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LF HA mons - Dex gen 5 and 6

Discussion in '8th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Kokuei, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Kokuei

    Kokuei Active Member

    I'm after some of the harder to find HA mons. If anyone has the below I'd really appreciate it! I have a living Dex so breedables are available to trade. I also have apriball mons available at the end of the post but they would need to be traded in Home.

    Turtwig, piplup, burmy, cranidos, shieldon, patrat, tirtouga, archen, karrablast, shelmet, heatmor, tyrunt, amaura

    Dream ball: bulbasaur, oddish, eevee, corsola, lotad, ralts, nincada, shinx, skorupi, sawk, munna, frillish, sigilyph, scraggy, wooloo, indeedee

    Friend ball: phantump, applin, falinks

    Heavy ball: snorlax, druddigon

    Level ball: pincurchin

    Love ball: hattena, milcery, roselia, ferroseed

    Lure ball: chinchou

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