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LGBT+ Alliance

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Manchee, May 22, 2019.

  1. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    It seems like a fluke.

    But your rage is justified.
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  2. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Okay.... wow. I've never seen or heard of that happening, but at the end of the day Grindr is Grindr, you can't take it too seriously. It doesn't help anyone to put self-worth into an app on your phone, and whether it was a mistake or not on their part, don't let something like that make you think that you're ugly. The best thing you can do is find and build your confidence and not let other's perceptions (or how you think they're perceiving you) affect the way that you are in the world. Make the most of what you've got and just enjoy being you.

    That being said, Grindr has been pretty low-key for me since redownloading it. No one very interesting and nothing too exciting, which is fine, really. I'm not expecting anything to come out of it lol

    Ooooo let's bring some positivity to this chat- what's your SO like?? I want any and all cute details!!
  3. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member

    I understand you are telling me it’s all in my head about how I think I look but there’s also the fact that literally everyone who tried to help me form a relationship with their gay friends, all of those people just looked my pic and immediately said no before even talking to me. And the only dating site I kept some pics of me hasn’t had any hits or messages of guys interested in me for a year and a half now unless you count the one message that was sent to me by a guy that was racist. And I had to delete the other dating site account that I had pics on because no one even showed any interest in me for three years and I was wasting money for nothing. It’s pretty clear that I’m ugly....
  4. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    I’m not saying it’s all in your head as in it’s not real. I’m no stranger to people not being interested in me because of the way I look, and it sucks. What I’m saying is that you’re putting your self-worth in how other people find you attractive or not. The best thing is to just be you and find confidence in yourself and do your best to build it. Confidence is way more attractive than looks alone, and searching for a partner solely on looks is just superficial and most likely not going to go anywhere anyway lol
  5. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member

    I just finished my outfit for my Yvie Oddly Barbie. Now I need to find bold looking paints to add eyeshadow and lipstick. I made a furry outfit using this fabric with adhesive and these things that are similar to chenille craft sticks but furrier and two large googly eyes.
  6. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea 風に吹き Staff Member

    Hey! I've been wanting to join for a while. I was a member of the old club and just haven't had the time/a good post to start my joining off with. So, let me introduce myself!

    I'm Hydrangea! I'm a 21 year old education student and although I am not a member of the LGBT+ I am an ally. I identify, personally, as a heteroromantic demisexual so I'm kind of on the ace... area of things. I hope we can liven up the discussion in here a smidgen!

    Putting all your self worth into how others see you is not a good way to live. Trust me, I know from experience. I used to put so much stock into what others said, and I believed it for long enough that it destroyed my self worth. I've had to steadily rebuild it since middle school because of this. Now I'm by no means "ugly" and I have a lot of self-confidence (at this point in my life). I have not dated/been on a date in almost 2 years, I don't take this as me being ugly I just take it as being in a point in my life where I don't need a boyfriend. Basically, I'm trying to say chin up! You don't need a significant other/someone that shows interest in you to be a worthwhile and interesting person. Focus on the things you love, don't let some silly app get you down.

    Not to mention it's rare/difficult to find lasting love on anything like tinder/grindr/bumble/whatever the kids are using nowadays.
  7. Sketchie

    Sketchie blue.

    *bursts in like the kool-aid man* OH YEAH! New thread! And this one's got the trans in the title, yeehaw! I'm Sketchie, I'm 19 (and I never learned how to read), and I am a bisexual, genderfluid trans man. Gender is the sport and I'm the playing field, players, and the ball. I'm excited to be here!
  8. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Welcome to the club! I'm glad you got a chance to join this time around. And don't count yourself out! Being in some area of the ace spectrum is totally part of being LGBT+ (that's what the plus is for! ;p) Feel free to elaborate on it at any time, I love listening to ace discussion and talking about it as well. One of my close friends and I talked about how she experiences it and it was a really nice talk.

    Haha yaaaaas, trans representation! That was always one of my biggest gripes with the old club, I know it was posted before a lot of recent trans rights and issues became widely talked about, but it would have been nice to see it become more inclusive in the title of the club. But anyway, I'm glad to have you here! It's always great to have more bisexuals :3

    Update on my Grindr escapades: it's gotten so boring. I hardly talk to anyone anymore because they've all flaked off or become so uninteresting and/or clingy that I flake off. I'm not even surprised, and maybe I'll pick it back up again a little more seriously when I move at the end of the month and am in a new area instead of 30+ minutes from anything fun to do.
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  9. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member

    Pride month is over....
  10. Sketchie

    Sketchie blue.

    That means it's time for WRATH MONTH, BABEY!

    For real though, idk about y'all, but this pride seemed... somehow dimmer and sadder than last year's. I don't know why. I'm wondering if it's just because of how terrible our government is being. :(
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  11. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    That is very true. It's one of those things where, like, as LGBT+ people become more accepted, the pride in being part of the community diminishes because it's not something that as many people feel the need to stand up about. We're lucky to live in a time when LGB issues are more wisely supported by non-LGB people, with trans issues following, however it definitely means less people are being vocal about what's going on. And it's so normalized that so many companies are throwing up their rainbow logos and moving on instead of following the steps of companies like Ben & Jerry's and actively supporting LGBT+ issues throughout the entire year.

    Ironically enough, this year was my first time attending pride (went to Philly since I'm only like an hour from the city) and I had a lot of fun. There were so many people there and even our members of congress! They spoke to the crowd and vocalized their support for all of us and that honestly was super invigorating. They also honored a lot of Stonewall history and for the first time in a while I felt like part of the community again.

    p.s. I'm going to Philly tonight to see Robyn and I am thrilled. Might put on some eyeshadow or something for the occasion :p
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie blue.

    God, this. I hate the corporatization of pride. I think that's partially what's sucking the joy from it. SLC Pride is... fun, I guess but I really don't care about it. You have to pay just to get in (which i have SO many issues about but i'd rather not dip into it now), and the majority of folks there are big name. You have to pay for every other little perk of it too, which I would understand a bit more if you didn't have to pay for the base festival. I like the beginning of the parade, because that's all the local lgbt groups and the college groups, but the corporations just fall flat. It's just... not as enjoyable as, say, my hometown pride fest (which actually happens a few months later). It's free, located where all the other festivals are, there's plenty of free parking nearby, and it's all local folks and local organizations. It's much more welcoming and friendly, and I prefer my hometown late-in-the-year pride fest than anything that I find happening in June.
  13. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Mr. Left

    Hey! I was in the last group but I got a warning or two for my posts so I plan on keeping it much more g rated this time :D

    Cis gay male here, also a lover of rpdr and Canada is getting a rpdr so I’m so pumped and couldn’t be more excited. I’ve done drag a few times but haven’t for about a year and a half. I am Canadian and completely in support of the freedom for people to express themselves however they wish in terms of gender and sexuality.

    Can I share my Instagram on here or is that against the rules?? Not gonna try out for Canadian rupaul but definitely have a post of my drag that I love showing off :p

    I don’t even go to pride anymore literally for everything you said, since I live in the big city now. Still proud but I don’t like that business’s and people do pride for a month just to cash in and party. If my town did pride I would completely go support it but they don’t yet since they’re close to the city I live in that does the huge bash.

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