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Likes and dislikes about each of the regions

Rock Captain 99

Following the dreams!!
What do you like and dislike about every region (series) Ash has been to? Also include OI and BF in the posts. You can say about all of them or some of them or even anyone of them. Be sure to include both likes and dislikes.

I will start with Kanto and will say about other regions later. Here are my views:

1. This started it all. And it did well considering it was the first anime series for Pokemon.
2. Ash getting many Pokemon (more than 6)
3. I liked some of the battles like Pikachu vs Raichu, Charizard vs Magmar, and Kingler battle in league.
4. Ash getting some fully evolved Pokemon. I always love it when Ash's Pokemon evolves.
5. Comedy didn't felt forced
6. I liked how Ash saw Ho-oh in the very first episode even though it wasn't in the Kanto pokedex. It means it foreshadowed Johto in the very first episode.


1. I disliked how some of the gym badges ash got were for his behavior and gratitude instead of actual battles
2. Ash should have caught that Haunter, and kept Primeape, butterfree and Pidgeot also.
3. We should have got Ash vs Gary here.
4. Charizard's disobedience.
5. Bulbasaur and squirtle should have been evolved too, atleast once.
6. Some other early anime issues (30 Taurus??)
7. Animation to some extent, but I can't complain about that.

I was basically okay with other things considering it was just the start, and anime improved after that very much.

I would continue with OI and regions after that later. I would like to know what you guys think. If you are saying something about any region, please include both likes and dislikes. And most importantly, respect other users view too, which might be different from yours. No bashing please.


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-Ash's Charizard
-Ash's Bulbasaur
-Ash's Squirtle
-Team Rocket
-Pikachu's Jukebox
-Ash vs Blaine gym battle

-The Kanto League
-No Ash vs Gary battles
-Lack of good gym battles



-The Johto League
-Ash's Charizard
-Ash's Bulbasaur
-Ash's Squirtle

-Most of the filler
-Lack of good gym battles



-The Hoenn League
-Ash's Grovyle
-Ash's Swellow
-Good Gym Battles
-Hoenn Grand Festival

-Team Rocket



-Paul's Electivire
-Paul's Torterra
-Paul's Ursaring
-Paul's Drapion
-Paul's Honchkrow
-Paul's Magmortar
-Ash vs Paul rival battles
-The Sinnoh League
-Good Gym Battles
-Hunter J
-Team Galactic
-Gary making a few appearances
-Elite Four

-Team Rocket
-Ash losing to Trollbias at the Sinnoh League because the DP series was the perfect time for Ash to finally win at the league



-The Mini Tournaments
-Lack of Team Rocket
-Ash vs Stephan at the Unova League
-Cameron vs Bianca at the Unova League
-Virgil spanking Cameron at the Unova League (6-3 victory)
-The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion episode

-Lack of good Unova League battles
-No Charizard vs Reshiram
-Lack of good gym battles



-Mega Evolution Specials
-Alain's Charizard





-Everything Else



The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
- Satoshi's first journey in kantou region and first appearance of houhou !
-most Pokemon he catch is cute and best remembered by past gen fan
-humor is well done and despite look date is hold up even today
- some best Pokemon gym battle eg pikachu vs raichu and epic battle with izrdon in seven gym in two part episode in guen city
- best trio of Rocket-dan and my favorite is Nyessu sadly episode
-best take on natsume character from the Gameverses
-Takeshi and Kasumi is nice and their relationship with ther brothers and sisters is sweet (mostly takeshi)
-bye bye butterfly and pikachu good bye is best !
-mewtwo movie and that should enough for you guys .
Kanto end

-Satoshi rivalry with Shigeru should add in the kantou arc
- Satoshi should kept it originally look from red in the Pokemon games and manga.
-his gym battle is trash sorry but yeah
-Blue should be replaced kasumi and play Serena role from xyz arc and also his & Shigeru 's rival in Sekei league arc .
-no Rocket-Dan arc !? No Sakaki vs Red (Ash/Satoshi) no Rocket Gangs disband!? Com on Shudõ and boss !
-lizardo's disobeyed arc is stupid! And sorry lizardon love ya but no i think that u should listen to Satoshi and help him and whole thing about disobeying orders should be that pig monkay that Satoshi catch only !
-Fushigidane and Zenigame episodes should be give blue and Shigeru if shudõ-san had ball !!
And wake up kagbon (should be about Satoshi catch thing in the first place) and save LAPRA should be Satoshi's kanto arc!
And whole thing about eevee and ghost should be with satoshi or blue!
-damn that Hiroshi ep as that whole reason why we had Satoshi with us so damn long !
-mewtwo movie should be 3 parters kanto's final episode ...just saying.
-And Satoshi should win in that league for first time!
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currently watching LOK
I guess I’ll just do one region at a time like the rest of y’all

