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LF: Vivillon Patterns FT: Events, Legendaries, Items


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Looking For Vivillon Patterns:
-Tundra Pattern
-Icy Snow Pattern
-Archipelego Pattern
-Sandstorm Pattern


Shiny Solgaleo Event, Shiny Lunala Event, Magearna, PP Ups, PP Maxes, and Golden Bottle Caps

PM me if interested
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I don't suppose you're still in need of a Sandstorm Vivillon, are you? I recently reset my Moon after changing the region on a spare 3DS, and I'm currently breeding Level HA Scatterbug (Sandstorm). They're all Timid with their egg moves, and I have some with the all IVs and several only missing Attack. HA is not always necessary, as some don't have it, and I can breed more anyway.