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Liberation of Pokemon

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Blaze-Wartortle, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Liberation of Pokemon

    Chapter 1

    Somewhere in the Pokemon World lay a large forest, home to a colony of highly intelligent pokemon. Not intelligent as in Alakazam, but average forest pokemon and other kinds usually first and mid stage pokemon. The Glenfordian Forest lay in an area south of Jotho, which also had a few secrets of its own.

    Secrets, which the inhabitants would do anything to keep hidden. The pokemon there did not like nor trust humans one bit and had their ways of keeping them at bay as one human would later find out. This human also had some secrets to hide.

    Spencer, a 16 year old traveller always travelled into the forest at times as it was close to his hometown a few miles east of the forest.

    This time, however, Spencer made the mistake of travelling too far.

    Spencer was not a trainer and carried no pokemon on him but always helped pokemon in need. He did carry a pokedex solely for research and reference as well as a pokegear for contacting other people.

    He thought he heard a cry for help deep in the forest and travelled further in to investigate.

    Unknown to him, he was being watched from various areas around him.

    “Hello, anyone here? Come on out,” Spencer called out.

    “It’s a human. What’s he doing here?” a pokemon voice whispered from behind a nearby bush.

    “It cannot be good. He could be a trainer,” another whispered back.

    “We must protect the pokemon here and even more important, we need to protect what lies further down that path,” the first pokemon said.

    Spencer stopped and looked around his surroundings. Everything seemed quiet. He couldn’t see any pokemon around even though they were watching him from hidden locations.

    “Okay, he’s stopped. Let’s move,” the first pokemon said. The two pokemon came out from behind the bush and stood in front of Spencer.

    “Huh, a Wartortle and a Charmeleon,” Spencer said. “Hi there,” he greeted.

    The Wartortle and Charmeleon were not in any mood for greetings as the Wartortle motioned for the other pokemon to surround Spencer, which they did very quickly surprising Spencer.

    Very quickly, Spencer was surrounded by a group of very angry pokemon. Along with the Wartortle and Charmeleon, there was a Zangoose, a Breloom, a Linoone, a Marshtomp, a Heracross, an Ursaring, a Grovyle, a Raichu, a Monferno, a Lombre, a Marowak and a Mienfoo.

    “Uh-Oh, What’s going on? I mean you no harm,” Spencer said in a concerned tone realising he was in trouble. They had him completely surrounded and there was no escape.

    “Get him,” Wartortle called out loud as the 14 pokemon jumped Spencer tackling him to the ground. Spencer tried to get away but the combined weight of the pokemon restraining him kept him down.

    “You’re coming with us, human. Don’t even think of trying to capture any pokemon here, it is you who has ended up captured,” Wartortle said.

    “But I wasn’t intending on capturing any,” Spencer replied. This reply shocked the pokemon.

    “You understood?” Wartortle replied back. Spencer nodded. So Spencer’s secret was he was able to understand Pokemon.

    “And that’s not the half of it,” Spencer replied intriguing the Pokemon.

    “Oh?” Wartortle replied.

    “Never mind that, let’s just take him with us to our base, we can worry about his ability later,” Charmeleon interrupted.

    Wartortle nodded as the pokemon holding Spencer down released their hold on him as another pokemon approached.

    It was an Ariados who walked right up to Spencer.

    “So a human that understands Pokemon? How interesting. Too bad for you we don’t really care. All humans are scum as far as we are concerned. Let’s see how you like being tied up with my String Shot,” Ariados said shooting out a String Shot at Spencer trapping him.

    “Why are y..,” Spencer was about to talk but Ariados shot another String Shot over his mouth.

    “Another human dealt with, let’s go,” Ariados said as the pokemon carried Spencer to their base further in the forest.

    What was going to happen to Spencer now? Who were these pokemon and why were they behaving like this?
  2. Chapter 2

    Having been captured by a group of pokemon in the Glenfordian Forest, Spencer was dumped on the ground a little bit deep in from when he first encountered them.

    Spencer struggled to escape from the string shot bonds, but it was no use. It held him tight. He also tried to speak but couldn’t.

    The pokemon stared at him for a while as well as some others who was not part of the ambush. They were satisfied and quite amused and his attempts to escape.

    After a while, Blaze the Wartortle walked over to him. and slowly pulled the gag off. Spencer breathed out and sighed heavily as the gag came out but he decided to remain silent.

    “Wait, Blaze, what are you doing allowing this human to speak?” Lenny the Zangoose spoke surprised.

    “Yeah, no humans can be trusted. You know that!” Justin the Charmeleon added. The other pokemon nodded in agreement.

    “I agree. But this is no ordinary human. He can understand us therfore he can be interrogated,” Blaze replied.

    “I don’t know. I still don’t trust him. What if he tells a pack of lies?” Justin asked.

    “If he is lying, then he gets it,” Blaze grinned then aimed a claw at Spencer’s throat making him gulp.

    “Besides, there isn’t really much he can do in his current situation so he has no choice but to co-operate,” Blaze added as he put his hand away from Spencer’s throat.

