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Libya conflict,and the western involvement.


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Gadhafi weapons

A great danger! Gadhafi's arsenal of weaponry - which British Foreign Secretary William Hague notes contains “tons of mustard gas” - might be turned on insurgent and NATO forces, or at least make it onto the black market, where experts predict al-Qaida would be a prime buyer. Related article I read entitled Fear of chemical weapons payback clouds Libyan celebrations .Sounds a revenge to the target community and is a violent reaction on the present situation concerning him out of power.


I don't know much about what's going on, but whatever it is, it's been taken to extreme levels. They were showing bloody and burnt skelatons on the news, and were talking about the innocent people. If they're really being killed like that then this needs to stop. D=


Don't get involved with Libya. I doubt another Middle East war will help the United States.


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It's over, or at least G-man's regime is. Now time to see what the new government will be.