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Lights, Camera, Quacktion! (071)


It's weird how Heat Minamino's movie was filmed in such a chaotic manner with the ending being produced first, yet I've recently read how real movies are sometimes filmed the same way. It still seems inefficient to me, however.
I always thought that this episode was an homage to the first Pokemon movie since it the movie that was being filmed here was called Pokemon: The Movie. I liked seeing a friendly Raichu for once and Wigglytuff attacking Meowth during the auditions was hilarious. She had a real attitude problem and it's funny how she actually got along with Psyduck at the end even though he was oblivious to her.
An episode about filming a movie should've been lots of fun but to me this one was missing a few key elements that prevented the plot from truly taking off. I liked Wigglytuff and how she didn't put up with crap from anyone and even Psyduck was brave when he saved all the stolen Pokemon, but I didn't like that his headache was once again used to solve the problem. At least the new girl with the Raichu had a good design and I felt bad for Weezing and Arbok. 7/10
The movie was just like West Side Story


"Proving once again that the ones with the best special effects always win!"

James always has the best lines.