    “I say we just deal with him like we have done with all other humans who dare to come into our lands. We already have him secured so lets put him in the prison chambers already,” Jagger the Heracross replied.

    “Prison chambers? Other humans?” Spencer thought.

    “Patience, Jagger. There is plenty of time for that. But first, we should find out more about this individual. Isn’t that right human?” Blaze said then turning towards Spencer.

    Jagger and the rest of the pokemon looked at him waiting for him to respond.

    “Errr.. what do you want me to say?” Spencer asked.

    “We want to know why you are here. Also, what is your name? And what did you mean when you said ‘that’s not the half of it’ when you confirmed you could understand pokemon,” Blaze replied.

    “Okay, my name is Spencer. I am a traveller and I help pokemon in need. I was walking through the outskirts of this forest when I thought I heard a cry for help, a pokemon cry that is. That’s when I walked in to investigate and encountered you,” Spencer replied.

    There was mixed reactions from the pokemon as many were still not convinced.

    “Is that right? Okay then. I can see that you have no pokemon on you nor any pokeballs. So how is it you can understand us and what ele are you not telling us?” Blaze said.

    “And you better tell us right now or else,” Jagger added.

    “Honestly, this was something I was born with. Very few humans posess this ability. It was passed down by the great lord Arceus himself,” Spencer replied.

    Hearing Arceus’s name being said in that way surprised the pokemon.

    “You know of Arceus?” Blaze asked.

    “Yes, I am in contact with him sometimes usually through my dreams. Oh yeah, and I also have certain other pokemon abilities what those same few humans posess. Mainly being a lot more in tune with the pokemon world as well as some aura powers,” Spencer replied.

    “Yeah right,” Lenny scoffed.

    “If you know of Arceus, then you must be with Team Galactic or something similar,” Dexy the Breloom said.

    “Blaze, just gag him again. Let’s just get him ready for permanent captivity, I told you he couldn’t be trusted,” Jagger added.

    “Even if he doesn’t have any pokeballs, surely he must be up to something. He has a pokedex and pokegear on him, he could contact his colleagues or something,” Dexy said.

    The rest of the pokemon started saying similar comments echoing each other. Even Blaze was having a bit of trouble believing Spencer.

    “I have no more questions. Prepare yourself Spencer, you’re gonna love it down in the dungeons, there are plenty other humans who will keep you company there. And I’m sure Freddy who you know as Ariados can ensure you remain comfortable in your string shot bonds,” Blaze said as he went to pull the gag back up.

    Spencer was in trouble and was quite scared as he struggled to escape hopelessly. The pokemon was about to go up to Spencer to carry him away when they was stopped by another pokemon.

    “Who exactly were these pokemon and why would they have prisons for humans?” Spencer thought.

    “WAIT! Hold on guys, let me examine his aura to see if he is telling the truth,” a voice said.

    Everyone turned in the direction of the pokemon to see a Lucario, one of the residents in the forest.

    “Oh hi Paul,” Blaze said. “You wish to judge this human?”

    “Yes. He claims he has aura abilities as well as being more in tune with the pokemon world. As a pokemon who has aura abilities, I wish to test him and look into his soul. I’ll be able to see his true intentions,” Paul said.

    “I guess it’s worth a shot, okay then,” Jagger said.

    Paul walked over to Spencer as they looked at each other intently.

    Paul placed his palm over Spencer’s forehead and closed his eyes.

    “Your name is Spencer, correct? If you are telling the truth then you have nothing to fear. Relax and close your eyes and focus on my aura. Your intentions will be exposed and I will see the truth,” Paul said quietly. Spencer did just that and closed his eyes and focused his energy on Paul’s aura.

    The rest of the pokemon watched quietly as both Paul and Spencer’s auras connected. After about ten minutes, Paul smiled and opened his eyes and put his hand down.

    “Good. You may open your eyes,” Paul said as Spencer did.

    “So what did you see?” Blaze asked.

    “You may not believe it but from what I sensed, Spencer was telling the truth. And more than that, I do not see him as a threat at all. He has a very strong aura in him,” Paul replied.

    “So he’s innocent?” Blaze asked.

    “Completely innocent. With his abilities, he could be extremely helpful to us, He could even help us in our goals for this world” Paul replied.

    “Mmmph? (Goals?)” Spencer tried to speak.

    “That is correct Spencer. We have goals set for this world. Mainly complete and total liberation of all pokemon from their trainers. The era of pokemon trainers is ending and you are going to help us,” Paul replied. His tone seemingly changed quite quickly from when he had looked at Spencer’s aura.

    Although Paul knew he was innocent and pure, he, like the rest of the pokemon, had no intention of letting Spencer go and even agreed on keeping him tied up.

    Spencer was speechless and just stared at Paul and the rest of the pokemon who now grinned at this.

    Spencer was now a valuable asset to them. No chance was he going to be allowed to escape now.

    “Looks like we have even more reason to keep you prisoner,” Jagger smirked.

    Spencer hung his head in defeat.

    “Blaze, can I speak to you away from the human,” Paul said.

    “Sure. The rest of the pokemon can keep an eye on him,” Blaze replied as the two walked off somewhere.

