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Likes and Dislikes of the Main Cast Pokémon?


Lover of underrated characters
Likes: Ash's best friend
Dislikes: Him getting jealous of Riolu and being OOC, hogging 80% of the fights

Likes: He has the most decent appearance rate of Ash's team, he's loveable
Dislike: Should have stayed Dragonair for a few episodes but that isn't too much an issue

Likes: He FINALLY got a Ghost! And it was the one a lot of OG fans wanted him to have, sure it's a bummer it wasn't Haunter but it's acceptable. The same can't be said if they pull that on a Larvitar line member though!
Dislike: He's just used for gags.... hardly even appears, when theirs action to be had it's Pikachu or the Pokemon currently being focused on who gets the action!

Likes: FINALLY it happened! All time favorite Pokemon so bonus points there.
Dislikes: For the obvious ace of the series he hasn't done much to earn that title. Riolu evolves via friendship so his fast evolution works just fine

Likes: Favorite personality of the group thus far
Dislikes: It and Lucario should have shared screentime instead of Lucario taking it all, then him doing the same thing! That's it

Likes: N/A
Dislikes: It's no secret I HATE the abominations, the anime has done literally nothing with Dracovish so my opinion can't be swayed like it was with Hawlucha and Bewear

Likes: Raboot's personality
Dislikes: Happened too fast, it's supposed to be his 'best friend' yet it got boxed and doesn't show up much anymore

Likes: Best starter
Dislikes: Ash was ROBBED! Sobble too, Ash training a weak Pokemon into a power Pokemon has been done before but it would have been very interesting to see him work with Sobble, especially as Sobble's camouflage adds a complete unique ability to his arsenal rather than being 'yet another Water starter'

Likes: N/A
Dislikes: NO excuse for it taking this long to happen.


Likes: Good doggo, best Galar Pokemon, good doggo, cute
Dislikes: Got shoved aside in favor of an overrated fuzz ball!

Likes: None whatsoever apart from it meaning Chloe probably is going to gen 9 with Ash
Dislikes: Yet another Eevee with no redeeming qualities at all! Apart from it's inability to evolve(Or seeming to not be able to at least) it's just like any other Eevee... *sigh* :/


Dislikes: Riolu evolves via friendship so his fast evolution works just fine
...It evolved during the night, which should be impossible.


I mean to be fair there was no confirmation that it was night at the time as the energy produce by Eternatus had produced clouds that block out the sky. So for all we know it could have still been during the day time when Riolu evolved.
It was pretty dark out when they caught Eternatus, and it was roughly like 10 minutes after Riolu evolved, so...


That’s not really proof that Riolu evolved during the night as the sky was still covered by clouds at the time. Heck it could have been a case where that Riolu evolved during sunset which would mean it still would have evolved during the day.
In what part of Earth can the night arrive so soon within 10 minutes. It's a sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow process.


And whose to say that it wasn’t toward the end of sunset when Ash’s Riolu evolved. At this point you have no real way to prove that Riolu evolved during the night because you don’t know how long it had been night for.
Then we can agree we are totally not sure what time it was but it somehow was close enough for it to be night.



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In what part of Earth can the night arrive so soon within 10 minutes. It's a sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow process.

Have you not played the games, the moment it reaches the specific time its night.

So let's say that 7 pm is night you should technically be able trigger evolution at 6:59:59 and then after evolution its pitch dark outside and night time.


Have you not played the games, the moment it reaches the specific time its night.

So let's say that 7 pm is night you should technically be able trigger evolution at 6:59:59 and then after evolution its pitch dark outside and night time.
Sooo that kind of makes my point stand more if time can be that irrational...

(Let's just say something called the Darkest Day is night enough.)


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Sooo that kind of makes my point stand more if time can be that irrational...

(Let's just say something called the Darkest Day is night enough.)
No, that actually goes against your point. At the end of the day you have no actual way to prove that it wasn’t daytime when Riolu evolved. That means that Riolu didn’t have a impossible evolution like your trying to argue.


No, that actually goes against your point. At the end of the day you have no actual way to prove that it wasn’t daytime when Riolu evolved. That means that Riolu didn’t have a impossible evolution like your trying to argue.
At the end of the day, it was pretty dark out when they captured Eternatus, so I stand by my point, and I agree to disagree to end this discussion going in circles.
I'll give my take without falling on obvious criticisms like "not enough screen time" as that's mostly repeating an issue I've voiced before. Also will give my takes within the context of solely PM2019/Journeys as a series.

Likes: He's really quite ace-ful this series. Pikachu comes back and gives Saito her first on-screen Pokémon KO, dealing with Visquez's Marumine's Aftermath and PM30 offered showing his more vulnerable side showing he's not beyond feeling emotional turmoil.
Dislikes: He's Satoshi's default for everything this series, it seems. I was actually shocked that Satoshi used Kamonegi to casually deal with TRio in the Sarunori episode just because I'm used to (in previous series) Satoshi sometimes using his other Pokémon for Rocket encounters.

