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Lights, Camerupt, Action! (362)


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GaryAshRichie said:
I wonder how far they will go with Meowth's fantasies. I mean, how much farther can ther remove Meowth from reality? Perhaps it's a build-up to some future Gio meet-up where Meowth gives him the most asinine present ever.
*pops out of cake* ♪Happy boifday, Mr. Gio....♪

*drools not so discreetly* Da boss'll be so happy.... So will I...!
This episode was very interesting I guess.

Good Points:
*Mays Thing gah I can't remmeber the name but we haven't seen it since Dewford.
*Brocks Paridise which we haven't seen since "That Same Old Song and Dance"
*Mariah had a classic little girl voice that Pokemon don't seem to give to many charecters making them better and more real.
*Torkoal was in it!!!!!!!!!!! But swimming??? WTF??? He was probably being killed in that water. x_x
*That "The more then morier" thing. Classic.

Bad Points:
*Bad debut for Almado and Kirlia (Who both get better apprences later anyway, so meh)
*Think up better Dub title

And some other stuff like all that movie talk. Gah it made my head ring. Pretty good though.

Factory Head Noland

This episode wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (I had VERY low expectations for it), I never saw the Japanese version (trying to avoid it like the plague) so I didn't know exactly what happened.

Although I did like that scary Clefairy, Pikachu and Red in their movie, it was very funny when the Ursaring sent Clefairy flying off.
It was good to see some flashbacks from before we knew the characters such as Ash and Gary at the movies together (who would've thought it?)

Overall 4/10
Wasn't too good but not as bad as I thought it would be, I'm glad it's finally over! It's the episode that I have been dreading throughout all of Advanced Challenge.


This was a HORRIBLE episode. Crappy animation, and it was just a bad filler, seemed to kiddy.



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One thing that supprised me was that Borock sang almost the exact same sone and wore the same outfit as when he sung in the Igglybuff episode back in Master quest. This proves that the writers do remember somethings.
Also, I thought that it was funny how they did a titanic type thing and it annoys me how the only actors are pokemon. And that there was a Tediursa in the film ash saw, which he had never seen before Johto.


I was glad to see a joke about the Scary Clefairy in the TV series, as well as the Titanic parody and such.

BTW, Gilbert Gottfried would be a GREAT Scary Clefairy, hearing it with a voice like Iago the Parrot or the original Dr. Bender (of the Fairly Oddparents) or Digit (of Cyberchase)!


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You know, I watched this episode again this morning, and I have to say something about the clefairy movie that everyone's moaning and groaning about. I've seen the complaints about how they made it female in America while she was male in Japan. Well, after watching it a second time, I believe they made clefairy sound that way in the U.S. because they were making her sound exactly like Clefairy speaking human. They weren't necessarily making it female, just making it sound like a clefairy. They did the exact same thing with teddiursa and ursaring here, and in season two's "Stage Fight".


well, I finally got around to see this episode... it was kinda craptacular really... but it's great to see flashback episodes, so I'll take em as they come...

the manga pippi was slightly amusing, though the fact that it was dubbed as female kinda lowered the halarity factor...

I guess this episode was pretty well dubbed for a crap episode...


Haven't you noticed that the title "Light, Camerupt, Action!" and epsiode 71 "Lights, Camera, Quacktion!" are nearly same. I think writers repeat themselves at titles. However this episode was quite good for a filler. Short movies are very interesting.

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
And that there was a Tediursa in the film ash saw, which he had never seen before Johto.

While I would agree with you, I think that the writers sort of forgot that Teddiursa, Ursaring, and Azumarill didn't exist in Kanto, so the movies made no sense. (If I do manage to do my long-stewing "old food in new cans" re-dub fanfic idea where we look over Ash's adventures with an original companion traveling all the way with him, I'd change those flashbacks so that they were realistic.) However, my theory is that maybe Ash knew about all those Pokemon, but they were never seen in Kanto except in stories.

Meh, the only thing I hated was that parody of the evil Japanese manga with the butt-ugly gay Clefairy with the ugly face. Eagh...

EDIT: I really think this was a great episode, even if I didn't keep it because of the ugly Clefairy in the flashback Ash had. (Japanese are eccentrics.) I find it a nice plot about how this guy shows old movies to these small villages that can't afford theaters. Even if Dogasu was griping about people getting excited over a silent movie, I find it nice that they had silent movies in the anime, considering that it's a throwback to the early movies of yesteryear.
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I didn't like Jessie being lazy and denying it to James and Meowth when they tried to steal the movie.


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This and 'Same old Song and Dance' have that eeerily familiar crappiness that makes me cringe throughout most of it. I actually thought I'd already posted in this thread when in fact it was the 'Same old Song and Dance' one.

I hated having to even forward through that to get the TR screenshots from it.

Seriously, if I was Giovanni and I was given that movie with no sound (was the tape recorder stolen and well they didn't kidnap the guy doing the narration) I'd probably order the givers execution >_< Scrap that, I'd be happier if the sound wasn't there.


Evil armaldos? They don't tell me anything anymore!


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For the First Time, Red (though, he's the ol' Pocket Monsters Manga Red) makes an Anime Cameo.

I liked the Godzilla Nyasu/Meowth Movie the most. Cool and funny. And little Spacefighter Pichus!


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Excellent episode very enjoyable, reminds me of my childhood and going to see movies in the local park. I like James and his Chimecho but Jessie getting sick of it is a little annoying I seem to remeber her cuddling her Wurmple earlier in the series. As for the movies I recognized Ultraman with the Marshtomp, Titanic with the Natu and Xatu, and I believe Pulse and Minun might be based off of Laurel and Hardy (ask your parents kids and make them remember how old they are.) And if you want more info on silent movies ask your grandparents or great grandparents.