    “Does he know about our secret town? Or any of the other areas no human is allowed to go into?” Paul asked when the two were alone.

    “He knows nothing. All he knows was that we were going to take him to a holding area for humans and that there were others already there before him. He knows nothing about Treasure Town or any of the other areas west of here,” Blaze replied.

    “Good. No human has ever set foot in those places and we must carry on protecting them as we have done constantly. It is because of hardly any human contact there, we have had time to develop our massive societies here as well as improve our intelligence, part of the reason also how and why we can capture humans so easily” Paul said.

    “Those areas are protected by a force field also on all sides. It cannot be traced from anywhere, not even the skies. This forest is the closest we can get to there without actually being there,” Blaze replied.

    “Exactly, which is why we must continue to defend and protect it to prevent it from being discovered. It is only a matter of time till someone from Team Rocket or Team Galactic might find it,” Paul said.
  3. Chapter 3

    Meanwhile, in the Sinnoh region far away from the action in the Glenfordian Forest, Ash, Dawn and Brock were on their travels and had not long arrived in Hearthome City where Ash was hoping to earn his fifth gym badge.

    “It’s good to be back here again, now hopefully I can win my gym badge,” Ash said with some determination.

    “Last time we were here, the gym leader was away and we took part in that tag team tournament,” Brock said.

    The trio walked into the pokemon centre but they would be interrupted by some very distressful news.

    “You’re Ash Ketchum, aren’t you?” Nurse Joy said recognising him from the last time he was in Hearthome City.

    “Indeed I am,” Ash said.

    “We had a call from Professor Oak in Pallet Town. He wants you to call him urgently. He said it is very important,” Joy replied.

    Ash was worried at the tone and the way Joy said it.

    “Okay, I’ll call him right away. I hope its not bad news,” Ash replied and went over to where the phones were. Luckily phones are free to all travelling pokemon trainers in pokemon centres.

    “Professor Oak, it’s Ash. I just got your message. We are in Hearthome City. What’s happened?” Ash said over the phone now in touch with Oak.

    “Ash, I got some very bad news. It’s about your mother. She’s in a very serious condition,” Oak replied.

    “My mother? Oh no. Is she okay? What happened?” Ash said worried.

    “Two men from Team Rocket broke into your house, demanded to know where you were but she refused to give them your location so your mom got attacked badly. She is currently in Pallet Town Hospital,” Oak replied.

    “Team Rocket?” Ash shouted. “No, not my mother.” Ash was nearly crying. Brock and Dawn could see and hear Oak also as it was a video phone and were also shocked.

    “I’m sorry this has happened. Your mother is under police protection so will be safe for now. But these men are far more dangerous than any Team Rocket agent I have ever known. You need to be on your guard. I will let you know how your mom is doing,” Oak replied before ending the call.

    After the call, Ash broke down in tears in worry for Delia, his mother. He had to be comforted by Brock and Dawn. Those tears soon turned into anger.

    “When I find out who did this, I swear I will kill them. Team Rocket have gone too far this time,” Ash said angrily before storming out the pokemon centre along with his Pikachu.

    “Hey Ash, wait for us,” Brock shouted after him as he and Dawn ran after him.

    Ash ran fast as Brock and Dawn tried to catch up. Ash stopped halfway down the road and collapsed to his knees.

    “Ash, please just stop. We’ll find out who did this and we will bring them to justice,” Brock said as he and Dawn finally caught up..

    “You’re right. Professor Oak will keep me informed about my mom. I really hope she is okay,” Ash said getting back up.

    Not too far away, the news had reached the other trio, the other Team Rocket that is Jessie, James and Meowth. They were resting just outside Hearthome City in a nearby wild area.

    “This is serious, those two Rocket agents are making us look bad by almost killing that twerp’s mom,” James said.

    “You’re right James, what the hell is the boss thinking employing those two murderers. They’re far more dangerous than Butch and Cassidy and that’s an understatement,” Meowth replied.

    “I was afraid something like this would happen. We may be thieves but we would never go as low as brutally attacking someone,” James said.

    Jessie was silent for a moment before adding to the conversation.

    “This is a very crucial time for us. We need to seriously think about what we are going to do. For the time being at least, we should abort our mission on capturing Pikachu. Let’s lie low and see if anything else happens,” Jessie replied. The trio agreed and decided to stay out the way and wait on news.

    Meanwhile in Shinford City, the city closest to the Glenfordian Forest. The two Rockets who attacked Delia kicked the door down and was intent on stealing all the pokemon there. They were Vernon and Fraser, Giovanni’s newest recruits and they also had guns.

    The sight of the guns petrified all the trainers there and they ran away. Nurse Joy was defiant to not let these evil people take the pokemon.

    “You won’t be taking any pokemon here. Most of these are sick pokemon and are in condition to be stolen anyway,” Joy said.

    “Do you think we give a damn, we will be taking those pokemon whether you like it or not,” Vernon said.

    “We are not pushovers like the rest of the Team Rocket grunts and we will get what we want,” Fraser added.