Likes: Big ol' cuddle bug and insanely powerful. My favorite type of character. The contrast.
Dislikes: Obviously...not enough screen time or development. Even just some episode focusing it facing some form of adversity from a character standpoint would be great since it's more or less peaked in terms of regular training related growth.

Likes: Strong capture episode.
Dislikes: Mostly meh at this point. Just a generic Gengar. Started off as some evil and bitter poltergeist which I thought could set the stage for a really more in-depth character...maybe a more Mimikyu-like character for Satoshi? Also KAANNNNNNTTTTOOOOOoooo.

Likes: My almost favorite of the PM team, I think? Was tied with Kairyu. He was great as a RIOLU, helping Pikachu off the field, the defeating of Octolock, his face faults and his somewhat connection to Satoshi's (few) emotional struggles as a character.
Dislikes: Seems to be a generic stoic Lucario now, it doesn't appear out-of-the-ball anymore and it's dynamic with Aceburn was kind of forced in.

Likes: Action Bastard Duck 10/10. [Realistically though, I am glad it seems to have more of a chivalrous personality to its character after evolution versus being more indifferent and aloof. The way it took down Erlade with Satoshi telling it they both had to keep running toward Dande. Detect was a pretty fresh choice of move.]
Dislikes: Probably should have saved the capture for about 10 - 20 episodes later given the drought he went through and he seems to be back to irrelevance after getting his shine.

Likes: I mostly feel indifferent to Unoragon. It had a cute moment with Satoshi helping after it was revived.
Dislikes: Nothing

Likes: Everything.
Dislikes: It's fight with Satoshi was a one-time thing and it's not a permanent teammate. Just a training partner or helper/reserve :/

Likes: I was concerned that it had regressed to Hibunny's level of childishness and comedic deadpanning but it mostly seems to be an adult who rediscovered its childlike spirit but still has that marked maturity in behavior.
Dislikes: Nothing? It's gotten the most proper amount of screen and development of the cast Pokémon this series.

Likes: It actually shined in the Inteleon episode. The idea of using its characteristic of running away by bearing in mind the usage of U-turn. Plus I like that it wants to be an Inteleon and thus a more mature and assured character.
Dislikes: It makes sense within the context of its lore of being lazy and in-story development but it kind of sucks it probably won't be back in action until it evolves.

Sarunori :
Likes: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure. Uses its stick to revive flowers but also heal Grass-type Pokémon? This was the catalyst for a capture.
Dislikes: Slightly annoys me with its monkeying around at times admittedly. Little bit of a brat.

Likes: Fresh Pokémon and choice for a girl as a first Pokémon, nice build-up and explanation of their past, brought Koharu out of her shell.
Dislikes: Not really her first Pokémon actually...not meant to be relevant. He realistically should have gotten a jealously episode about Eevee as a rival than that Mamepato.

Likes: Meh.
Dislikes: Kind brought down Koharu's character a bit for me, she just seemed to fall in love first sight with Eevee, plus I think it's shillmon role imposes too much on me as a marketability choice (like all cast Pokémon) She's mostly just being carried around by Koharu each episode and doesn't seem to have a distinct personality I can detect?
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GengaTuber Official [Youtube Channel]


Like: Experienced in the battle of pokemon, interesting backstory, friendship with his trainer.
Dislike: Sometimes he loses to someone despite being experienced. He gets a lot of spothlight in place of Ash's other pokemons.

Like: Potential strong pokemon, always likes to help someone.
Dislike: Just one fight, really? Too much room cleaning than fighting.

Like: Adorable, strong, nice pokemon.
Dislike: cheap movesets, its spotlight is very short.

Like: First ghost type pokemon, backstory, trolling to someone.
Dislike: A "weak" pokemon, maybe his former trainer was right? More cameo than onscreen.

Like: Ash got what many fans had been waiting for many years, nice movesets. As a Riolu had interesting personality development, got some pokemon battles.
Dislike: He got too little onscreen. As Riolu, he went to fight in the PWC instead of Dragonite or Gengar.

Like: badass pokemon, biggest character development.
Dislike: After the capture episode, there was ONLY 24 episodes, probably the longest off-screen break for our duck.

Like: Childish personality, he's speed just like Sonic Hedgehog.
Dislike: Design, more off-screen.



Like: energetic, coolest, badass pokemon. As a Raboot edgy lord personality.
Dislike: it evolved quickly.

Like: as a Sobble was adorable, cute pokemon. Great character in Inteleon episode, his goal is cool.
Now has a interesting personality.
Dislike: evolved quickly.

