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LF: Intimidate Incineroar Line FT: Inside

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by DiamondYvie, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. DiamondYvie

    DiamondYvie Member

    I'm looking for a member of the Incineroar line with the HA Intimidate, preferably Female. It can be Litten, Torracat or Incineroar I just need then to be able to breed for more HA Littens.

    I have Latias
    Bold Eevees with Wish
    Alolan Vulpix with Moonblast and Hypnosis
    Pokebank Passimian and Orangaru with HA
    Mawile with Thunderfang
    Bold Brine Feebas
    Adamant Dragon Dance Larvitar

    FC: 4699-6505-4258
    Name: Saya
  2. DiamondYvie

    DiamondYvie Member

    Update: I already got the HA Litten so the trades I offered are no longer up for trade.

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