    “Giovanni is rebuilding Team Rocket and it is only going to be the most loyal and perfect agents. And we will be using force if we have to,” Vernon added.

    “I already told you, You are not taking any pokemon. I will not let you,” Joy said defiantly.

    “Oh Nurse Joy, it is such a shame it had to be this way. But you are in our way and therefore must be eliminated,” Vernon said with an evil grin as Vernon and Fraser pointed their guns directly at Nurse Joy who stared wide-eyed.

    Multiple shots later, Nurse Joy lay on the floor dead.

    “Let’s get to work,” Vernon said to Fraser.

    As the agents walked in the back of the pokemon centre, one brave young trainer called Timmy followed them and tried to stop them.

    “Hey you two. Stop right there, I won’t let you get away with killing Nurse Joy,” Timmy said as Vernon and Fraser turned to face him.

    “Oh look Fraser, this kid thinks he can stop us,” Vernon smirked.

    “Let’s show him how we deal with little brats like him,” Fraser replied.

    “Go Weavile,” Timmy said calling out his pokemon.

    “You think that thing is going to stop us. No chance kid, it is you who will be stopped,” Vernon said as he and Fraser just shot Timmy without hesitation before walking off.

    The Weavile was speechless as he went to comfort Timmy.

    “I don’t know how long I can last. Please stop Team Rocket,” Timmy said quietly before breathing his last. The Weavile sobbed quietly and put his hand over his trainer’s eyes and closed them.

    “I will avenge you, my old friend,” he said.

    The Weavile ran out to get help and was greeted by Blaze, who just happened to be nearby.

    “Hey, it’s not safe here. Two Rocket agents just burst in here. They killed Nurse Joy and my trainer. We need to stop them somehow. But they have guns,” the Weavile said.

    “I heard all the commotion, come with me. I know a place where we can be safe. The name’s Blaze by the way,” Blaze replied.

    “My name’s Milo,” the Weavile said.

    Milo and Blaze ran out of Shinford City and headed towards the nearby Glenfordian Forest.

    “Listen Milo, about what happened in there, I’m sorry to hear about your trainer. There are some things I got to tell you. There are some pokemon who I live with who are planning a resistance against people like Team Rocket,” Blaze said.

    “A resistance? Sounds interesting. People like that need to be destroyed,” Milo replied.

    They had started to walk into the forest and headed towards the section where Blaze lived.

    “Tell me Milo, may I ask what was your trainer like? I only ask as me and my friends who live here don’t really trust humans much,” Blaze asked.

    “Who, Timmy? He was nice. I can understand why you don’t trust humans however. With evil people like Team Rocket, especially what happened in that pokemon centre can really make a lot of pokemon distrust humans,” Milo replied.

    “We are protecting this entire forest as well as a hidden area in area only pokemon know about,” Blaze said.

    “I see. What about any humans who come in here? How do you stop them from seeing the hidden area?” Milo asked.

    “If they come close enough, we will capture them. One of our inhabitants is an Ariados who has a super strong string shot who can keep any human tightly bound then we will take them to a dungeon pit guarded by the Ariados with Mean Look as well as two Trapinch with their Arena Trap ability,” Blaze replied.

    Milo was surprised but interested.

    “Well it is good to know there are pokemon around who are determined and clever enough to ensure no humans try and catch any of you,” Milo replied.

    “Indeed. If only more pokemon in other forests and natural habitats were of the same mindset and did what they had to to keep humans out,” Blaze said.

    Blaze and Milo eventually reached the deep part of the forest where Blaze lived and Milo was greeted by other pokemon.

    “There is one more thing I have to tell you. In fact, I needed to show you in person,” Blaze said.

    Two pokemon came forward carrying a bound but ungagged Spencer and put him on the floor beside Milo.

    “Here is our star prisoner, he understands pokemon and is going to help us liberate the pokemon world,” Blaze said.

    “Err, hi,” Spencer said nervously to Milo.

    Milo just laughed but was surprised to learn there were people who could understand pokemon.

    “If he is going to help us, why do you have him tied up?” Milo asked.

    “He still needs convincing on most of what we hope to achieve plus we got to ensure he still doesn’t get past the most sacred part of our forest or escape from us. As of now, he is still a prisoner,” Blaze replied.

    “I see. So an unwilling human even if he can understand us,” Milo said.

    “His name is Spencer, he told us his ability came from Arceus himself at birth. I believe he said he was an Emerald child or something. I don’t know the whole details but anyway. Apparently there are others like him but he doesn’t know where,” Jagger said, who was one of the pokemon who carried Spencer forward just earlier.

    “I am an Emerald and as for what Blaze said about what he hopes to achieve, he wants total liberation of all pokemon,” Spencer said.

    “Not just me, but all of us,” Blaze added.

    “Right, all of you,” Spencer said.

    “Not all trainers are bad though,” Spencer added after a quick pause.

    “Okay, I think its time you shut up,” Blaze said as Freddy shot a quick string shot over Spencer’s mouth silencing him.

    Milo felt sorry for Spencer but didn’t say anything. His own trainer, he felt, was decent enough.

