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Lf Reserves of Tapu Fini Codes Ft Many Proofed events


Event Collector
nfts,rare kor events and other lang marked events can't be traded for codes. anything else can be.

special offers for codes
kor and spa pcjs2019 nidoqueen for 1 code
korean lugia and zeraora for 1 code
pci set for 1 code. i have eng,jpn,kor and spa that i can trade freely
may distro tapu fini lang set 2 per code
eng,jpn,spa,ger jpn championship tapu fini 2 per code
fre suwoong cheong metagross for 1 code
2 of any lang of world 18 meloetta per code
2 of any lang of 2018 tanabata jirachi per code
kor korean charizard for 1 code
chs korean turtonator for 1 code
eng,spa,kor,ger or jpn korean silvally for 1 code
chs,cht,eng or fre worlds exeggutor for 1 code
chs,eng or fre na champs arcanine for 1 code
eng tsv proofed shiny easter pasimian for 1 code
ita tsv proofed shiny easter mareanie for 1 code

many events being offered including
jpn,kor,spa pcjs2019 nidoqueen
tapu bulu,tapu lele lang,tapu koko sets
pokebank orangaru and passimian lang set
pgl mimikyu lang set both ids
2018 world meloetta lang set
2018 tanabata jirachi lang set
chs,cht,eng,fre world17 exeggutor
chs,eng,fre na champs arcanine
ryota otsubo krookodile eng (eng is only one not restricted)
ryota otsubo golduck kor,chs,fre,jpn,eng,spa
world festival pikachu lang set
pc shaymin lang set
lang sets of nearly all the legend celebration events minus latias and latios (got trade set up for missing latias and the latios just not sure when trade for them will happen)
2017-2018 jpn bday
Team Rainbow Rocket's Ambition Pokémon eng,jpn,kor,spa
and many more. this is naming a few
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