Kanto /

- Snarky Ash
- Chubby Pikachu
- Misty
- Brock
- Early pokeshipping banter
- All three of Ash’s starters
- Gary
- Misty’s psyduck
- Great humor
- Some of the most memorable episodes
- Team Rocket at its best
- OS trio dynamic

- Lack of decent gym battles
- Charmeleon
- Ash releasing Primeape
- lack of developed teams for Misty and Brock
- The Khangastan Kid episode
- Too short


Gesshin Powered
Just going to do Kalos and Hoenn for now.

- Ash having (on paper) one of his best teams for the league.
- Battle animations
- Team Flare being did justice unlike their game counterpart

- Character development can be a bit weak
- Filler episodes for the most part were quite generic
- Showcases was not handled well
- Noivern and Goodra getting shafted in favour of Greninja

- Nice blend of comedic and serious for Ash
- Pokémon contests
- Very good group dynamic
- May's rivals

- Team Magma/Aqua were handled quite clumsily
- Ash basically having no rival for almost the entire saga
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Rock Captain 99

Following the dreams!!
I have said about kanto in my opening post. Now I will do for OI:


1. Ash vs Drake, series first and one of the best 6vs6 battles till date.
2. Third and fourth gym battles were nice too.
3. Ash getting Snorlax and Lapras.
4. Charizard finally listening to Ash.
5. First battle for Taurus.
6. First switch in main character was nice, even though I liked brock more.
7. Tracey used his pokemon more often compared to brock.
8. Some good filler episodes (that Golduck one, and one with snorlax too)

1. I like to see battles, i was disappointed when I saw that 1st 2 gyms didn't involved battling.
2. If I remember correctly, none of Ash's pokemon evolved during OI.
3. Since it was just an extension of Kanto, we didn't get to see any new pokemon.


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
Ol saga
-gym battle is interested
-lizardon obey Satoshi
-2nd Pokemon anime movie is my most favorite Pokemon ever!
-Kenji is so much better than takeshi
-orange league is hell lot better than Sekei league

Pokeshipping aspect even in time i was pokeshipping (i was kid sue me) was so danm annoying even in 2nd film i can't even escape from that crap and least Fleura is challenging that most of the film thank lord for that
- this should be in kanto arc!
-useless filler ep

Rock Captain 99

Following the dreams!!
Johto region:


1. It was the first Pokemon anime I watched, so I have a soft spot for Johto. Everytime I watch any Johto episode, I remember my childhood days. All episodes are memorable for me.
2. Battles started getting serious. Nice battles in almost all of the gyms.
3. Charizard got super strong here.
4. Ash caught six regional Pokemon
5. Continuity was at it's best.
6. I enjoyed the small tournaments like grass pokemon tournament, water Pokemon tournament, heavy pokemon tournament and other races like one with bayleef too. And Prizes from some of these tournaments were actually useful
7. Watching Snorlax actually battle and being a tank was so satisfying.
8. Ash finally defeating Gary.
9. Johto league was pretty nicely handled, even though it had some of its issues.


1. Too much filler episodes.
2. Team rockets repetitive appearance in most of the episodes. I remember how they blasted off thrice in a single day in some of the episodes. They got boring from here.
3. Ash's Johto team was very underdeveloped. Most of the important wins were secured by his Kanto mons only.
4. Ash spending very less time with Heracross and Phanpy also doesn't helped. His bulbasaur was on his team for too much time.
5. Just one evolution for him in the entire series. I really like when his Pokemon evolve, but Johto didn't had that many moments of evolution. Atleast Cyndaquil could have evolved then. It had wonderful opportunities for that.
6. Ash vs Whitney (3rd gym). Only gym battle I hated in the series.
7. Charizard's loss to Blazikane. Charizard was actually the fall guy in that battle.