    “Take him away back to the pits,” Blaze said as Jagger and Lenny grabbed Spencer and dragged him away followed by Freddy who walked behind.

    “You see Milo, no human ever gets past us. Trainer or not. We have a few humans here,” Blaze said.

    “What about anyone from Team Rocket?” Milo asked.

    “Not yet. But if we do find someone from that group or Team Galactic and they dare to come here, they will be executed for sure. The ones we have are nothing to do with those groups,” Blaze replied.

    “I want to help you with your plans,” Milo said.

    “That’s great. It is good to have you on board,” Blaze replied.
  4. Liberation of Pokemon

    Chapter 4

    News of the attack on the Shinford City Pokemon Centre had quickly reached all over and everyone had very intense reactions.

    With Ash’s mother in hospital also, the two agents of Team Rocket, Vernon and Fraser, had now brought their organisation to a very high profile group and were now the pokemon world’s most wanted.

    Ash who was still in Hearthome City did not feel like getting a gym badge as he was really worried about his mother and now this news had made him even more worried.

    Rolling news on the TV in the pokemon centre where Ash and his friends were staying was on and it was decided that every pokemon centre in every region was to maximise their security.

    Meanwhile, in his Viridian City headquarters, Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket was pleased how this was all going.

    In his office, he started talking to his Persian as he usually does when he is alone and stroking it.

    “This is all going to plan. Those two agents I employed have done an excellent job. And now everyone will know the full terror that is Team Rocket. World domination will soon be mine and nothing will stop me,” he grinned.

    He picked up his phone and started dialing a number.

    “I think it is time I called up two old friends of mine in the Unova region. Their phony plans for pokemon liberation will be very useful and can make all pokemon and people obey me,” Giovanni remarked.

    Having dialed the number, he put the phone to his ear and waited for the answer.

    “Hello, who is this?” said the voice.

    “Ghetsis, it’s been a while,” Giovanni said.

    “Giovanni, indeed it has. I’ve just been hearing all about Team Rocket on the news. What did you call me for?” Ghetsis asked.

    “I was thinking and I think it would be great to have an ally such as yourself working alongside me. Oh and that scientist of yours, Colress. He would also be good to have working with me,” Giovanni replied.

    “Team Plasma join forces with Team Rocket? That’s an excellent idea. Both Team Plasma and Team Rocket have very similar ambitions and although our ideas may be different, the ultimate goal is the same. World domination and total control of all pokemon,” Ghetsis said.

    “Indeed. How soon can you get here?” Giovanni asked.

    “Right away. I will inform Colress and we will be there within the next few days,” Ghetsis replied.

    Having ended the call, Giovanni grinned widely.

    “Soon, the world will belong to Team Rocket. Pretending to want pokemon liberation is a perfect idea but of course it is a complete sham. Just as long as that N person doesn’t get in the way, then the plan will go perfectly, ” Giovanni remarked to himself.

    Giovanni knew about N and his abilities but wasn’t aware about Spencer who had the same kind of abilities however.
  5. Liberation of Pokemon

    Chapter 5

    Back in the Glenfordian Forest, the pokemon were furious and shocked about the events of what happened in the pokemon centre in Shinford City.

    It only made them much more determined to achieve global pokemon liberation. Blaze had shown Milo, their newest ally around the forest and introduced him to the group. Now that Milo had been fully integrated into their society, Blaze felt it was time to show Milo the biggest secret of the forest.

    “Milo, I want to show you something. It is a place where no human has ever discovered nor do we want them to discover it. It is of utmost importance we keep this from being found,” Blaze said as he and Milo walked over to a patch of the forest not too far from their colony base.

    “So important that you resort to capturing any humans on sight?” Milo asked.

    “Yes. However we don’t trust humans anyway so even if this place wasn’t here, we would probably take humans prisoner anyway,” Blaze replied.

    Blaze and Milo stopped in an area with a lake, which was clear blue and full of pokemon and some plants.

    “Wow, this looks really beautiful. The pokemon here look so happy and peaceful, I can see why you would want to keep it secret,” Milo said amazed.

    “Indeed it is beautiful. However this is not quite the secret I was referring to, take a closer look at this spot here,” Blaze replied as he and Milo walked down the lakeside down to a specific spot between two trees. They stopped in front of the two trees.

    “You can’t see it normally but there is a portal here. It is protected by an invisible force field. Watch this,” Blaze continued as he took out a medallion from inside his shell and held it in front of the trees.

    “What is that thing you got in your hand?” Milo asked.

    “I don’t really know, I discovered it several months ago lying around but didn’t actually realise what this thing can do until quite recently,” Blaze replied as he focused the stone at a spot in between the two trees.

    Milo looked stunned as the stone reacted and glowed a bright red as a portal opened.

    “Come on, I’ll show you a very hidden place, a place no human has ever known,” Blaze replied as the two pokemon walked into the portal.

    It took them into another forest, which looked similar to their home but was not.

    “This is Sinister Woods. We are on the edge of the forest. There is a town I want you to see and it is full of pokemon only,” Blaze said.

    “A town with only pokemon? Now that’s interesting,” Milo replied.

