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LF: Mythical Untouched Events


Active Member
Hello there, I am trying to collect all mythical Pokemon. I need untouched events of the following, as long as they are the same level and have the same movesets and are English events, that is fine, as long as they are untouched it can be any event. I need the following: Arceus, Victini, Genesect and Marshadow. To trade I have the following, I will do 2-for-1 for any of the untouched mythicals listed above: Shiny Gyarados, Shiny Pelipper, Shiny Fletchinder, Shiny Wobbufet, Shiny Rapidash, Shiny Crustle, ShinyYanmega, Shiny Heatmor, Shiny Red Striped Basculin, Shiny Heliosk, Shiny HA Electivire, and shiny HA Chespin with Poison Jab Wood Hammer Aerial Ace and Brick Break, as well as a HA shiny Mewtwo from gen 1 VC.

Denko Sekka

Well-Known Member
I have an untouched event Arceus (Toys R Us event) and an untouched Victini (Movie 14 event), both English. Are you only offering those Shinies, or would you be willing to trade version exclusives?


Active Member
I have UM, i reset so im only in Malie so I might be able to get some version exclusives but besides that it would just be the shinies