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Life of an Eevee

Forgotten Chain

Lonely and Forgotten

I'll try and update this as soon as possible, so just be patient. Sorry, I don't have the perfect memory.

Update: Comic 24 is up!



Chapter One: Of Katz and Yenas.

Chapter Two: Cresent and Star (Alternate Title: Spot's Power)

#21.5 (Teaser)

Chapter 3: Home Schooling


One Hundred Replies

Fan Stuff!
Fan Art-
Spot By Snagger Outlaw
Cresent and Star by Princess Politoad
Fan Comics-
Hungry Wish by MythMew

Sprites used in LOAE (Used for Fan Comics. If used for anything else, ask for permission first!)

Life of an Eevee won twice Comic Awards 2005!
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Yumi Yuko

Poor Eevee! I'm gonna read about this cute little Eevee!


Comic Trainer!
haha, 3's like... maffia like. ^_^ Your comic rocks!