    “Yes. Here, no humans exist. It is a pokemon society where humans are only spoken about in myths. I have heard stories of humans being turned into pokemon and transported here although I am not sure whether to believe it or not,” Blaze replied.

    Blaze and Milo walked out of Sinister Woods and headed west in the direction of the town. They reached the town shortly afterwards.

    “This is Treasure Town. As you can see, it is full of pokemon. Here, pokemon live in a complete society free of human interference,” Blaze said as he showed Milo round.

    Milo looked round to see loads of pokemon living a lifestyle similar to how humans would in the world he knows.

    “If humans were to discover this place, it would be disastrous. And if such people like Team Rocket were to find it, then I just don’t want to think of the consequences. Anyway, we should head back. All my friends back home know about this place. None of the pokemon here know about our world and the two worlds should be separate from each other, which is why we must do what we can to make sure this place is not discovered,” Blaze replied.

    “I agree. Let’s go back home,” Milo replied as he and Blaze headed back to Sinister Woods to the place where they warped in from and using Blaze’s medallion ended up back in Glenfordian Forest.

    “Remember, no other pokemon you see other than the ones who already know should know. Especially trainer pokemon. We are also lucky that other than Spencer, no human we know of can understand pokemon language. Still, even Spencer can never know about what I just showed you,” Blaze said as they walked back home.
  6. Liberation of Pokemon

    Chapter 6

    Ash decided to call time on his Pokemon journey in the Sinnoh region as he made plans to return to Pallet Town along with Brock and Dawn who stayed with him. The attack on his his mother as well as the increasing danger of Team Rocket and tbeir attacks impelled Ash to focus more on stopping the danger and keeping the Pokemon world safe.

    Ash and co started travelling back to Twinleaf Town where their ship to Pallet Town in Kanto would depart from. They took a bus from Hearthome City as it would be too far to walk direct.

    Having arrived at Twinleaf Town a few hours later, they walked south to the ferryport and awaited the ferry what would take them to Kanto.

    Ash was determined to make Team Rocket pay and he made it a promise.

    While on the ferry, Ash and his friends rested in their cabin as they decided on what to do.

    “Firstly, I want to check on my mother. I want to see her and see how she is getting on,” Ash said.

    “I knew Team Rocket were trouble but never thought they would ever go this far,” Dawn replied.

    “If you mean those three always causing us trouble, then I don’t think they had anything to do with it. The real Team Rocket are definetely trouble for sure but even I didn’t think they would go this far,” Brock replied.

    “We have to be a lot more careful now. Those two who attacked my mother were looking for me. So we have to be on our guard at all times.” Ash said as Dawn and Brock nodded.

    Meanwhile, back in Sinnoh, Team Rocket; that is Jessie, James and Meowth and not the real Team Rocket had enough of their organisation. They did not want to be associated with such evil and decided to cut all ties with Team Rocket.

    They decided to go on their own path away from Team Rocket and took to their hot air balloon currently stationed outside Hearthome City where they were at.

    “First thing, we need to get out of this uniform. I cannot bear to look at it much longer knowing what it now represents,” Jessie said.

    James agreed as both he and Jessie opened a basket what was on their balloon full of clothes as well as costumes what they had used to trick Ash in the past.

    “These will do. Put these on,” Jessie said as she and James switched to ordinary casual clothes.

    “What about the Rocket uniforms? What shall we do with them?” James asked.

    “I don’t care, burn them. I don’t want to see them ever again,” Jessie replied.

    After they had disposed of their Rocket uniforms, they were finally free of Team Rocket.

    “It’s over Jessie, we are no longer affiliated with Team Rocket,” James said.

    “Good riddance, now we need to work out our next plan of action,” Jessie replied.

    “Do you have any ideas Meowth?” she continued turning to Meowth.

    “There is one thing we can do and I think it is long overdue we checked in on Arbok and Weezing,” Meowth replied

    “Arbok..,” Jessie said.

    “… and Weezing,” James finished.

    “Our old friends. I’m sure they miss us terribly. I miss them too.We left them in those woods in Hoenn. I know back then, they didn’t want to leave us,” Jessie replied.

    “Maybe now is the time to welcome them back. It was somewhere near Petalburg Woods I believe we left them. Hopefully they are still there,” James said.

    “Plus we can be all together again. Arbok and Weezing could help us destroy Team Rocket also,” Meowth replied.

    “Okay, first stop Petalburg Woods. I do hope Arbok and Weezing will welcome us back and not too upset about us still for leaving them there,” James said.

    The trio got on their hot air balloon and after refuelling it, started travelling back to Hoenn.
  7. Liberation of Pokemon

    Chapter 7

    Giovanni had now met up with Ghetsis amd Colress as well as some other Plasma grunts in his Viridian City headquarters.

    “Welcome to my headquarters,” Giovanni said as he greeted the group.

    “It is a pleasure to meet you, we will look forward to working with you,” Ghetsis replied as he and the group followed Giovanni to his office inside Viridian City Gym.

    Giovanni sat down as he began to address the Plasma leaders Ghetsis, Colress and two admins Aldith and Barret along with some other high ranking grunts.