Like: Cute pokemon, cool personality. Interesting interactions with other pokemons.
Dislike: Debut was late.....

Like: He likes to train and fight with others.
Dislike: c'mon Goh, get give it to Ash or train him more, if he like training and fighting.


Like: he's like a dog, funny personality.
Dislike: really isn't a Chloe's pokemon?.......

Like: great character, friendship with her trainer.
Dislike: stolen Yamper's spotlight.


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Only care about to do Ash's Pokemon

Likes- Electroweb and its personality quirks (sometimes)
Dislikes- it being shoved down my throat and the unlikable forced BS personality quirks. Pikachu take several seats and leave Ash with his other Pokemon alone.

Likes- Amazing 1st capture of the season, its personality, vastly superior to Iris's, that he even caught a Pokemon his traveling companion caught first is amazing.
Dislikes- Hyper beam, and Ash not using it. Take darkest day arc, fantastic usage of Dragonite but throw in some more battling even if unofficial.

Likes- 1st ghost type, a Pokemon Ash deserved, that Haunter BS was unnecessary, glad they rectified it. It's battle against Raichu.
Dislikes- Not being used PLUS its last battle with Korrina, would it have killed them to have a short PWC with Gengar winning. Had Ash had Gengar before I do believe Ash could've had a more interesting 1st generation.....maybe like Articuno.
Not Shiny Phantump

Likes- Finally Lucario, my 4th and 5th gen (Pre Trash) self is satisfied.
Dislikes- It's evolution, Riolu deserved better (as did Raboot), I feel like if Ash was forced to have Farfetch'd, then it should'vd gotten the focus and then evolved in the darkest day then have Riolu get focus and evolve. One god damn bonding episode would not have killed them, I'm pissed Farfetch'd got better treatment, this is Riolu/Lucario we're talking about. Worst movepool ever outside of Aura Sphere. It can keep either Force Palm or even reversal but the other move and double team need to go. If I can't have bone rush then give it stone edge at least.

Likes- Night slash, Great character and development.
Dislikes- WRONG DAMN SERIES/TIME, i'm sorry but this Pokemon, I will be forever mostly be unhappy with, like you did not decide to give Ash another fighting type right after the last one then go out of your way to give Go needlessly another Galar starter just because of favortism. I get Sirfetch'd is a literal Sword and Shield Pokemon but you really didn't need to throw Ash under the bus for an 8th gen visual pun, had Ash caught this later over something more likable I wouldn't be as upset. The whole Sobble trade in was infuriating and all Ash got was a regional variant of the worst typing he could have had in that moment. Plus with Kubfu I think they seriously screwed up a better plot Pokemon. Just a bad time really bad choice here.

Likes- Water/Dragon it only fears fairy types, other dragons and the dreaded freeze dry.
Dislikes- Everything else, It's a garbage consolation prize fof Go getting Sobble, worst fossil for Ash and one of the worst 8th generation Pokemon that woulc be attributed to Ash. Like if this is it, because of favoritism of capture everything boy. You cannot tell me this was the best choice, get the hell out of here. All you're going to give to Ash is Sirfetch'd and Dracovish for 8th generation representation.....are you stupid? Fine whatever bias speaking but it must be nice, Mr. Director to have your favorite Pokemon be on Ash's team. But not Go? Is it because it would be wasted on his team?

Oh well I've learned in life that I will never be happy, why expect my favorite franchise by way of anime through my favorite character to be any different.

I guess at least other people get to be happy to win the anime lottery.


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I like Ash's team, I think they also have distinct personalities and are cool, strong pokemon.

But I think that as of today, they're wasted potential. All of them.

Dragonite had a nice capture episode, has had one big battle against Korrina, and was a flying taxi for the Galar arc. That's pretty much it.

Gengar had a great capture episode and an interesting backstory. And then he just battled Lt. Surge's surrogate and lost to Korrina. Very ocasionally showing up for a little prank, but not nearly often enough to develop any further.

Lucario was doing fine, since the show gave Riolu a lot of focus... until it evolved. Then he actually vanished completely after the Mewtwo episode. I was worried that he would hog screentime from the rest, but now we haven't seen his face in how long?

Sirfetch'd was neglected for a long time until the recent evolution arc, which I liked and finally gave him some proper development. And his personality as a Knight who protects Ash from danger is great. But, of course, he never showed up again after his evolution.

Don't even get me started on Dracovish, the poor thing hasn't seen the outside of his pokeball since it was caught. And he was quite energetic on his capture episode too, such a waste of potentially funny interactions.

Coming from SM, a series where the pokemon were out of their pokeballs most of the time and the interactions between them and with the MC were one of the best parts of the series... this feels like a major step down. Like they got one thing right, and then totally forgot about it on the next series. Such a shame.