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LF:Manaphy FT: Event Mythics, a few Shinies

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by LoJake, Feb 15, 2020 at 12:54 PM.

  1. LoJake

    LoJake Member

    LF: Manaphy

    FT: Celebi, Genesect, Keldeo, Arceus, Volcanion, Hoopa, Darkrai, Victini, Zeroara, Meloetta, shiny gengar, shiny tapu koko, shiny Dialga, shiny Palkia, shiny inkay, shiny bagon, shiny cresslia
  2. etoveslsd

    etoveslsd New Member

    I have a Manaphy, will trade for Meloetta?
  3. LoJake

    LoJake Member

    I can do that later if you still need it. I should be on tomorrow morning. Let me know if your still interested and what time you could get on!
  4. stonerocker

    stonerocker New Member

    Are you interested in anything else of just the manaphy? I have a few of the shiny event distributions that I would trade with you for the Zeraora.
  5. LoJake

    LoJake Member

    Just a Manaphy - last thing I need
  6. stonerocker

    stonerocker New Member

    Ok. I have a manaphy I can trade you. I do not want to snipe the person who replied ahead of me though, if your trade with them falls through let me know, will trade for the zeraora.

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