    The Plasma group were quite eager and intrigued as Giovanni explained his ideas on controlling all pokemon while using pokemon liberation as a pawn.

    They would try and convince trainers to release their pokemon using pokemon rights as an excuse for “liberating” them but instead will steal and control them immediately afterwards.

    Back in Glenfordian Forest, Paul the Lucario was meditating quietly in a quiet corner and as he did so, he felt some really negative energy. He realised something bad was happening but couldn’t pinpoint what. A few other pokemon sensed something was wrong although not as strongly as Paul.

    Paul stopped meditating and walked to the prisoner camp.

    “Hello Paul, do you wish to converse with the prisoners?” Freddy asked who was close by guarding the area along with two Trapinch.

    “Just the one. The others require telepathy to communicate anyway and I need Spencer’s aura abilities and I can also talk to him normally,” Paul replied.

    Spencer was being held with three others, all whom had been captured at different times.

    “I understand. Wait here,” Freddy replied. The Ariados crawled down into the makeshift pit underneath the ground and carried Spencer up.

    It had been nearly two weeks since he had been taken and Spencer was wondering whether he and indeed the others would ever be released. The string shot binding him would be renewed regularly to ensure he cannot escape.

    “I will be right here, bring him back as soon as you are finished,” Freddy said. Paul nodded as he carried Spencer near to his meditation spot.

    When they were alone, Paul pulled the string shot down from Spencer’s mouth allowing him to speak.

    “How long are you going to keep me here for?” Spencer asked quite annoyed.

    “Shhhh,” Paul said quietly as he put his hand over Spencer’s mouth.

    Spencer looked at Paul quietly not sure what to say. After a while, Paul removed his hand and began to speak.

    “You have a strong aura, I know you can feel something outside of this forest,” Paul said.

    “I do feel it. In fact I feel something really bad is going to happen. It doesn’t feel natural. Bad people are going to come or something of that nature,” Spencer replied.

    “Yes. The only thing is I don’t know what. There are other pokemon here who have sensed it. It is a similar feeling to that when a storm is coming or an earthquake is about to happen. Do you ever get that feeling? Paul asked.

    “Yes. I am quite in tune with things like that and can sense things like that before they happen. But this feeling is no earthquake or storm,” Spencer replied.

    Paul thought for a moment and then an idea clicked in his head. He looked at Spencer and smiled.

    “What? Have you thought of something?” Spencer asked.

    “I might have. But first I will have to consult with Blaze and Freddy,” Paul replied.

    “Huh?” Spencer asked confused.

    “Blaze leads this colony and Freddy is your guard. With their permission, you and me are going to investigate this negativity,” Paul replied.

    “Wait, you mean I get to leave the forest?” Spencer asked.

    “Sort of. You may get to leave. But I will be with you at all times. Also you will still be a prisoner so don’t be getting any funny ideas and try and escape if this does go ahead. Remember, I am a Lucario and I can restrain you quite easily by myself without Blaze’s or the rest of the pokemon’s help,” Paul replied.

    Spencer knew Paul was serious and accepted the demands.

    “Good. Now it’s time to get you back to your prison, I will come back for you when I am ready for you” Paul replied. Before Spencer could say anything else, Paul pulled the string shot gag back over his mouth. He carried him back to the prison where Freddy was waiting to take him back down.

    “So what happened?” Freddy asked.

    “I will need to speak to you and Blaze a bit later, I have a request for both me and Spencer,” Paul replied.

    “A request? I hope he isn’t trying to trick you into letting him escape,” Freddy replied.

    “Don’t worry about it. I don’t think he is that stupid. He knows I could easily stop him if he tried. He knows where he stands. I’ll talk to you and Blaze later tonight after dinner,” Paul said before walking away back to his meditation spot.
  8. Liberation of Pokemon

    Chapter 8

    (A bit of a short chapter this time as I try and follow this along as well as being occupied with other things outside of writing this fanfic.)

    Ash, Misty and Dawn returned to Pallet Town having abandoned their journey in Sinnoh due to Ash’s mother being in hospital and recent developments involving Team Rocket.

    They were greeted by Professor Oak at his laboratory. The group were to receive both good news and bad news.

    Ash was thankful and relieved to learn that his mother was recovering and was now getting better. The bad news was the group learned that Giovanni had teamed up with Team Plasma, a group they had yet to meet.

    “Who are Team Plasma? And why are they with Team Rocket?” Ash asked.

    “Team Plasma come from the Unova region, quite far from both here and Sinnoh. They are another group dedicated to world domination. Their leaders Ghetsis and Colress are very dangerous, maybe even more so than Giovanni,” Professor Oak replied.

    “Great, this is all we need, Plus there are those two Rockets who attacked my mother as well as killed some innocents as well. Where did you get this information?” Ash asked.

    “I received a tip off from an anonymous source, But I have yet to find out the identity of this person,” Oak replied.

    “What kind of tip off?” Brock asked.

    “Here, I’ll show you, It was on a video, I found it quite interesting and this person does say a lot of other things too,” Oak replied.

