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Likes and Dislikes of the Main Cast Pokémon?


IRL Drizzile
Since we're now past 50 Episodes in I think it's fair to give our opinions on how we feel about the "Main" Pokémon in cast so far

And By mains I mean Ash's Team, Gou's (Walking) Team, and Chloe's Team

Say the things that you Like and Dislike about them

For example For me it's:

Ash's Units
: His friendship with Mimey and interactions with Delia was sweet

Dislikes: His Power level has been inconsistent. See Mewtwo. (Tbf this happens every Generation)
Also OOC as hell in JN30

: Big and Lovable and strong. Great to use in battles. Great bearer of Hugs!

Dislikes: Tbh.... I've got nothing to dislike!

: Ash's First Ghost Type. It's Backstory and the Personality it has

Dislikes: Has only been regulated to cameos so far

: Cute as Riolu. His Evolution felt earned.
He didn't take up too much screentime like I feared he would
Hilarious interactions with Cinderace

Dislikes: Stock Lucario personality which makes him kinda come off as less interesting.

: Easily the Most Developed Member on Ash's Team

Dislikes: My fear of him fading into the background after Evolving

Likes: Easily Ash's most Hilarious and out of nowhere capture!

Dislikes: Due to it being a Fossil and a Pokémon unable of Evolution makes me feel like it won't be seen much

Gou's Gang
: The Pokémon with most Personality shown so far and he's cool.

Dislikes: He grew up way too fast. We didn't spend enough time with Scorbunny

: He was such a Cutie as a Sobble. And I like that for the most part he moved away from his crying gimmick and started to train himself into becoming a badass after meeting Inteleon. I really love the fact that he actually wants to evolve unlike some *others* we've seen in the past (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Piplup, etc,)
Also cute interactions with Cinderace

Dislikes: It took him a little while too long to actually get his development going. Also most of it's training was off-screened.

: He's really fun and mischievous so far! Total cutie pie

Dislikes: WHY DID YOU DEBUT SO LATE!!!!!?????

Chloe's Cuties
: He's adorable and loyal to Chloe

Dislikes: He got shafted HARD. It feels more or less like Chloe forgot about his existence after getting her Eevee

: She's cute. Excellent start for Chloe's Journey and an excellent choice for Chloe's path of discovering which path she wants to take in life

Dislikes: She loses a few points for being the 4th Eevee on the cast and the 3rd one in a row. (In all fairness to her tho, Sandy should've never even been a thing)

What are your opinions on the Main Pokémon?
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Eh Might as well:

Likes: His whole character
Dislikes: Inconsistency

Likes: Personality and its power
Dislikes: Eh nothing to really dislike tbh

Likes: backstory and how it finally gave Ash his first Ghost type after over 20 years.
Dislikes: They can't seem to find anything to do with it. Personality isn't really much of a massive issue to say the least.

Likes: His face faults as a Riolu and would it if they continued as Lucario along with having an evo that was earned. Gave him something that technically should've just happened earlier.
Dislikes: Screenhogger. Even if the reason is understandable and obvious. Although I'm still going to be stern that it'll take the Lycanroc-Torracat path where focus starts shifting.

Likes: Potential and he's a cool guy (and meme lmao)
Dislikes: Not getting much although it'll very likely get its shine soon in the future due to Sirfetch'd needing to debut so I'm not extremely worried, more confident than anything really.

Likes: Personality and character
Dislikes: Nothing. Except for it almost taking the really stupid Charizard path of disobedience as Raboot.

Likes: Cutesy and hasn't cried in a while which was ofc the most annoying part of it and was really unfunny to say the least.
Dislikes: Not getting much which I really hope it'll change since I'll be massively disappointed if Sobble in the end turns out to just be the usual gag starter in every saga.

Ofc all of this may likely get outdated as time goes on and how the main cast pokemon looks likely to increase overtime, particularly on Ash's side since I still think there's way more joining the roster in the future (and as we've all seen, they don't care about screentime issues and never did and will just toss whatever to him for marketing purposes since anything attached to Ash will get attention)


IRL Drizzile
Ofc all of this may likely get outdated as time goes on and how the main cast pokemon looks likely to increase overtime, particularly on Ash's side since I still think there's way more joining the roster in the future (and as we've all seen, they don't care about screentime issues and never did and will just toss whatever to him for marketing purposes since anything attached to Ash will get attention)
Yeah I'll probably come back and update this once we get new cast members (like Grookey and whoever else gets caught by Ash or Gou).
I also have a hunch Eevee will join the main cast but I'm waiting until it debuts (and afterwards) to see if that's true


... Lists?

Either way, trying to keep it simple

Pikachu - Like his origin story, detested that infamous reluctant Pikachu one
Dragonite - Good capture but could use a better moveset
Gengar - Like the build up for its capture but I don't like the lack of battles
G. Farfetch'd - Like the unexpected capture but at the same time it feels unnecessary
Lucario - I dislike his inclusion as a whole.

Cinderace - Like everything about it from all stages. Only minor issue is that Scorbunny was taken from us too soon and the Raboot phase could have been developed more
Sobble - Like everything so far.


