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LF: Honedge and Feebas in Rare Ball


<-It's Flat!!!
Rare balls include Apricorn Balls, Dream Balls, and Beast Balls. Prefer Dream or Friend Ball, but not stingy.

Prefer females, also prefer Feebas to have Oblivious ability.

Here's my trade list of IV Bred mons. Also have other rare ball mons, so PM me with interests.
Deino Timid Hustle 31 x 31 31 31 31 Moon Ball Belch
Dreepy Jolly Clear Body/Infiltrator 31 31 31 x 31 31 Frined Ball/Beast Ball
Dreepy Modest Clear Body/Infiltrator 31 x 31 31 31 31 Moon Ball
Larvitar Adamant Guts 31 31 31 x 31 31 Heavy Ball
Litten Adamant Intimidate 31 31 31 x 31 31 Poke Ball Parting Shot Fake Out


<-It's Flat!!!
Update: Received Lure Ball Feebas. Still welcome other rare ball Feebas