    Oak led them to another room in his lab, which had some computers and other equipment. They walked over to a monitor with some video files on it.

    “This is what I received a few hours ago, shortly before you arrived,” Oak replied as he pressed play on his screen.

    A young man with long blonde hair appeared on the screen appearing in a forest background. The man spoke;

    “Hello, This is a message intended for Professor Oak of the Kanto region. I am a resident of the Unova region. You may not know me but I am a former foster child of the leader of Ghetsis, the leader of Team Plasma, Unova’s version of Team Rocket. My name is not important but you can call me N.

    I have discovered that Team Plasma have joined forces with Team Rocket and are set on total world domimation. I am aware of what Team Rocket have done already, which is indeed terrible.

    Personally, I don’t agree with the concept of pokemon training anyway but what Team Plasma are trying to do is downright disgraceful and disrepectful to the liberation movement. But anyway enough about that, I know you are in regular contact with a certain trainer and I am also aware he is one of the ‘Chosen Ones’ candidates. If he is the chosen one, then only he and maybe others can stop this threat.

    I am currently in another region and will be following my own path. You may not have heard of this, but I am an Emerald. I am of a new breed of humans, which currently very few of us exist. Namely, we understand pokemon as well as being more in tune with the pokemon world. I want to contact the rest of the Emeralds and bring a destruction to all of the so-called ‘Teams’ across the pokemon world.

    That is my mission. There may come day when I meet you and the chosen one in person. But for now, goodbye,”.

    The video then stopped. Ash and co were very interested.

    “Wait, I’m the chosen one?” Ash said confused.

    “It does make sense, you have been present during a lot of very significant events. And there was that time during the Orange Islands when we say that Lugia, there was that “the world will turn to Ash” prophecy,” Brock replied.
    “You’re right Brock. Maybe this time, the world will turn to me again. If the prophecy is to be taken literally, that is. And this N person seems to believe it,” Ash replied.

    “Another thing I don’t understand, what did he mean when he said he was an Emerald?” Dawn asked.

    “Yeah, I found that confusing also,” Ash added.

    “He mentioned being able to understand pokemon as well as being more in tune with the pokemon world, haven’t we already met someone like that, Ash?” Brock replied.

    “Huh? When Brock?” Ash asked.

    “Remember back when you was taking on the Battle Frontier, one of the Frontier Brains had that exact kind of ability,” Brock replied.

    “Oh yeah, you mean Anabel. Although I don’t recall her using the term Emerald. Maybe she is one of those kind of people also,” Ash replied.

    “Anyway, this N person seems to know quite a lot of Team Plasma and that they have joined up with Team Rocket. Their agents as well as those Rocket agents we know about will, together, be difficult to beat,” Oak replied.
  9. Liberation of Pokemon
    Chapter 9
    (Sorry for the delay in this. Been busy with other things as well as a bit of writers block. This may be quite short. Recap and reminder on character names given to Pokemon. Blaze the Wartortle, Paul the Lucario, Freddy the Ariados, Justin the Charmeleon, Jagger the Heracross, Lenny the Zangoose, Dexy the Breloom and Milo the Weavile. More may be named as the fic goes on.

    Paul was now ready to leave the Glenfordian forest and proceeded over to the area where Spencer was being held.

    Spencer stood there now free of his bonds while some Pokemon stood by him.

    Blaze walked over to Paul while the rest of the group stayed where they were.

    “So you are leaving now. I wish you well on your journey and investigation,” Blaze said. Paul nodded and smiled.

    Blaze then turned to Spencer who motioned him to walk forward. Spencer walked up and stood in front of Blaze.

    “Looks like you are free to go now. Well sort of, you will help Paul with his investigations using that aura power of yours. Remember, you are still a prisoner so don’t even think about trying to run away,” Blaze warned.

    “Come on, let’s go,” Paul said as he and Spencer walked eastward towards the area where Spencer was originally captured and onwards towards Shinford City.

    Blaze and the rest of the pokemon saw them off before carrying on with their day.

    Paul and Spencer walked through the forest until they finally reached the edge.

    Spencer felt a bit of relief. This was the first time he had been out the forest in a few weeks as well as able to walk far.

    “Okay, we are out the forest. Shinford City is an hours walk from here. This will give us plenty of time to discuss what we are to do,” Paul said as they took a pause.

    “I hope we can find some information fast. I have a feeling Team Rocket is involved somehow,” Spencer replied.

    “That I can agree with. We must gather as much information as possible as we obviously cannot get it if we are in the forest without any outside communication,” Paul said.

    “It does feel good however to be able to see the outside of the forest also as well as stretch my legs,” Spencer replied.

    “Yeah, well don’t get used to it. As soon as we are done, I am taking you back into the forest where Freddy will get you all tied up and gagged again. Pkus we cannot risk having you give away our location or our plans,” Paul replied. Spencer didn’t have an answer so kept quiet.

    “Anyway let’s keep going. While we are on our way, we should keep an eye on any passing people and ask for information,” Paul said after a long pause.

    So Spencer and Paul started walking the road leading towards Shinford City.

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