Haikiri, Keeper Of The Gates Precarious
: Pikachu is always the best. His friendship with Mimey and interactions with Delia was sweet

Dislikes: None.

: Big and lovable and strong. Great to use in battles.

Dislikes: Is from Kanto. Is Dragonite instead of staying the much cooler Dragonair.

: Ash's first Ghost Type.

Dislikes: Easily could've been the Haunter he gave Sabrina. Is a Gengar. Is from Kanto.

: Cute as Riolu. His Evolution felt earned.

Dislikes: All the normal problems of Lucario. That episode where Pikachu ran away could have been his fault for being a needy baby, but no, they made it Ash's fault because the Lucario line cannot do wrong unless outside circumstances force it (cf: Korrina's Lucario).

G. Farfetch'd
: None.

Dislikes: Is essentially from Kanto, and its evolution is in no way a creative design, unlike Galarian Yamask's.

: The Pokémon with most personality shown so far and he's cool.

Dislikes: Evolved too quickly.

: It is cute.

Dislikes: Will probably evolve into its worse, evolved versions.

Red and Blue

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Let's see.

Likes: the backstory episode
Dislikes: hogging PWC battles along with Lucario

Likes: its sweet demeanour and curve ball capture
Dislikes: lack of battles

Likes: being Ash's first Ghost type
Dislikes: lack of battles and jobbing against Korrina. Also lack of appearances in the background

Likes: it's head strong personality as a baby.
Dislikes: it's taking away battles and screentime from the rest of Ash's team. Also the apparent bond with Cinderace came out of nowhere

Likes: the first of Ash's Pokemon to learn Dark type moves outside of Bite and Crunch
Dislikes: lack of battles and feeling somewhat pointless at times. Also slightly soured from the bait and switch

Likes: personality and bond with Go and Sobble

Sobble: don't really have many strong feelings one way or the other

Pokegirl Fan~

Hotaru Best Girl~
Likes: its backstory episode and its cute.
Dislikes: hogging screentime along with Lucario.

Likes: its personality.
Dislikes: lack of battles.

Likes: its design.
Dislikes: lack of battles also it's not the Haunter from the original series.

Likes: nothing, its irredeemable as a species at this point.
Dislikes: everything, particularly its screentime hogging.

Likes: unexpected capture.
Dislikes: its neglected for Lucario.

Likes: personality and design.
Dislikes: none.

Likes: That Ash didn't catch it.
Dislikes: Goh caught it instead.


Grookey was in the opening scene of the Mewtwo episode. That's all for him on 2020


I don't really have opinions on things like Kairyu or most of Gou's reserves, so I'll keep it short by just saying that while I dislike Lucario for being such an overexposed species, I do like that Satoshi's Lucario had a believable development arc, and wasn't just super-powerful as a Riolu from the start. He went through tough times against Saito, so at least the writers didn't rely on plot contrivances to make Riolu seem invincible.


Kanto is love. Kanto is life.
I only dislike from writers' perspective that Gengar, Dragonite and G-F aren't used that much not just in battles in screen time too and I dislike how Pikachu and obviously Lucario are hogging that time...


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
likes: ..
.he is a Satoshi-Kun's best friend since the original series first episode Pokémon! I Chose You!
Dislikes:....he getting way too spotlight currently and one episode made him a brat....too ooc !

is Awesome Pokemon for Satoshi to have and it is so cute when it give People and Pokemon a hug and it great big brother or sister to Pokémon.
Dislikes: lack of more spotlight...sound next episode finally give it more screen time.

Likes: its design and personality.
Dislikes: lack of battles also it's not the Haunter from the original series And would like to nice to see Natsume/Sabrina again

: unexpected capture.
Dislikes: its neglected for Lucario.
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Sword master zacian

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Well then:
Likes: everything
Dislike: its inconsistent power level

Likes: its personality is the most lovable out of all the main casts pokemon at the moment
Dislikes: its doing the job of bird pokemon carrying ash and goh

Likes: its backstory,its ash's first ghost type
Dislikes: its kinda weak it only beat raichu who was already damaged by pikachu
(it might change in future since we haven't seen much of its battling skills yet since its only has battled thrice)

Likes: ash's first regional variant
Dislikes: i can't say anything since it has only appeared for like 3/4 minutes of a whole ep

Likes: had a very good personality as a Riolu, had good development upto Evolution and it felt earned
Dislikes: its a screenhogger and it alongside pikachu takes all the pwc battle

Likes: its personality as scorbuuny and cinderace as well as raboot too
Dislikes: it doesn't have libero and nothing else

Likes: nothing
Dislikes: goh caught it and it does nothing other than cry

Likes: it exsists
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I want to scream and shout and let it all out
Likes:it is cute, when it doesn't fight
Dislike:his combat-ready attitude

Likes: it is a cutie

Likes:it is cute
Deslikes:it appears too less

Likes:it is energetic
Dislikes:rushed evolution

Likes:it is funny
Dislike:appears too less.

Dislike:it hogs too much screentime

G. Farfechted: