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LF:Transfer only HAs, FT: Transfer only HAs and more

Hi everyone,

I am on a quest to collect all possible hidden abilities in Gen 6.

Can a kind soul trade me one of the following in any ball:

Shieldon, Soundproof

Cranidos, Sheer Force

Hippopotas, Sand Force

Basculin (blue), Mold breaker

Basculin (red), Mold breaker

Pumpkaboo (Super Size), Insomnia

Sentret, Frisk

I can offer in exchange:

Bulbasaur, Chlorophyll,

Charmander, Solar Power

Squirtle, Rain dish

Chikorita, Leaf guard

Cyndaquill, Flash Fire

Totodile, Sheer Force

Treecko, Unburden

Torchic, Speed Boost

Mudkip, Damp

Turtwig, Shell Armor

Chimchar, Iron Fist

Piplup, Defiant

Snivy, Contrary

Tepig, Thick Fat

Oshawott, Shell Armor

Omanyte, Weak Armor

Kabuto, Weak Armor

Aerodactyl, Unnerve

Anorith, Swift Swim

Lileep, Stormdrain

Tirtouga, Swift Swim

Tyrunt, Sturdy

Qwilfish, Intimidate

Karrablast, No Guard

Patrat, Analytic

Dratini, Marvel Scale

Kangaskhan, Inner Focus (Dream ball)

Deerling (Spring), Seren Grace

Deerling (Summer), Seren Grace

Deerling (Autumn), Seren Grace

Deerling (Winter), Seren Grace

Shelmet, Overcoat

Burmy, Overcoat

Snorlax, Gluttony

Carbink, Sturdy

Miltank, Sap Sipper

Heatmor, White Smoke

Sudowoodo, Rattled

Larvitar, Sand Veil

Ekans, Unnerve

Exeggcute, Harvest

Smoochum, Hydration

A collection of Aprimons/Ballmons:


Love Ball, Chansey, Serene Grace, Bold, Seismic Toss, Mud Bomb, Counter, Aromatherapy;

Love Ball, Mareep, Static, Hasty, Charge;

Love Ball, Buneary, Klutz, Jolly, Fake Out, Cosmic Power, Ice Punch, Switcheroo;

Fast Ball, Marill, Huge Power, Adamant, Water gun, Amnesia, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum;

Moon Ball, Ekans, Intimidate, Adamant, Pursuit, Disable, Poison Fang, Sucker Punch;


Sport Ball, Scyther, Technician, Adamant, Baton Pass, Night Slash, Counter, Defog;


Safari Ball, Onix, Sturdy, Bold;


Dream Ball, Eevee, Anticipation, Modest, Fake Tears, Stored Power, Wish, Yawn,

Dream Ball, Igglybuff, Friend Guard, Naive;

Dream Ball, Dratini, Marvel Scale, Adamant, Dragon Rush, Iron Tail, Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed;

Dream Ball, Gible, Rough Skin, Impish, Outrage, Body Slam, Thrash, Iron Head;

Dream Ball, Kangaskhan, Inner Focus, Adamant, Hammer Arm, Double Edge, Circle Throw, Endeavor;

Dream Ball, Vulpix, Drought, Timid, Hex, Disable, Extrasensory, Hypnosis;

Dream Ball, Munna, Telepathy, Modest, Psywave, Defense Curl, Baton Pass;

I can also trade all berries including all event berries.

I can also trade the following items:

Damp Rock x26

Heat rock x8

Sun stone x98

Moon stone x100

Heart scale x 54

Water stone x14

Fire stone x10

Leaf stone x18

A collection of 5-6 IVs finished Pokemon ready to be EV trained:

Shellder, Skill Link, Adamant, Rock blast, 6IV (1x) and 5IV (2x); Shell armor (6IV);

Houndour, Flash Fire, Timid, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, 5IV (3x);

Clauncher, Mega Launcher, Modest/Relaxed, (5IV)

Snivy, Contrary, Calm (5IV)

Swinub, Thick Fat, Jolly, Freeze-Dry, Icicle Crash (no SpA 2x; no Att 1x)

Foongus, Regenerator, Bold, (5IV)

Cottonee, Prankster, Timid, Memento, Switcheroo, Encore, (5IV)

Slowpoke, Regenerator, Timid, (5IV)

Chansey, Natural Cure, Calm, (5IV)

Heracross, Guts, Adamant, Rockblast, (5IV)

Ponyta, Flash Fire, Jolly, Morning Sun, (5IV)

Vulpix, Drought, Timid, Disable, Extrasensory, Hex, Hypnosis, (5IV)

Hoppip, Chlorophyll, Careful (no SpA)

And a collection of finished Mons from which I would generate offspring off to trade:

Dratini, Marvel scale, adamant, extreme speed, aqua jet, iron tail, dragon dance;

Carbink, sturdy, relaxed;

Exeggcute, harvest, calm, curse;

Shellder, Skill Link, Adamant, Rock blast, 6IV (1x) and 5IV (2x); Shell armor (6IV);

Houndour, Flash Fire, Timid, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, 5IV;

Snivy, Contrary, Calm, HP Fire, 5IV and 6IV;

Swinub, Thick Fat, Jolly, Icicle Crash, Freeze dry, 5IV;

Charmander, SolarPower, Timid, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power, 5IV;

Charmander, Blaze, Jolly, D. Dance, D. Rush, Outrage, 5IV;

Charmander, Blaze, Adamant, D. Dance, D. Rush, Outrage, 5IV;

Gligar, Immunity, Careful, 5IV;

Slowpoke, Regenerator, Bold, 5IV;

Foongus, Regenerator, Bold, 5IV;

Alomomola, Regenerator, Impish/Bold, 5IV;

Bergmite, Sturdy, Careful, Barrier, Miror coat, recover5IV;

Ferrorseed, Iron Barbs, Careful, Stealth Rock, Leech seed, Spikes;

Miltank, Thick Fat/Sap Sipper, Impish, Curse, 5IV;

Phantump, Harvest, Impish;

Larvitar, Guts, Relaxed/Adamant, D. Dance, Pursuit, Iron Head, Stealth Rock;

Froakie, Protean, Timid, Toxic Spikes;

Joltik, Compound Eyes, Timid;

Larvesta, Flame body, Timid, Morning Sun;

Clauncher, Mega Launcher, Modest;

Nidoran male/female, Hustle, Timid;

Darumaka, Hustle, Jolly;

Honedge, No guard, Adamant, Wide guard;

Kangaskhan, Scrappy, Jolly;

Fletchling, Gale wings, Adamant;

Heracross, Guts/Moxie, Adamant, Rock blast;

Elekid, Adamant, Static, Ice punch, Fire Punch;

Sigilyph, Magic Guard, Calm, Psycho Boost, Roost, Stored Power;

Pinsir, Mold breaker, Adamant;

Beldum, Clear body, jolly;

Goomy, Sap sipper, Modest;

Eevee, Adaptability, All relevant natures, Yawn, curse, wish;

Scyther, Technician, Vacuum wave;

Corphish, adaptability, jolly, aqua jet, ancient power, knock off;

Vulpix, drought, timid, disable, extrasensory, hex, hypnosis (5IV);

Venipede, Speed Boost, Careful, Spikes, Toxic spikes;

Growlith, Intimidate/Jolly, Impish, Close combat, morning sun, double kick, crunch;

Durant, Truant, Jolly;

Skorupi, battle armor, adamant;

Cottonee, Prankster, Timid, Memento, Switcheroo, Encore;

Audino, Regenerator, Bold, Wish, Amnesia, Encore;

Hoppip, Infiltrator, Jolly;

Clefairy, magic guard, calm;

Floette, Bold, Flower veil;

Grimer, Poison touch, Adamant, Poison gas, Shadow sneak, curse;

Chansey, Natural cure, Bold;

Klefki, Prankster, Careful, Spikes, Switcheroo, Play rough, Foul play;

Larvitar, Sand veil, Guts, Adamant, Iron Head, Pursuit, Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance;

Shroomish, Poison heal, Impish;

Snubbull, Intimidate, Impish;

Pineco, Sturdy, Relaxed, Stealth rock, Toxic spikes;

Gastly, Timid, Levitate, Perish Song, Disable, Reflect Type, Grudge;

Darumaka, Hustle, Jolly;

Electabuzz, Static, Adamant, Fire punch, Ice punch;

Torchic, Speed Boost, Adamant;

Ponyta, Flash Fire, Jolly, Morning sun;

Pancham, Scrappy, Adamant;

Ralts, Synchronize/Telepathy, Jolly;

Barboach, Hydration, Adamant,

Mudkip, Damp, Adamant,

Emolga, Motor drive, Jolly

Tyrunt, Sturdy, Jolly, Rock Polish, Fire Fang, Dragon Dance, Ice Fang,

Lileep, Storm Drain, Calm, Recover, Stealth Rock

Vivillon, Compound Eyes, Timid, Stun Spore, Poison Powder

Gyarados, Moxie, Adamant