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Liko and Roy


It's a Brand New Era baby ~
Since they are the new Protagonists after having Ash for 25 years, these two will have some pretty big shoes to fill

So what do you think of their Designs?

What are your Hopes for them? Any particular expectations?

Pokegirl Fan~

Good riddance serebiiforums
Their designs are decent.
I'm hoping for Riko to be a battler taking on the gyms and also have a full team.
Roy looks pretty interesting, I'm not too sure what to expect from him right now.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Make Riko a battler taking on the Paldean gyms. And ngl, I actually hope they give her an unorthodox battling style like Ash did.


NEXT TIME: A BRAND New Beginning!
Their designs are very nice and I like to finally see a significant battler girl
Their stories appear to be interesting too


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I suspect, one of them has strong opinions on sandwiches.

I wonder which will catch a mascot mon; and if either one of them, will get a Pikachu.


c l a r i t y
I'm sorry, where did these dub names come from?
That’s just their Japanese names for now. We’ll probably get their dub names closer to when the series is released.

Roy sounds like he’ll keep his name in the dub, but Riko I think might get changed, especially to not confuse with Rika from Paldea’s Elite Four (assuming if they appear).


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I love Riko’s design, Roy’s is okay, just a tad bit generic.

Hate that Riko has Sprigatito but I’ll get over it. Very curious to know Riko’s personality and goal for the series.


As the journey continues
I like them. Not sure why people have been calling Roy generic when they both do (not that it's an issue). Hope they both take advantage of the anime not being stuck to Ash for the first time. Also hoping they have at least a mostly Paldean team that battle a lot. Don't really have any expectations


Shirona, my beloved...
I really like Riko's design. Very cute.
One of my biggest worries about Ash getting replaced was the new MC so I'm happy she ended up delivering.

Roy is kinda so-so in my opinion, however.
He gives that obnoxious kid/annoying younger sibling vibe somehow. And I don't like his hair at all. Biggest issue is that the cap is the same color as his hair, looks weird because of how short his hair is. Maybe if he'd had some fluflier hair it would mix well, Jotaro style where you don't know where the hair begins and the cap ends, but with that not-buzzcut it looks odd.
Not a fan of the only colorful tuff of hair coming out it front of the cap while there's nothing on the sides or behind either. It's unbalanced.


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I like both of their designs, both feel relatively simple without being too generic.

If I said I don't have expectations I'd be a liar. I really hope Riko is a battler taking on the gyms. As for Roy, it'd be interesting if he was a friendly rival, but as long as his goal is engaging or at least interesting I'll probably like him as a companion.

Blood Red

Riko's design is great, both her actual design and her outfit. Roy's is...honestly, I hate it; that red tuft of hair is stupid af, and so is his outfit.


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They look ready for a slice of life anime, sorry kids wrong anime, clone Ash looked more original than this.