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LF: Physical IV spread 0IV Ditto

Discussion in '8th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Xenomata, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Ditto with the following IV Spread:

    (Best HP, Atk, Def, and Sp.D, no good Speed, and any Sp.A)
    Does not need to be a foreign Ditto, English is just fine.

    I have few truly valuable offerings and no Shiny pokemon, but below is everything I am able to offer you.
    5IV imperfect Sp.A Ditto (English)
    Various pokemon. I am willing to breed one or more of the below for you.
    These pokemon will always be 5IV in the correct stats.
    • Premier Ball Zigzagoon (HA Quick Feet, Adamant)
    • Heavy Ball Stonjourner (Power Spot, Impish)
    • Pokeball Scorbunny (Blaze, Jolly)
    • Moon Ball Snom (HA Ice Scales, Modest)
    • Repeat Ball Falinks (HA Defiant, Adamant)
    • Moon Ball Darumaka (HA Inner Focus, Jolly)
    • Repeat Ball Blipbug (either ability, Bold or Calm)
    • Dusk Ball Eevee (HA Anticiation, Adamant)
    • Dream Ball Indeedee (HA Psychic Surge, Calm or Timid) (Please specify gender if you wish to request Indeedee)
    • Beast Ball Duraludon (either ability, Naive (imperfect IVs in Sp.D))
    • Luxury Ball Rolycoly (HA Flash Fire, Brave (0IV in Speed))
    • Level Ball Meowth (HA Unnerve, Brave (0IV in Speed))
    • Moon Ball Frillish (Cursed Body, Bold)
    These pokemon are not guaranteed to be 5IV in the correct stats and do not have Natures, however I am willing to at least make sure they have the correct ability if requested.
    • Friend Ball Applin (HA Bulletproof)
    • Love Ball Hatenna (HA Magic Bounce)
    • Dream Ball Falinks (HA Defiant)
    • Level Ball Ponyta (Pastel Veil)
    • Heavy Ball Darumaka (Hustle)
    The following, while I am willing to make them 5IV with listed natures, will take longer to do, so I do not recommend requesting these; these are future breeding plans. I am also willing to breed you a simple one with no IVs or nature, but at least the correct Ability.
    • Love Ball Gothita (HA Shadow Tag, Calm)
    • Ultra Ball Pincurchin (HA Electric Surge, Brave (0IV Spd)
    • Luxury Ball Sableye (HA Prankster, Relaxed)
    • Love Ball Eevee (HA Anticipation, Modest)
    • Moon Ball Duskull (Levitate, Relaxed)
    • Heavy Ball Rookidee (HA Big Pecks, Impish)
    • Heavy Ball Ferroseed (Iron Barbs, Relaxed (0IV Spd)
    • Love Ball Ralts (Trace, Modest)
    • Dive Ball Vannilite (Snow Cloak, Modest)
    • Moon Ball Impidimp (HA Prankster, Adamant)
    • Lure Ball Arrokuda (Swift Swim, Adamant)
    • Friend Ball Larvitar (Guts, Adamant)
  2. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

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