV.1, UT, Bold Nature, Abilites Swift Swim or Oblivious, Male or Female, Has Egg move Brine,

    Larvitar LV.1, UT, Adamant Nature, Female Only, Guts Ability, Has Egg Move Dragon Dance

    Mawile Lv.1, UT, Brave Nature, Male Only, Intimidate Ability, Egg Move Thunder Fang

    Chespin Lv.1, Rash Nature, Male Only, HA Bulletproof, Egg Moves: Rollout, Spikes

    Vulpix(Alolan) Lv.1, UT, Quirky Nature, Female Only, Snow Cloak Ability, Hatched in Love Ball, Egg Moves: Moonast and Hypnosis

    Darumaka Lv.1, Bold Nature, Female Only, HA Inner Focus, Egg Move Hammer Arm

    Gible Lv.16, Jolly Nature, Female Only, HA Rough Skin

    Eevee LV.1, UT, Bold Nature, Male only, Adaptability and Run Away, Egg Move Wish

    Event Pokemon
    Meganium(Poke Bank Event) Lv. 50, UT, Male, Brave Nature, HA Leaf Guard

    Typhlosion(Pokebank Event) LV.50, UT, Male, Relaxed Nature, HA Flash Fire

    Feraligatr(Pokebank Event) LV.50, UT, Male, Brave Nature, HA Sheer Force

    Orangaru( Pokebank Event) LV.50, UT Female, Lonley Nature, HA Symbiosis

    Passimian(Pokebank Event) LV.50, UT, Male, Relaxed Nature, HA Defiant

    Munchlax(Sun and Moon Event) LV.5, UT Male, Mild Nature, Ability Thick Fat Moves Hold Back, Happy Hour

    Heracross(Pokemon X event) Lv.50, UT, Female, Adamant Nature, Swarm Ability
  2. DiamondYvie

    DiamondYvie Member

    Update: I already got the HA Litten so the trades I offered are no longer up for trade.

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