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LF: World19 Aerodactyls with proof FT Many Proofed events


Event Collector
many events to offer which include
chs,cht,eng,jpn,spa paul ruiz gastrodon
fre,ger,ita,jpn,kor,spa korean league latias and latios
fre,ger,jpn,kor,spa korean league thundurus and tornadus
fre,kor korean league reshiram and zekrom
may pgl tapu fini lang set
chs,eng,jpn,kor,spa pcjs2019 nidoqueen
world18 meloetta lang set
2017 and 2018 tanabata jirachi lang set
and many more. this is just naming some. list in sig for more events
proof must be video redemption or photos of redemption process. not accepting wc only since it could have been injected and wc pic be taken from that

i am also seeking LGPE mewtwo codes
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